His name is Avery Jones, and you’re likely to see a lot more of this extremely confident and very sexy 18-year old in the coming months and years. We’re so glad to have him showing off and sharing his cock and ass with us, we’re looking forward to plenty of great scenes with this handsome young man. The other boys are gonna be lining up to share some fun with him

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Avery Jones gay porn scenes at Cocky Boys

Avery Jones’s best-laid plans for his stay at the sexual awakenings retreat have truly gone astray. He’s split with his boyfriend before they went, so the newly single has gone to get laid..without much luck.

And, his meditation workshop isn’t what he expected as it’s run by free-spirited but intuitive radical faerie Leo Louis whose unorthodox methods annoy & perplex Avery.

Eventually, Leo breaks down Avery’s resistance and “cockmitizes” him, showing off his irresistibly big dick which Avery promptly sucks. He can’t get enough of it, deep-throating Leo, licking every inch of his cock & balls non-stop.

As content as Leo is to get this pleasure, he wants to return the favor and puts Avery into a state of ecstasy rimming him from behind and on his back while also sucking his cock. But it’s when he slides his cock into Avery that Leo gets the desired results.

Leo’s steady deep fucking is just what Avery wanted and he takes it all–on his back and from the side before Leo fucks him up against a tree. He pounds and stretches out Avery and doesn’t quit until he fucks a load out of him.

Making Avery cum pushes Leo over the edge and he pulls out to shoot his massive load. He pumps his cock back into Avery who fucks himself back on Leo before they make out.

Lying down with Leo, Avery couldn’t be more satisfied to be opened up in more ways than one by him.

And, in the basking of the afterglow, Avery learns Leo is just as kooky as he appears. And that’s a good thing!Join them!

Summer means outdoor sex in fun places and for Avery Jones and Roman Todd it’s a hammock.

As they dreamily rock in the hammock, Avery is curled up next to Roman while his busy hands and lips trace the contours of his muscles and bulging crotch.

Of course, Roman gets hard and it isn’t long before Avery gets him naked, strokes his growing cock, and goes down on him.

Roman luxuriates in Avery’s perfect sucking and deep-throating and he is very vocal in letting him know how good it feels.

Sitting sideways on the hammock Roman gets the fully focused cock and balls worship from Avery, and in this position, he can face fuck him as well as reach over to finger his hole.

In time a still-seated Roman forces Avery to stands up so he can rim and tongue his hole then bend him over to fuck him. At first, Roman uses the hammock’s swinging motion to guide his cock deep into Avery, but he soon wants full control.

Roman slips out of the hammock and using his entire body plows Avery on all fours.

He only stops his relentless ass-pounding to finger probe Avery’s still-tight hole before lying him back on the hammock to fuck him with unbridled lust.

Roman is so strong he can hold the hammock steady while deep fucking Avery who loves it all.

Roman’s deep thrusts do their job and he fucks a load out of the happy bottom. Roman is close too but stops, telling Avery, ” I’m not done using your fucking hole”

Roman takes him out of the hammock to pound him against the tree. Again, Roman becomes a vocal, non-stop fucking machine until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot his massive load, some of which he aims on Avery’s hole.

And as Avery wants Roman slides his thick cock back in. Our super-satisfied duo return to where they started, lying on the hammock where Roman simply states, “The best way to end the fucking day.”Join them!

Felix Fox is back to switch it up by topping Avery Jones.

Felix summons up a little of his inner dom, but really Avery is pretty much in charge.

His hands lightly caress Felix’s ripped body and get him hard and soon Avery’s lips go from Felix’s mouth down to his exposed hardon.

Avery sucks and deep throats Felix whose approval spurs Avery to go all in.

He strokes and sucks Felix’s cock and big balls and puts him into a state of writhing, back-arching breathless pleasure, which he enhances by playing with his nipples.

Soon, when Avery turns around and plays with his hole in front of his face, Felix takes the “offer” and eats and fingers his hole.

