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Dante Crawford (Chris Damned) is a nightmare boss.

He treats his employees like dirt and Dante’s assistant, Clay McManus (Blain O’Connor) has had enough of it.

Clay is lucky to have his boyfriend, Geoffrey Stevens (Adrian Hart) by his side, working as Dante’s private chef, but he knows there needs to be a change.

One day, when Clay can no longer keep his cool, things do shift massively.Join them!

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After getting up to no good while he’s out on parole, convict Chris Damned could be looking at hard treatment, but he doesn’t pay any attention to his parole officer, Adrian Hart until Adrian shows him a hard cock.

The orange jumpsuit-wearing bad boy just wants to have fun, starting with sucking Adrian’s cock, then he turns the tables and fucks Adrian’s face.

Chris fucks the bottom on the table, then Adrian sucks Chris’s dick and rides him before Chris bends him over and pounds him till he shoots his load all over the one-way mirror.

Chris leaves some evidence on Adrian’s pert ass.Join them!

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After five intense rounds on the mat, beefy wrestling stud Beau Butler has successfully pinned opponent Adrian Hart.

To commemorate the win, referee Reign holds down Adrian so Beau can swallow every inch of the massive cock that’s sprung out of Adrian’s yellow, skin-tight singlet.

With the muscular Adrian now focused on getting his hole and pole serviced, the ref turns his attention to barebacking Beau’s incredibly hairy ass.

Reign thrusts the entirety of his XL cock in and out of Beau’s asshole as Adrian uses his long dick to fill up Beau’s mouth.

A deep-voiced warning from the referee signals that Reign is about to breed Beau’s meaty ass.

With his load deep inside Beau, the ref then commands the bottom to push the fresh load out of his used hole as Adrian’s cock spits out a wad of jizz into Beau’s cum-hungry mouth.Join them!

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Hot gay interracial Adrian Hart’s bubble butt raw fucked by Lucca Mazzi’s massive cock.

When Adrian Hart finds out that beefcake daddy Lucca Mazzi is his new doctor, he immediately strips off every piece of clothing and throws his legs in the air for a full-body examination.

Dr. Mazzi complies and immediately begins working a finger into Adrian’s ass and tonguing down his tight hole.

Adrian goes to suck off and swallow every inch of Lucca’s doctor dick before turning around for a chance to get barebacked by Dr. Mazzi.

The doctor slides his dick in and out of Adrian’s muscular ass and uses his strength to slam his enormous body against his insatiable patient.

Both men are soon erupting and shooting two heavy doses of cum all over Adrian’s washboard abs as he lies naked on the doctor’s examination table.

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Gay interracial Adrian Hart’s black bubble butt raw fucked by white muscle stud Cole Connor’s huge dick.

Bearded hunk Cole suits up and sits by the pool to light up his cigar.

The suit pressing on his skin turns Cole on, and he starts stroking his cock.

When Adrian arrives to suit up, he notices Cole Connor out by the pool touching himself.

Adrian gives Cole a quick nod of approval to keep going, prompting Cole to continue stripping on the other side of the glass.

Seeing the hot daddy enjoy his smoke gets Adrian hard so he joins the striptease.

Suddenly, both men are pressing their hard cocks up against the glass before Cole joins Adrian inside to get his cock sucked.

Adrian savors every inch of Cole’s cock and balls before laying back on the kitchen counter and getting his dick deepthroated.

Cole works from the tip of Adrian’s cock, back to the center of his hole before getting up and sliding his raw dick in deep.

Cole’s cock drives hard in multiple positions until he shoots his load on Adrian’s ass, then kneels to take Adrian’s load in his mouth.

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White muscle stud Beau Butler spit-roasted by black beauties Adrian Hart and Reign’s huge ebony dicks.

Referee Reign knows that it’s going to get intense on the mat today, but he’s ready for anything wrestling hunks Beau and Adrian have to throw at him.

Wearing only headgear and some barely-there underwear that shows off their assholes and hard cocks, the jocks forget about the physical competition two rounds in and start filling each other’s holes instead.

Deep moans come from Beau as Adrian hits him from the back and as the jockstrap-clad ref stuffs Beau’s mouth with his sweaty dick.

