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The youthful, slender sex addict Allen King was born to have sex, and he’s not letting any of us down! Allen, who is currently 28 years old, lives in Madrid and was born in Bilbao. And his pure Spanish heritage comes across in his libido, since he’s always ready to have sex.

After all, it’s why he decided to pursue adult modeling and filming: “I wanted to be an actor and model because I like that people think I’m sexy and enjoy wanting me fuck.

So, when I connected these three thing, that equaled porn!” When Allen (who considers himself 60 percent a bottom and 40 percent a top) is in bed with a guy, he especially enjoys using his mouth on his partner, both sucking dick and eating ass.

The wildest place Allen ever had sex was in a cemetery filming a movie, and he’d love to one day fulfill his fantasy of getting fucked rough and raw by an on-duty policeman or servicemen.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’5″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 128lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Men says: Young army boy Allen King’s bare hole fucked by army sergeant Paddy OBrian’s huge uncut dick at Men

Allen King has been returning to the battlefield each year since the last 10 years to see Commander Paddy O’Brian. Paddy is ready to leave the past behind him. The best way to accomplish this is to crawl behind his bottom. Allen is sucks by him and Paddy is able to smack the handsome soldier’s hole then fucks him in a doggy style and missionary inside the open door of the abandoned truck. Paddy suckers Allen and then the bottom is a cock rider until he orgasms and takes his face off from the officer.

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Tuxedo bottom stud Allen King’s hot hole stretched by tall bearded hunk Sir Peter’s massive uncut dick
After the tall, bearded stud Sir Peter notices that Allen King is looking dashingly handsome in his tuxedo, he courageously makes the first move, and it isn’t long until the romantic duo are passionately hugging one another. After they had finished jacking each other off, Allen knelt down to enthusiastically deep throat blowjob Sir Peter’s long and thick dick. After that, Sir Peter turns the eager bottom around and drills his tight hole from behind in standing doggystyle. After that, the horny bottom gets face fucked. Allen, who is in the mood for some excitement, rides Sir Peter, and then the powerful top fingers the bottom’s hole in order to loosen it up even further before easing his cock back into place. Allen reaches the point of climax by stroking himself, and then, once Sir Peter has had his fill, he pulls out just in time to fire a hot load all over Allen’s face!
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Hottie young muscle stud Allen King’s tight hole fucked by Aussie hunk Papi Kocic’s massive thick dick
As he waits for Allen King, Papi Kocic fixes the tiny details of his suit. The charming bottom offers to rub his host’s feet and lays his suit jacket over a chair before sucking Papi’s cock. Papi pulls Allen over a chair and fucks him doggystyle while removing only his shirt, waistcoat, and tie. Papi rubs the bottom with his fingertips and then raises him in a stand-and-carry. Finally taking off his jacket, the top is then carried across the floor by Allen. The bottom sits on Papa’s dick after wrapping his socked feet around it for a foot job! With the use of their ties, Papi ties Allen to a pillar while stroking his cock till he orgasms. He then receives one final helping from that hole before cumming on Allen’s ass and vest.
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Hung muscle dude Drew Valentino’s huge erect cock barebacking suited stud Allen King’s aching hole
Unique to Pinstripe Realty International Allen King has the responsibility of determining whether prospective employee Drew Valentino would be a good fit for the organization, but it appears that he would prefer to determine whether Drew and his excellent credentials are a suitable fit for his position. Drew and his daring hands start playing with the hungry ass of the real estate agent as his massive dick starts to disappear deep down Allen’s throat. Then, when a dressed-in man leans over the edge of a couch, Allen Drew burys his face in Allen’s cheeks while fucking his hole with his hairy cock. Drew grabs Allen from behind and spreads him out in various positions all over the realtor’s yard as Allen groans, closes his eyes, and clenches his tie between his teeth. Drew concludes the bareback business meeting by shooting all over Allen’s hole and using his own necktie to wipe up the creamy mess while sporting a leg covered in Allen’s cum.
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Suited muscle hunk Beau Butler’s massive cock raw fucking sexy dude Allen King’s smooth bubble butt
In order for the interviewee Beau Butler to establish his job at Pinstripe Realty Worldwide, he will need to put in the necessary amount of effort and genuinely impress the company’s rising star Allen King. When Beau is fully alone with Allen at an empty property, he happily demonstrates how much of a team player he can be by allowing the hot realtor to tear off the rear of his trousers in order to obtain easy access to his hairy asshole. In other words, Beau shows how much of a team player he can be. Allen, pleased with what he is tasting, immediately follows the impromptu rim job by worshiping Beau’s feet and swallowing his cock in its natural state. Then, Beau barebacks and burys himself deep within Allen’s ass, even going so far as to fuck him mid-air with only a nearby bookshelf and Beau’s massive shoulders supporting Allen’s weight. Now that he is back on the ground, Allen blows all over the floor, and Beau responds by drawing out his weapon and discharging it right into Allen’s mouth, which he has kindly opened for him.
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Roman Todd and Levi Karter

