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Hair Color: Blonde
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Ripped muscle hunk Roman Todd bottoms for sexy stud Cliff Jensen’s massive thick dick
Aaron Terry, also known as Roman Todd, and Mason Garrison, also known as Cliff Jensen, are renowned actors who have willingly undertaken the task of experiencing ‘The Easy Life’ as part of a novel reality television experiment. The individuals will be removed from their comfortable lifestyles and transported to rural areas, where they will engage in agricultural labor and gain firsthand experience of the less privileged socioeconomic class.
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Hardcore ass fucking threesome Roman Todd, Blain OConnor and Jay Tee’s huge dick anal fuck fest
Wyatt (Carter Woods), along with his best friend Sloane Flint (Ana Foxxx), has lusted after Cory (Dante Colle) from a distance; but, when Wyatt and Sloane come face to face with Cory and his wife Amaya Potts (Maddy May), Wyatt’s passion for Cory intensifies. They are going to socialize together now. If Wyatt worked hard enough, maybe he could make some of his wildest dreams come true. After all, Amaya is not completely out of the running at this point. When Wyatt follows Cory to a bathhouse, he realizes how badly Cory wants to run away from his life and his wife. Wyatt also realizes how much Cory wants to use the baths as an escape. Wyatt is unable to locate Cory while they are at the bathhouse, but he has his sights set on a three-way fuckfest with three attractive men (Jay Tee, Blain O’Connor, and Roman Todd). A diversion that is quite welcome.
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Ripped muscled hunk Roman Todd’s huge thick dick raw fucking Nico Coopa’s tight bubble butt.

Henry Bingham (Roman Todd), a guy who is under suspicion by the police, is the target of the search efforts of Detective Matt Wilson (Nico Coopa).

Matt concocts a scheme, which he discusses with his colleague, Detective Brian Chambers (Andrew Miller), in order to entice the criminal and capture him in the act.

But does he have too much on his plate? Or will Matt come out on top?

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Hardcore gay threesome Roman Todd, Trevor Harris and Jkab Ethan Dale big dick anal fuck fest.

Tegan Young (Jkab Ethan Dale) is an army recruiter who recruits Colin Dillard (Trevor Harris) to enlist.

Colin is a homeless, gay, eighteen-year-old who needs a place to stay.

Tegan brings Colin back to his house where he lives with a fellow soldier, Rudy Vaughn (Roman Todd).

Rudy is unimpressed with Colin and hates how sensitive Colin is when he has never faced the true tragedy of combat.

Tensions rise and so do the stakes in their relationships.

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Hottie ripped stud Brandon Anderson’s bare asshole fucked by horny hunk Roman Todd’s huge cock.

When Julius’s father, Bartram Franklin, passes away, he’s shocked that within his dad’s vast portfolio of investments there is a ranch that has been left to him.

He knew nothing about it and upon researching he realizes the Briar Basin Ranch doubles as a popular gay bed-and-breakfast.

He has no idea why his dad would own the place but decides to take his wife Charlotte to check it out.

When he arrives, he’s greeted by Richie, his father’s hospitality assistant.

Though Julius was unaware why his father needed someone in that position, he gets to know Richie and realizes that his father liked to have Richie in many positions.

The all-gay staff are incredibly welcoming to Julius and Charlotte and the couple settles in for a nice weekend without knowing the crew’s true intentions.Join them!

When Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Moyer (Scott Finn) finds a mysterious egg on his family’s property, he hides it in his bedroom to see what hatches.

One day, after school, Jimmy comes home to discover the egg has hatched, and what comes out of it blows his mind. Also starringRoman Todd.Join them!

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When sexy young guy Noel Kline’s (Roman Todd) mother (Aaliyah) finds a stash of gay porn under her son’s bed, she is totally shocked.

There is no way her son Noel is gay.

She asks her hairy-chested surfer boy stepson Otis (Johnny Moon) to tell her the truth about Noel, and she tells him to find out by any means possible.