Avery takes the lead and sits on Felix’s cock and rides it.

Felix thrusts up into Avery and gets close to orgasm, but Avery shifts position and rides Felix’s piston-pumping cock sideways.

Felix follows his lead by fucking him deep from the side…just as Avery wants.

Felix’s cock puts a smile of pure pleasure on Avery’s face and he intensifies it by holding Avery by the throat.

As they get close to going over the edge again, Felix flips Avery to pound his hole from behind.

Felix soon bears down to drill him downwards before pulling Avery to his knees to fuck him faster.

This time before he blows, Felix flips Avery on his back to fuck him and with Avery’s vocal prodding Felix pulls out and shoots his loads and finishes inside him.

He keeps going and finally fucks the cum out of Avery.

He gobbles up the thick load from Avery’s fingers and Felix kisses him with the passion of total satisfaction…which they BOTH experience at the end.Join them!

Avery Jones is naked relaxing in the bathtub of his apartment waiting for sexy top Kane Fox to arrive.

When Kane enters the bathroom, naked from the waist up and he starts playing with Avery’s feet, massaging them and checking out his tight young body and big soft dick.

They talk and flirt before Kane strips off his jeans and joins Avery in the tub, kissing passionately.

When Kane moves to sit on the bathtub edge we see he is sporting a huge erect boner.

Avery touches his thick cock and low-hanging balls with his foot and Kane grabs his foot and wanks it together with his dick.

Avery fondles it with his foot which Kane loves, but they both agree Avery needs to suck it.

Avery gives Kane a thorough and deep sucking and he’s rewarded by Kane’s total ass-eating.

Kane then transitions to fucking Avery from behind.

He thrusts into him slowly and deeply, the excitement heightened by watching themselves in the mirror as Kane picks up speed.

Avery has some moves of his own, using his hole on Kane’s cock as the handsome top leans back on the tub.

Kane helps by holding Avery by the hips and using his hole like a sex toy.

Soon they work in tandem fucking against the mirror until Kane takes over and keeps fucking hard until Avery goes over the edge and shoots his load on the mirror.

He wastes no time scooping it up and having Kane fuck it into him.

Now it’s Kane ready to blow and he sits back to stroke out his thick load and gives Avery a big, open-mouthed facial.

They go for one more round of sensual kissing, now enhanced with post-sex euphoria and the taste of cum.Join them!

Sometimes when you are feeling very low, something unexpected happens to lift you up.

That’s our story here as heartbroken Avery Jones is given an afternoon of passion from Sharok, a hot and sexy stranger.

Avery is sad and just wants to be alone listening to his music, but passerby Sharok wants to help…and won’t take no for an answer.

Sharok buys Avery lunch and after a fun food and conversation, Avery has lightened up and a grateful kiss turns into a full-on make-out session.

It isn’t long before hands wander, and Avery is on his knees sucking Sharok and making him swoon with his deep-throating.

With his sexual passion fully ignited, Sharok turns Avery around and eats his ass, burying his face in his crack and thumb-probing his hole.

Sharok starts fucking Avery deep, only stopping to spit lube his hole.

When Sharok takes a break, Avery goes right back to swallowing his cock, and as he does Sharok reaches around to play with Avery’s ass.

Avery is insatiable however and keeps sucking Sharok as he lies back enjoying the pleasure.

Sharok resumes his control when Avery starts riding his cock by holding his arms behind his back and thrusting up into him.

Avery then turns around and sits on his face and Sharok’s tongue action drives Avery to sit on his cock again and take more deep thrusts.

It’s not long before Sharok effortlessly lifts up Avery, still impaled on his cock, and puts him on all fours to eat his ass again.

This time Sharok makes a quicker transition and starts pounding Avery from behind.

Driving his cock into Avery every which way Sharok then flips him over to drill him.

As he does, Sharok sucks Avery’s feet and kisses him passionately while fucking him steadily until Avery shoots his load.