Cockyboys says: Levi Karter is back for a new self-filmed, super-intimate CBFO double-feature with two hot co-stars. In part 1 Levi has a steamy, sweaty multi-POV encounter with Roman Todd in his first CockyBoys scene, while in part 2 Levi is reunited with his One Erection co-star Allen King for an audience-pleasing multi-view webcam show.

When we join Roman Todd & Levi Karter they’re already in bed and Roman is sucking Levi’s cock like a human vacuum. He follows this with deep rimming and tongue action, getting Levi ready for the fucking he’s about to get.

As Roman thrusts, the pleasure he sees on Levi’s face gets him more excited and passionate. He turns Levi over to play with his hole a little more then unleashes more pounding from behind.

Levi gets Roman even more excited by showing him how it looks from his hand-held camera screen. It’s not long after that Roman is ready to pop and as Levi lies back and licks his balls Roman shoots over his face and open mouth.

Seconds later Levi sucks Roman’s still hard cock and strokes out a gigantic cum geyser. Think they’re satisfied? They’re almost giddy in their euphoric afterglow.

Levi Karter and Allen King

Levi Karter and Allen King are as excited as their online audience to get their “show” going. Actually they’re more excited as the show goes on. They trade blowjobs with hungry zeal and almost right away Allen just has to fuck Levi.

Fortunately they slow down and Allen alternates fucking with eating Levi’s ass. Levi in turn takes his time sucking Allen’s juicy uncut cock and rimming his bubble butt.

The guys give their audience a variety show. Levi rides Allen’s cock inching him closer to a climax but they go back to sucking and rimming each other’s hungry holes.

They bring each other closer when Allen returns to fucking Levi and sucking him right back. BUT, they switch it up once more for a near-perfect showstopper.

Allen squats on his face as Levi rims Allen and they both stroke their cocks and when Levi’s tongue makes Allen shoot the domino effect strikes and Levi explodes simultaneously.

Covered in cum Levi proudly shows it off and our two CockyBoys thank each other for job well done…Join them!


As Josh Moore lies in bed and watches Allen King lovingly service his thick cock almost to the edge of orgasm he decides to confide his secret sex fantasy.

He wants to take Allen to the woods, tie his hands so he can’t move and do anything he wants to him. Just as Allen is all ears to hear the fantasy, he’s very eager to make it happen.

And so Allen finds himself naked, standing between two trees with his arms outstretched and his wrists tied to the trunks.

Josh savors every second of his fulfilled fantasy, kissing Allen and fondling the smooth-skinned from behind and stroking his already hard cock. Allen is clearly enjoying this for himself too.

Soon he’s bent over as Josh teases his hole with his monster cock and then fucks him like his prized sex toy, sometimes balanced in the air.

Allen loves it and shouts it to the sky, but when they slow things down Allen declares he wants to pursue HIS fantasy.

Inside Josh rims and fucks Allen on his back and pounds him so deep and hard that he almost disappears into the bed. Josh corrects that by picking him up and fucking him in mid-air as Allen bounces on his cock.

Allen continues riding him as Josh lies back on the bed but adds a new wrinkle by tying Josh’s wrists over his head. Josh loves it too and though he’s tied and immobile he’s verbally dominant.