Hottie muscle boy Otis wanders into Noel’s bedroom and shakes his hot bubble ass in his face.

Noel can’t take his eyes off Otis and entices him onto the bed, dropping his sweatpants to his ankles and sucking his big thick dick until his balls are bouncing off his lips.

Otis then bends over allowing Noel to parts his smooth ass cheeks with both hands running his tongue up and down his ass crack getting his tongue into his moist pink hole.

Noel then sinks his huge cock into stepbro Otis’s ass powerfucking him until the young stud is on the edge of orgasm before he sprays a huge load of jizz all over himself.

Noel pulls out as he orgasms coating Otis’s bare ass with his thick cum load.

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Ripped muscle dude Roman Todd and hairy chested young stud Andrew Miller big dick flip flopping fuck.

It’s New Year’s Eve and bros Roman Todd and Andrew Miller are celebrating together.

But when Andrew admits that he’s never had a New Year’s kiss, Roman takes it upon himself to figure out a way to change that, and maybe do much more.

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Roman Todd and Benji Hart working out in the open with their bodies glistening in the sun?

How on Earth could they keep their hands off each other? Spoiler, They don’t!Join them!

What’s better than pumping iron with your best buddy?

Pumping your dick into his tight ass, that’s what.

Chris White and Roman Todd have a sexy gym session that leads to a hot fuck. All about those gains.Join them!

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Hardcore gay anal flip flop Roman Todd and Tristan Hunter big dick bareback ass fuck.

Snapping each other’s jockstraps and playing grab ass in the shower have led to rugby bros Tristan and Roman both rocking complete hard-ons in the locker room shower.

Still, under the running water, Tristan gets on his knees to help his teammate out with his unexpected erection.

After getting a taste for Roman’s ripe dick, Tristan heads to a nearby bench to prop up his smooth hole for Roman to rim and bareback.

Roman spits out some dirty talk and his muscles glisten as he pumps himself in and out of Tristan’s ass.

Wanting to get fucked himself, Roman throws his legs in the air and lets his teammate go to town on his sweaty hole while stroking his own hard cock.

Roman soon returns to topping Tristan and reciprocates the helping hand until both are firing off ropes all over Tristan’s naked body.

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Ripped muscle hunk Roman Todd’s huge thick dick barebacking Cade Jaxon’s hot young hole.

While hauling some worn tires out back, Cade Jaxon notices the raging hard-on that handyman Roman Todd has stuffed in the waistband of his shorts.

Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman lets his pal take a grab at the meat that’s spilling out of his jock and even go in for a taste.

After the two blue-collar men suck each other off, Cade is stripped down to nothing but his work boots and Roman’s wet cock starts finding its way into Cade’s smooth hole.

The muscular handyman uses all of his strength to bareback the big dick bottom as Cade sprawls out and throws his beefy legs in the air.

Stroking himself, Cade shoots out an extra creamy load as the hung top pulls out to cover Cade’s six-pack in his warm cum.

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Eight-man gay orgy starring JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, Tarzan Top.

After a well-deserved win, the gay-bareback/raging-stallions rugby team is storming the locker room to pop bottles with the losing Hot House Bulldogs.

With Roman Todd’s noticeably hard cock spilling out of his jock, the celebration quickly transforms into a bareback orgy as Stallions hunk Tarzan Top drops to his knees to service both Roman and teammate Cole Connor.

Feet away, Drew Valentino is filling his mouth with rival players JJ Knight and Tristan Hunter while Stallions stud Luca del Rey goes down on the girthy dick of Bulldogs standout Devin Franco.

Both teams waste no time breaking off to bareback all over every open space of Stallions’ locker room with Drew pounding Roman in the shower, JJ fucking Luca over a table, Tarzan stretching out Tristan on a bench, and Cole filling up Devin in the changing area.