Sharok is close too and lies back to stroke his cock.

Avery helps Sharok over the edge by sucking his nipples while Sharok probes Avery’s hole with almost all fingers.

He gives Avery a facial which is almost all gobbled up.

They kiss again and Sharok holds him tight, Avery’s sadness now melted away….Join them!

Today we’ve got two sexy men, black stud Adrian Hart and sexy young twink Avery Jones.

From kissing to beautiful butts and big dicks Adrian Hart and Avery Jones have much to appreciate about each other and they waste little time showing that appreciation in every way in this Tayte Hanson-directed scene.

Adrian’s initial fervent kisses excite Avery to return the favor with his lips traveling down to worship Adrian’s well-sculpted muscles.

And it’s not long before Avery has Adrian’s thick cock in his mouth, sucking and savoring every inch of his shaft and big balls while Avery luxuriates in the pleasure

Once Adrian slips off his briefs, Avery excites him more by including some mouth and tongue attention to his hole.

He also wants some of his own and moves up to plant his pink hole on Adrian’s waiting mouth.

Adrian devours Avery’s hole and doesn’t stop even as Avery shits to a 69 position to hungrily suck Adrian’s thick dick.

Adrian is soon ready to bend over Avery, spit lube his hole some more, and slide in his cock.

Adrian pounds Avery from behind and is almost on top of him, using the power of his muscular legs and ass to thrust in hard.

Adrian pulls out and feeds his cock to Avery’s mouth once more before proceeding to fuck him on his back.

Adrian drills Avery in a variety of ways eats his hole and picks him up to fuck him in mid-air before lying back to let him ride him and take more of his upward thrusts.

Avery though still isn’t through sucking Adrian and he proceeds to give him his best sucking once again.

Adrian soon decides it’s time to finish him off and fucks Avery as he straddles a nearby tabletop.

Adrian’s deep-dicking finally climaxes in Avery shooting his thick load over the table.

No cum goes to waste as Avery lubes his hole with it and Adrian fucks it into him.

And after more deep plowing Adrian pulls out to shoot his big load over Avery’s crack and uses his big dick to guide it into his hole and breed him.

Still, there’s some left on his cock and Avery is there to suck it up and give Adrian’s sensitive cock one more dose of pleasure before they kiss again in total satisfaction….Join them!

Today sexy young bottom boy Avery Jones shows us how he loves to have his hot hole worshipped with Dante Colle they’ve been exploring his kinky side.

They start off making out kissing passionately when Avery sucks on Dante’s finger and pulls it down to his waiting ass hole.

Dante probes Avery’s tight hole with a single-digit before adding another and really working them deeply, stretching his hole wide.

Dante spins Avery around and gets his tongue deep between his ass crack before diving into his pink hole and caressing it with his wet lips.

All this works up Dante who strips naked and with his huge soft cock suddenly jumping to full erection as he forces it into Avery’s spit-lubed hole.

Dante raw fucks Avery and though they both mutually love the feel, he pulls out to manhandle Avery’s hole again before resuming his drilling.

Soon though it’s Avery who switches it up by showing off his oral skills, through sucking Dante’s big dick and balls as he sits back relishing the pleasure.

After Avery gulps him down and slobbers over every inch, he climbs up and sits on Dante’s slick cock, and takes every deep thrust.

At one point Dante takes more control and lifts Avery up to fuck him in mid-air before putting him on his back to plow him.

Dante takes a break only to turn Avery around and fuck his throat, 69 with him, and eat his hole before turning him around again to drill him.

Dante is relentless as he finally fucks a load out of Avery and pulls out to cream over his hole and breed him with it.

Dante kisses Avery but he’s drawn back to run his fingers over Avery’s freshly fucked hole and marvel at it….Join them!

Sexy young dude Avery Jones picks up Zach Astor in a camper for a hot weekend trip away from the city.

After a perfect day enjoying each others’ company Avery and Zach retire to the camper van for a hot quiet session wanking their huge twink dicks.