Just as Josh demands, Allen eventually shoots his load and gives him a thick facial. In the end it’s Allen in control as he furiously strokes the still-tied Josh to a huge orgasm and milks dry the helpless stud.

Two guys both get their “wildest dreams” fulfilled, but will Allen untie Josh…Join them!

Sometimes you meet someone special when you stop trying so hard. So it is for Calvin Banks who watches all the fun interaction going on all around him at a club one night but just can’t make a connection with anyone.

However, later on the subway stranger Allen King appears and they exchange glances and sweet smiles. Calvin gets off at his stop and keeps it cool as Allen follows him to his jeep and climbs in.

“You wanna go somewhere?” is all Calvin has to ask and he silently drives Allen to a secluded spot in the country to park and make out.

While he was awkwardly shy earlier at the club, Calvin is much more self-assured and confident with Allen. He merely signals Allen to join him at the front of the car with the headlights on and make out.

As Allen goes down on Calvin to give his cock and his big full balls plenty of attention the silent communication dissolves. Calvin freely expresses his pleasure verbally, guiding Allen along the way, reaching over to feel his tight ass and excite him more.

At one point Allen hops on top of the bumper to sit as Calvin gives his equally large cock and balls uninhibited oral pleasure. Allen loves it but wants more.

Allen hops down and hoists one leg on the bumper so Calvin can rim thoroughly.

Soon enough Allen wants to be fucked and Calvin obliges, working his thick cock in and deep-thrusting as they find that sweet spot together. Allen also anticipates what Calvin wants and sits atop the bumper again so Calvin can fuck him in that position.

But soon the excited Allen wants to switch positions again, this time to fuck Calvin. Calvin backs himself on Allen’s cock to get fucked but in short order he’s also propping a leg up on the bumper to get pounded. Allen’s cock drills Calvin who doesn’t hold back as he explodes and shoots his load on the ground.

On his knees he gets a facial from Allen whose aim is true even in the limited light.

The guys kiss and soon get dressed, ready to part. But Allen has a little confession to make that possibly makes a difference to what happens next after this thrilling one night stand…Join them!


Cruising in a busy city park and hooking up can be a bit of a challenge unless the two horny guys are like-minded Allen King and Andy Star. They spot each other in a hilly Madrid, exchange glances and a few pleasantries and soon they’re making out against a tree.

Before they get too carried away Allen takes Andy home to pick up almost exactly where they left off. They virtually devour each other with hungry kisses, breathlessly trying to undress each other but Andy can’t wait. He goes down on Allen’s big cock and barely breaks his rhythm as Allen finishes undressing him.

As Allen face fucks him Andy is not very subtle about what he wants: he plays with his smooth twitching hole as he gags on Allen’s cock. Allen King sucks Andy Star as he balances on the arm of the sofa and quickly lets him know what HE wants.

Pushing Andy back with his legs in the air Allen rims and probes him with his fingers and Andy’s vocal responses tell Allen it’s time to go all the way. He fucks Andy as he’s pinned back on the sofa and Allen kicks it up another notch by balancing on the sofa air and fucking him with increased authority.

In charged up, dominant mode Allen pulls Andy off the sofa and virtually commands him to ride his cock as he sits in a chair. Andy obeys with eager, uninhibited sexual enthusiasm, vigorously riding him backwards and frontwards.

The sexually vigorous Allen pulls Andy to his dining room table, bends him over and fucks him hard, still taking the time to plant kisses on his back. Being the conscientious top Allen also has given Andy the room to jack his own cock as he’s fucked.

They move back to the edge of the sofa where Andy backs up on Allen’s cock and they find the perfect positions for finding their groove. Once they do it’s just a matter of time before Allen drives in his cock with such precision that he makes Andy shoot two loads, one after the other.

At the end Andy is on his knees with Allen giving him a delicious facial. Object lesson: sometimes a great hook-up is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time…Join them!


Allen King was very excited to meet Arad WinWin. While Arad is still starting out in the industry and doesn’t yet have the massive following that Allen has, Allen couldn’t get enough of Arad’s sculpted muscles, dark and handsome features, and his thick cock.