Now completely naked, Reign barebacks Adrian’s ass as both Adrian and Beau stroke themselves until they’re shooting loads all over Adrian’s body.

The ref continues to pump his long cock inside of the muscular wrestler until he breeds his smooth ass and covers his insides in a heavy coat of his seed.Join them!

Adrian Hart and Nic Sahara are hard at work in the porn studio preparing for the next movie.

Nic decides it’s time for a break, and he goes for it with Adrian Hart, who doesn’t resist.

As the clothes hit the floor of the shop, Adrian is the first to get his mouth filled with Nic’s uncut cock.

After fucking Adrian’s mouth, Nic bends him over and tongue-fucks his smooth crack.

Nic wants to get deeper so he stands behind Adrian and slides his uncut rod deep inside Adrian’s hole.

After taking it in multiple positions, Adrian wants to be in control.

Nic lays back and Adrian goes in full intensity, pushing his cock deep into Nic’s asshole.

Adrian picks up the pace, drilling Nic’s hole.

The relentless bareback pounding pushes Adrian over the edge, and he empties his sack all over Nic’s cock, while an unknown crew member looks on out of sight.

With his cock covered in cum, Nic lets out thick ropes that cover his tatted stomach.Join them!

Hottie patient Adrian Hart checks into the hospital for a full body examination, the RN requests that he undresses and changes into a medical gown but Adrian says no.

When the doctor arrives, Adrian is surprised to see that his usual doctor is not available but he will be seen by Dr. Steven Lee.

Dr. Lee assures his patient he’s more than qualified for the job so Adrian bends over to give the Doc a closer look at his hole.

When Adrian loses his shorts, Steven starts to work a few different toys and instruments into Adrian’s ass to warm him up for the deeper examination to come.

With each probe that Steven presents, Adrian’s hungry hole swallows them all eagerly. Sensing he wants something bigger in his crack, Steven licks Adrian’s hole to prepare it for his raw cock.

Before the Doctor gets deep inside his patient, Adrian turns around to feed Steven his uncut meat.

Now that Steven is rock-hard, he lays Adrian back on the table and slams his big dick deep into the willing stud.

After some bareback, hole-stretching pumps from the Doc’s cock, Adrian wants Steven’s meat down his throat one more time.

Adrian slurps up the horny doctor’s pole before getting bent over and fucked over the exam table.

When neither can hold back any longer, Adrian switches to his back to jack out his load that erupts from his cock in thick ropes landing on his heaving abs.

Seeing Adrian covered in cum sends Steven into a frenzy, and he adds his load to the mix, busting all over Adrian’s abs.Join them!

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Black muscle hunk Adrian Hart and tall handsome gay Cade Cooper engage in a jumping competition, whoever jumped the farthest will get to be the top, the looser will be the bottom.

Turns out Adrian will have to relinquish his hole to Cade.Join them!

Sexy young stud Cazden Hunter and black hunk Adrian Hart are fighting to see who is going to bottom in this episode.

They start off competing in a leg wrestling session and after a few rounds, it is clear that Adrian is rubbish and Cazden claims the prize.

Adrian then opens his legs and takes Cazden’s thick raw young cock deep in his black hole.

In the end, Adrian lets hunky Cazden pummel his bussy into orgasmic submission….Join them!

Sexy black muscle stud Adrian Hart and young cute dude Cazden Hunter are mucking about playing a slapping game.

The stakes are high as the winner of the game gets to top the loser who bottoms.

It’s a game of speed and Adrian has the edge every time. After losing several times Cazden wants another chance.

He loses and finally, he succumbs to his fate as he strips off his shirt and gets on his knees, sucking down hard on Adrian’s big black cock.

Hungry bottom boy Cazden slurps on Adrian’s thick dick till he chokes on that black monster hitting the back of his throat.

Cazden sucks big dicks like a pro and he gets Adrian’s cock well lubed with his spit.

Adrian kisses Cazden before pushing him down onto the couch and parting his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue deep into his tight hole, rimming his asshole good.

With Cazden bent over Adrian slides his huge erect ebony cock hard into Cazden’s hole with long forceful strokes in and out.