Avery is first to suck down hard on Zach’s thick young cock in the back of the van.

When the horny boys get back home the fun times really begin with them making out kissing passionately before Zach blows Avery’s huge thick dick.

Zach is very vocal expressing how good it feels as Avery uses his mouth and hands and takes on the challenge of deep-throating him.

Soon Avery also worships Zach’s cock and balls and plants kisses over his taut torso. As they make out again, Zach reaches around to play with Avery’s hole and tongue fuck it.

Avery is also vocal in his pleasure and gets up to sit on Zach’s face and feed him cock. After riding his tongue Avery moves down and slides his hole on Zach’s waiting cock.

Avery’s hole swallows every inch of cock and soon he’s taking Zach’s deep, slow upward and sideways thrusts.

Zach shows there’s more to a top than fucking as he makes out with Avery and sucks his cock with the same devotion he received.

But soon Zach goes back to fucking Avery on his back, plowing him relentlessly until he fucks a huge cum load out of him.

With his passionate lust still, unquelled Zach makes out with Avery and turns him over to tongue fuck his ass again.

With Avery’s hole primed again, Zach fucks Avery’s raised up the ass and practically gets on top to drill him.

Zach’s cock finds the bullseye again and Avery cums again, milking his cock dry.

In no time Zach pulls out and, just as Avery wanted, he shoots over his hole and plunges back in to breed him deeply.

As they lie back, totally spent, Zach’s fat cock is still pumped. Looks like that getaway did it some good too….Join them!

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Hot young boy Avery Jones has just started work collecting the dirty sweaty laundry from the locker room.

He fantasizes about his sports heroes, stealing their dirty underwear from the laundry, and jerkin off to their dirty jockstraps.

Avery thinks he is alone in the deserted locker room and he is sniffing and sucking on sweaty jockstraps, he gets busted by Coach Dillon Diaz.

This isn’t the first time, and Avery was warned what would happen: buff Coach Dillon slowly strips down to nothing but his whistle, feeds the boy his thick hard dick.

Dillon eats Avery’s ass upside down, tonguing him deep to get him wet and ready.

He then delivers a slow and intense raw, bareback fuck that leaves Avery a quivering heap of grateful cum covered power-bottom..Join them!

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Jock trainer Dante Martin tries to give tips on how to muscle up Avery Jones’ twink body without success.

When they arrive at the bench press, Dante gives a visual demonstration and ends up giving Avery more than just the tip for this very special workout…Join them!

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Avery Jones has been spending a lot of time at his boyfriends house and it’s getting on his roommates nerves.

The only thing is, Dillon Diaz has a crush on Avery and Avery’s young tight ass.

After some shuttle flirting Dillon goes to take a bath and Avery follows.

What happens next is some fucking hot sucking, rimming and fucking…Join them!

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DeAngelo Jackson has to show veteran masseuse Avery Jones his skills. After an intense massage session Avery can’t help but sample a little of Deangelo’s delicious body. The young stud is soon climbing all over Deangelo’s magnificent body and takes every inch of Deangelo’s cock Bareback down his throat and up his ass…Join them!

On this quiet night at home reading a book, Avery Jones is joined by Adam Ramzi and Jake Nicola.

A view reveals that their little secret about hooking up is not such a secret.

Avery expresses how hot he thinks it is and new step-uncle Adam, asks if he wants to join in the fun.

Without missing a beat, Avery gets right on those big hairy daddy dicks.

The three of these horny men take care of each other‘s cocks and holes with extreme vigor.

Avery ends up covered in hot cum and the trip has come to a delicious end…Join them!

After taking a dip in the beautiful pool, the two friends, Avery Jones and Dylan Herring, want to make each other wet.

These two young horny guys explore each other’s cocks and holes with stunning foreplay escalating to hardcore sex…Join them!

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We couldn’t wait to find out more about gorgeous new 18-year old new boy Avery Jones, and share him with you…Join him!

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