The excessive celebrating soon has each and every one of these rugby tops breeding their muscular bottoms with some guys like Drew even going down to lick up their load as it drips out of their hookup’s hole.Join them!

Roman Todd is already soaking wet, soaped up, and rock hard when Chris Damned walks in on him in the shower.

When he can’t resist the temptation of Roman’s soaked, god-like figure, a fully-clothed Chris walks into the shower and begins exploring Roman’s naked body.

Chris slowly removes his drenched clothes as Roman swallows every single one of Chris’ girthy eight inches.

Now on a bed with his face shoved in the sheets, Roman loudly moans as the dominant top spits on him and barebacks his wet hole.

Chris’s XL cock continues to destroy Roman as the muscle bottom lays on his back and covers himself in a hot coat of jizz.

That’s when Chris pulls out and adds his own load to the sea of seed that’s covering a completely drained Roman.Join them!

Roman Todd calls a handyman to repair his furnace at the cabin where he’s staying.

To Roman’s surprise, hunky repairman Derek Bolt shows up, and Roman immediately likes what he sees.

Roman makes a quick pass at Derek and the two studs instantly lock lips.

As their clothes hit the floor, Roman can no longer contain himself and gets down to suck the muscle stud’s thick cock.

It’s so girthy that Roman has a hard time wrapping his lips around the whole thing.

Derek can see that Roman is throbbing and wants his turn with the stud.

Derek drops to his knees and takes Roman’s meat down his throat until he’s ready to get his hole fucked bareback.

After Roman opens Derek up with his talented tongue on his hole, Roman slides his raw cock deep into Derek’s tight hole and drills his prostate.

It’s a tight fit, but Derek is enjoying every inch that Roman is pounding into him.

When Roman is getting close to blowing his load, he rolls Derek over onto his back and pumps the handyman even harder.

Before Roman blows, Derek beats him to it and nuts all over his own muscled body.

Roman pulls out, and soon Derek is left with his ripped abs covered with cum.Join them!

Oiled up ripped muscle studs Aston Springs and Roman Todd are starring in the Hot House Sports Network (HHSN) and as they arrive on set the naked dudes start making out.

They kiss passionately with Roman moving his lips down to suck on Ashton’s hard nipples.

Aston gets a full look at Roman’s massive erect dick just waiting to be sucked.

On his knees, Aston swallows Roman’s slick cock right to the back of his deep throat making Roman moan with pleasure.

While working his own stiff dick, Roman bends Aston forward getting his tongue deep between his smooth bubble butt ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole.

Roman probes the stud up with his fingers and tongue before he stands up to fuck his smooth, tight hole.

Roman plows away, going balls deep as Aston moans out with every thrust from Roman’s raw meat.

Roman keeps pumping in and out of Aston’s ass until Aston wants a chance at riding Roman’s big pole.

Aston hops on and bounces up and down as the studs get are dripping with sweat working towards their final goal.

Roman is ready to blow but wants complete control one last time.

He flips Aston onto his back and shoves his cock back into the stud’s hole for one last push to the finish line.

Roman fucks Aston hard until he pulls out and drops his thick load all over Aston’s tight stomach.

Roman shoves his bare cock back into Aston’s used hole and fucks the leftover cum deep into his ass.

Knowing that Roman is fucking his cum back into him, Aston lets go and covers himself with jizz….Join them!

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Sexy ripped mechanic Roman Todd’s massive dick barebacking Elliot Finn’s bubble ass.

Roman Todd as a mechanic? Incredible. Roman Todd as a mechanic fucking Elliot Finn? Masterful.

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Do you want to know what’s better than two hot studs fucking?

Two handsome and horny studs named, Nic Sahara and Roman Todd, fucking each other’s tight fuckhole non-stop for 25 minutes…Join them!

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Hot horny hunk Roman Todd’s huge cock fucking sexy young dude Jonathan Tylor’s tight bubble butt.

Jonathan’s stepmom, Christy Love, invites over her new boyfriend.