Arad was just as thrilled to meet Allen, he’d of course heard of him via social media and his eye-catching body, but never thought he’d also get to do a scene with him on that first day. Allen got to work on Arad right away, hungrily kissing and stripping Arad as Arad stood there in disbelief as one of his all-time favorite porn crushes unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick.

It wasn’t until Arad experienced the feeling of Allen’s lips engulfing his dick that he came to, fully immersing himself in their undeniably hot chemistry and gradually taking more and more control. He took hold of Allen’s gorgeous ass in his jeans, steadied Allen’s head as Allen sucked him off, before finally turning Allen around to rim and hammer him doggy-style.

Arad and Allen quickly matched each other’s sexual energy and were already getting close, so they switched it up and moved to the couch where Allen straddled Arad, taking hold of Arad’s cock and teasing it against his hole. Arad took it one step further and stretched Allen out so that his shoulders were touching the floor almost as if suspended in the air.

This upside-down position allowed for Arad to go in as deep as possible. But Allen wanted to be on top while they both reached climax, so he stood up and sat back down on Arad’s cock, thrusting his hips until he came all over his own chest.

Allen then lent the help of his mouth again on Arad’s cock and balls, and soon enough, Arad unloaded one huge geyser of a cum shot. For only his second scene here at CockyBoys, Arad sure proved that great chemistry goes a long way…Join them!


Ricky Roman and Allen King met a while ago in Los Angeles and they immediately knew right then and there they wanted to have sex with each other. But back then Ricky was dating Michael Milano and Allen was dating Angel Cruz so it was hard to make it happen.

After patiently waiting for almost a year, Ricky and Allen are finally alone together and they have the whole day to explore each others’ bodies. And when you have two hot-blooded Latino studs together on the same couch there is only one way things could go down.

As they speak Spanish to each other the clothes start to come off and Ricky immediately goes down on Allen’s rock hard cock. We all know Ricky is a huge fan of the foreskin so of course he takes his time playing with Allen’s uncut cock before making his way down to his hole to eat his ass out.

Allen then returns the favor by shoving Ricky’s cock deep into his mouth and licking his balls. When neither one of them can wait any longer, Allen bends over to let Ricky take him from behind. Ricky rides Allen’s ass like he owns it and he’s just getting started.

Next he flips him over so he can fuck him and kiss him at the same time. “This is my favorite position”, says Allen as Ricky shoves his cock up his hole and starts pounding into him. Finally Ricky decides to let Allen have some control and he lets him ride his cock until he can no longer hold his load.

As Allen rides Ricky he ends up shooting a massive load all over himself which turns Ricky on so much that he throws Allen back on the couch to cover him with his load too. And that is how Latinos do it…Join them!


Allen King says it best, in Spain there are no real “relationships” just endless amounts of fucking. He’d just gotten in a fight with his real-life boyfriend Angel Cruz when he was explaining this, though, who went off and fucked some other guys as a result of their disagreement.

So you could say Allen was a little more rough around the edges, and not necessarily in a bad way. With a glimmer in his eye, Allen described his next move was going to be exactly the same thing.

Not long after setting foot outside his apartment, Allen ran into Ian Torres, a sexy tattooed hunk with extremely seductive eyes and a built body. All it took was one look and the guys were chatting, flirting, and groping right there in public.

Allen took Ian back to his apartment and turned into a version of himself we don’t see very often here. Maybe it was the fight with Angel, but Allen became this totally brutal aggressor, pushing Ian up against the side of his rooftop patio overlooking the city, kissing him, undressing him, and then forcing his cock inside Ian’s hungry mouth.

After Allen received the intense blowjob he was seeking, he positioned Ian over a patio chair and rimmed his hole, giving Ian’s perfectly round ass a slap to show him who’s in charge.

After that, Allen gave no warning before swiftly porking Ian doggy-style. The adrenaline was so high, that Allen moved Ian over to a table and pounded him missionary, then finally back to the chair where Allen sat down and let Ian ride him to climax.

Ian came on Allen’s pecs, but Allen wanted to prove his ultimate dominance, giving Ian one long and hot facial to lap up…Join them!

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Dom King’s huge 9 inch dick bareback fucking young muscle stud Allen King cuckolding Alex Cabrera.

Dom King fucked and used the boy pussy of Alex Cabrera plenty.