Roman Todd tries to get along with Jonathan Tylor to satisfy Christy, and she leaves the two alone.

Roman annoys Jonathan and starts to wrestle with him, but they eventually kiss.

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As if sucking off Coach Diaz before Trevor could wasn’t low enough of Carter DelRey, the mischievous foreign exchange student continues to one-up his friend by getting down with Trevor’s father and step-uncle.

It doesn’t take much for Carter to get Mr. Ballz (Dale Savage) and Mr.’Step Uncle’ (Roman Todd) to give him their dicks.Join them!

Uh oh! While Roman Todd is away, his husband Jax Thirio is playing with Trevor Harris.

Roman comes home to find Jax fucking the tight twink and gives them some guff before joining in on the fun.Join them!

The sun is shining and these two athletic step brothers are ready for an adventure.

After a long, hard ride of flexing those hot bods on the trail, steamy Lance Ford has a few more tricks to teach eager step brother Roman Todd. Lucky for Lance, Roman is a quick study…Join them!

Thirsty Roman Todd walks in the door to find his enticing stepbrother Greyson Lane lounging on the couch.

The parents are away and Roman hasn’t been able to forget their last steamy encounter.

Neither has Greyson… or their parents.

Despite the risk, Roman’s huge, throbbing cock and sizzling caresses are too much for Greyson to resist.

Question is, will they get caught this time…Join them!

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Summer means outdoor sex in fun places and for Avery Jones and Roman Todd it’s a hammock.

As they dreamily rock in the hammock, Avery is curled up next to Roman while his busy hands and lips trace the contours of his muscles and bulging crotch.

Of course, Roman gets hard and it isn’t long before Avery gets him naked, strokes his growing cock, and goes down on him.

Roman luxuriates in Avery’s perfect sucking and deep-throating and he is very vocal in letting him know how good it feels.

Sitting sideways on the hammock Roman gets the fully focused cock and balls worship from Avery, and in this position, he can face fuck him as well as reach over to finger his hole.

In time a still-seated Roman forces Avery to stands up so he can rim and tongue his hole then bend him over to fuck him. At first, Roman uses the hammock’s swinging motion to guide his cock deep into Avery, but he soon wants full control.

Roman slips out of the hammock and using his entire body plows Avery on all fours.

He only stops his relentless ass-pounding to finger probe Avery’s still-tight hole before lying him back on the hammock to fuck him with unbridled lust.

Roman is so strong he can hold the hammock steady while deep fucking Avery who loves it all.

Roman’s deep thrusts do their job and he fucks a load out of the happy bottom. Roman is close too but stops, telling Avery, ” I’m not done using your fucking hole”

Roman takes him out of the hammock to pound him against the tree. Again, Roman becomes a vocal, non-stop fucking machine until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot his massive load, some of which he aims on Avery’s hole.

And as Avery wants Roman slides his thick cock back in. Our super-satisfied duo return to where they started, lying on the hammock where Roman simply states, “The best way to end the fucking day.”Join them!

Tayte Hanson’s unlucky romantic adventures continue today when Roman Todd and Angel Rivera manage to come out lucky at the expense of Tayte.

Tayte continues filming a movie of the latest flop of his dating history a potentially easy hookup with Angel.

As Tayte walks through the door he finds that Angel is already busy with Roman. An inconvenient double booking.

Angel decides to let chance choose as he flips a coin. We can guess how Tayte fares so he leaves straight away.

Roman turns the tables on Angel with a crafty can’t-lose coin flip determining he will get to top him.

Angel is a content loser, sucking Roman and taking all his cock when he gets face-fucked.

Angel continues to eagerly suck him deep as Roman takes control, taking him into a 69 to eat out his hole with the same hungry fervor.

After Angel rides his tongue, Roman turns him around and pounds his juiced-up hole adding a little voyeuristic edge to it all by facing the mirror as they fuck.

Even when Angel rides Roman’s cock in both positions he easily takes all of his verbal, aggressive deep-thrusting action.

This continues as Roman drills him on his back and, with Angel’s vocal encouragement, he fucks a load out of him.

And when Roman pulls out ready to cum, Angel quickly turns around so he can get an open-mouth facial from his intense orgasm.

And, as it turns out all’s well that ends well once again…just not for Tayte….Join them!


Roman Todd and Levi Karter

Cockyboys says: Levi Karter is back for a new self-filmed, super-intimate CBFO double-feature with two hot co-stars. In part 1 Levi has a steamy, sweaty multi-POV encounter with Roman Todd in his first CockyBoys scene, while in part 2 Levi is reunited with his One Erection co-star Allen King for an audience-pleasing multi-view webcam show.

When we join Roman Todd & Levi Karter they’re already in bed and Roman is sucking Levi’s cock like a human vacuum. He follows this with deep rimming and tongue action, getting Levi ready for the fucking he’s about to get.

As Roman thrusts, the pleasure he sees on Levi’s face gets him more excited and passionate. He turns Levi over to play with his hole a little more then unleashes more pounding from behind.

Levi gets Roman even more excited by showing him how it looks from his hand-held camera screen. It’s not long after that Roman is ready to pop and as Levi lies back and licks his balls Roman shoots over his face and open mouth.

Seconds later Levi sucks Roman’s still hard cock and strokes out a gigantic cum geyser. Think they’re satisfied? They’re almost giddy in their euphoric afterglow.

Levi Karter and Allen King

Levi Karter and Allen King are as excited as their online audience to get their “show” going. Actually they’re more excited as the show goes on. They trade blowjobs with hungry zeal and almost right away Allen just has to fuck Levi.

Fortunately they slow down and Allen alternates fucking with eating Levi’s ass. Levi in turn takes his time sucking Allen’s juicy uncut cock and rimming his bubble butt.

The guys give their audience a variety show. Levi rides Allen’s cock inching him closer to a climax but they go back to sucking and rimming each other’s hungry holes.

They bring each other closer when Allen returns to fucking Levi and sucking him right back. BUT, they switch it up once more for a near-perfect showstopper.

Allen squats on his face as Levi rims Allen and they both stroke their cocks and when Levi’s tongue makes Allen shoot the domino effect strikes and Levi explodes simultaneously.

Covered in cum Levi proudly shows it off and our two CockyBoys thank each other for job well done…Join them!

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Vintage gay porn stars Jim Bentley, Kurt Marshall, and Brian Maxon’s hardcore ass fucking.

Kurt Marshall, Jim Bentley, and Brian Maxon.

‘Come on by and catch some sun around the pool,’ suggests Jim Bentley over the phone to Brian Maxon.

Muscle stud Maxon arrives with smooth pal Kurt Marshall and in no time the young men have shed their suits and are eagerly engaged in poolside play.

Jim and Brian work Kurt over from head to tail, probing every crevice and stretching his hole with both their rock-hard cocks until each young stud is fully sated and soaked in erotic release.

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A locker room orgy with JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, and Tarzan Top at Hot House.

The gay-sex-and-hardcore-porn/hot-houses and the Hot House Bulldogs are putting their intense rivalry aside for one massive bareback orgy that’s filling up an entire locker room.

Stallions player Drew Valentino starts off the group fuck at full strength by pounding his raw cock into Tristan Hunter while making the bottom inhale a jockstrap.

Feet away, Bulldogs leader Roman Todd is drilling his dick into opponent Cole Connor while JJ Knight spreads open Devin Franco’s legs to fill his sweaty hole.

Tarzan Top pulls his oversized meat out of Luca del Rey’s ass to join the rest of the jocks as they head to the centre of the room for even more anal play.

Luca quickly becomes the cum whore of the group as he lays down and accepts the hot loads of every Bulldog and Stallion player in the room.Join them!

The Hot House Bulldogs may have lost the big match, but that doesn’t mean that the team isn’t down for some horny celebration with their rival team in the locker room.