But a guy like Dom King needs to see who else is out there.

That doesn’t mean he wants to break up with Alex.

But it does mean Dom King wants him to try out the role of a gay cuckold while he watches his macho top lover fuck another bottom in front of him.

Allen King has been all over Dom King for a long time now, and finally, he has his chance to submit to Dom King, suck his cock, and get his ass slammed and plowed.

And while all of this is going on, Alex Cabrera watches on as a gay cuckold.

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The first man Allen King ever had sex with on the Lucas Entertainment set was Rico Marlon, and ever since that encounter, Rico has been desirous for more of the little Spaniard’s ass.

Rico calls up Allen and invites him over for a fun and hot afternoon of flirtation and fucking.

At first, Allen wasn’t going to take Rico up on his invitation because he was hanging out with his pal, Rodrigo Amor.

But then a lightbulb went off and he decided to bring Rodrigo with him.

Why limit yourself to one uncut cock when you can have two and play with them at the same time?

This is a bareback encounter full of sucking and fucking, and no mouth or hole is spared.

That’s because Allen King gets in on the topping action, too, by mounting Rico Marlon’s ass and going to town on him.Join them!

There’s no rest for someone as young and horny as Oliver Hunt, and this time he finds himself spending a beautiful day on the beach with his buddy Allen King and Allen’s Cuban lover, Rafael Carreras.

Everyone looks sophisticated in their button-down shirts and chino shorts, but the clothes don’t stay on long.

Allen King and Rafael Carreras might be lovers, but they’re more than happy to take on a third when a worthy addition presents himself.

Oliver and Allen have always been attracted to each other, and these two handsome guys have their hands all over each other while goes balls deep in their asses with his 10-inch uncut Cuban cock.Join them!

Marco Antonio has an insatiable sexual appetite he’s always looking to get his huge uncut Venezuelan cock worked on by the wet mouth and tight hole of an eager and submissive pussy bottom.

Double that with an alpha male like Sir Peter, so when Marco Antonio and Peter team up, they get into plenty of bareback trouble.

Silver Steele, Allen King, and Valentin Amour submit their asses for the pleasure of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio, and these two tops don’t show any mercy when they fuck….Join them!

Young punk Allen King is known for his penchant for large cocks. The more dominant and rough a top is, then the more young Allen worships them.

So Gustavo Cruz is the focus of some serious Allen love.

Gustavo bare fucks Allen’s boy pussy sinking his massive uncut cock deep in the young dude’s bare asshole.

Gustavo is all about controlling his bottoms and showing them who is boss.

Gustavo first asserts his dominance over Allen King by slapping him across his face with his huge 9.5-inch uncut cock before having Allen King gag on his meat and then pile-driving him between his tiny little cheeks.

Will Allen King’s ass be able to handle all of Gustavo Cruz’s enormous cock?…Join them!

We last saw Allen King’s hot hole bareback fucked by Max Arion together with Jeffrey Lloyd and Dylan James at a sex club.

Since that horny raw sex encounter, Max and Allen have been fantasizing about getting another chance to fuck again.

Their chance came when the sexy boys bumped into each other in Mexico earlier this year.

Young punk Allen is just so adorable and his ass takes a bare punishing from Max’s big hairy cock. Max takes no prisoners and releases a hard pummeling fo Allen’s raw ass until both young men are covered in cum…Join them!

The young and mesmerizing faces of Jackson Radiz and Allen King make them two all-star Lucas Men, and they’re an incredible pairing in this gay bareback sex encounter.

Jackson lets his dominant side take over, and he takes control of little Allen King, who submits to Jackson’s manly needs. Allen uses his mouth to give Jackson a sensual blowjob before moving on and offering up his ass for a bareback pounding…Join them!

Could there possibly be a hotter four-way bare backing encounter than between Max Arion, Allen King, Rico Marlon, and Max Avila?

Both Max Arion And Rico are no-bullshit alpha tops, and only bottoms who can take massive dick long and hard need apply.

That’s why Allen King and Max Avila are two awesome matches for them, because when Max and Rico unleash their huge uncut cocks on them, there’s no backing down from the challenge…Join them!

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