Bulldogs leader Roman Todd kicks off the bareback orgy by making out with opponent Cole Connor and letting Tarzan Top service his already-hard dick.

The men soon form a sweaty, naked pile that consists of Cole, Roman, Tarzan, JJ Knight, and Tristan Hunter rimming, sucking and exploring each other’s naked bodies.

Ready to breed some hole, the men break off and begin breeding ass all over the locker room.

Luca del Rey opens up for JJ, Tarzan stretches out Tristan’s hole, Devin Franco bottoms for Cole’s cock, and Drew Valentino christens the shower by creaming in Roman’s hole and using his tongue to mop up any loose cum falling out of his ass.Join them!

Cade Jaxon is out in the yard hauling some worn tires when he notices that his sexy handyman Roman Todd is sporting a massive raging hard-on which he has stuffed in the waistband of his shorts.

Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman lets his pal take a grab at the meat that’s spilling out of his jock and even go in for a taste.

After the two blue-collar men suck each other off, Cade is stripped down to nothing but his work boots and Roman’s wet cock starts finding its way into Cade’s smooth hole.

The muscular handyman uses all of his force to bareback the big dick bottom as Cade sprawls out and throws his beefy legs in the air.

Stroking himself, Cade shoots out an extra creamy load as the hung top pulls out to cover Cade’s six pack in his warm cum.Join them!


In a futuristic sex play space, Beaux Banks is horny for dick and when Roman Todd straps him upside down with his legs in the air, Beaux is in complete bliss.

Roman gets deep inside Beaux’s muscled-up bubble butt with his eager tongue and gets the stud lubed up. The further in Roman goes, the harder his cock gets and soon Beaux is begging for Roman to stick it to him.

Roman has every intention of giving Beaux what he wants, but not before the partially restrained hunk chokes on his dick. Beau is happy to suck on Roman’s massive cock and takes it like it’s the last he’ll ever get to suck.

Roman can no longer take the anticipation of getting into Beaux’s ass and lets him loose to hop on and ride his fat dick. Beaux gets his asshole reamed as he straddles the hung stud below him and begs for his hole to get plugged even deeper.

Roman wants more control over the hole on top of him and bends him over to fuck him from behind. He plows away on Beaux’s stretched out ass until he pulls out and busts a nut all over Beaux’s smooth, round cheeks.

With his back drenched in cum, Beaux rolls over and jerks his cock until he relieves himself of any sexual tension that was left in his hard, panting body…Join them!

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Muscle men Roman Todd and Alex Hunter are hard, wet, and ready to take a dip in each other’s waters.

Sitting on the edge of a pool, the hunks begin exploring each other’s bodies with Alex swallowing every inch of Roman’s stiff dick.

Roman uses his large hands to spread Alex’s cheeks and expose the smooth hole that his tongue and horny cock are about to dive into.

Roman pumps himself into Alex before pulling out and bending himself over for the chance to get barebacked by Alex’s wet and ready dick.

With Roman’s ass officially stretched out, the flip-fuckers switch back to Roman topping and thrusting himself into Alex until both men are drowning Alex’s naked body in thick waterfalls of jizz.Join them!

Evan Knox has roughhoused with his sister’s ex-boyfriend countless times before, but this is the first time one of his wrestling matches with Roman Todd has ended with Roman’s naked dick in his face.

To Evan’s surprise, Roman embraces the dick slip and even goes in for a kiss.

An eager Evan drops to his knees and starts servicing his good pal’s cock as Roman sets his sights on Evan’s tight hole.

The straight bro rims and fingers Evan before using his stiff dick to bareback his smooth ass.

A grunting Roman pumps himself in and out of his ex’s little brother while Evan strokes his own hard cock until he’s shooting thick ropes.

Once Roman’s own cock has officially had enough, the hung top pulls out and gives Evan a friendly facial he won’t soon forget.Join them!