The guys change positions a number of times with Adrian going deeper and harder so his balls slap against Cazden’s ass cheeks making him cry out in pain or pleasure.

Now Cazden is on top of Adrian guiding his hole onto Adrian’s massive black cock taking control and grinding his ass down repeatedly and squeezing his ass muscles tightly around his fuck tool.

The hardcore raw anal fucking continues until Cazden can cope no longer with the ass pummeling and shoots cum all over them both. Adrian follows with a huge cumshot over Cazden’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside….Join them!

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Today we’ve got two sexy men, black stud Adrian Hart and sexy young twink Avery Jones.

From kissing to beautiful butts and big dicks Adrian Hart and Avery Jones have much to appreciate about each other and they waste little time showing that appreciation in every way in this Tayte Hanson-directed scene.

Adrian’s initial fervent kisses excite Avery to return the favor with his lips traveling down to worship Adrian’s well-sculpted muscles.

And it’s not long before Avery has Adrian’s thick cock in his mouth, sucking and savoring every inch of his shaft and big balls while Avery luxuriates in the pleasure

Once Adrian slips off his briefs, Avery excites him more by including some mouth and tongue attention to his hole.

He also wants some of his own and moves up to plant his pink hole on Adrian’s waiting mouth.

Adrian devours Avery’s hole and doesn’t stop even as Avery shits to a 69 position to hungrily suck Adrian’s thick dick.

Adrian is soon ready to bend over Avery, spit lube his hole some more, and slide in his cock.

Adrian pounds Avery from behind and is almost on top of him, using the power of his muscular legs and ass to thrust in hard.

Adrian pulls out and feeds his cock to Avery’s mouth once more before proceeding to fuck him on his back.

Adrian drills Avery in a variety of ways eats his hole and picks him up to fuck him in mid-air before lying back to let him ride him and take more of his upward thrusts.

Avery though still isn’t through sucking Adrian and he proceeds to give him his best sucking once again.

Adrian soon decides it’s time to finish him off and fucks Avery as he straddles a nearby tabletop.

Adrian’s deep-dicking finally climaxes in Avery shooting his thick load over the table.

No cum goes to waste as Avery lubes his hole with it and Adrian fucks it into him.

And after more deep plowing Adrian pulls out to shoot his big load over Avery’s crack and uses his big dick to guide it into his hole and breed him.

Still, there’s some left on his cock and Avery is there to suck it up and give Adrian’s sensitive cock one more dose of pleasure before they kiss again in total satisfaction….Join them!

Hot black stud Adrian Hart and long-haired young dude Zeke Wood get together for the first time today.

We find out that both sexy young men are totally versatile and get totally turned on by flipping easily from being a powerful top to an equally vocal and powerful bottom.

Zeke and Adrian quickly develop a special bond and they are into each other right from the start.

They make out, kissing passionately stripping off their clothes, and lying together their naked bodies intertwined.

Young hottie is all fired up and he can’t hold back any longer so he leans down and sucks down hard on Adrian’s thick black cock.

Zeke can’t get enough of Adrian’s hard erection sucking it right back till it chokes him, moaning all the while.

Adrian, face fucks Zeke pushing his dick balls deep into Zeke’s mouth and feeling his tongue licking and playing with his big cock head.

And, knowing what Adrian wants, Zeke sits on his face letting Adrian eat his hot ass while continuing to suck his big cock.

Adrian enjoys Zeke’s cock too while still rimming his hot hole, prepping him for what comes next.

At one point Zeke sits up straight and hovers above Adrian sliding his asshole down onto Adrian’s ebony dick and riding him cowboy style.

Zeke is in control now and he presses his bubble butt down forcefully really feeling every inch of Adrian’s hardness moving deep inside him.

They quickly get in sync with an energetic give and take, finding positions to give each other pleasure.

And after Zeke bounces up and down and grinds on Adrian’s cock, they effortlessly flip the switch.

Adrian turns over and Zeke pounds him from behind and gets on top and drills him, only stopping once to rim Adrian’s bubble butt.

Soon, the guys switch again with Adrian getting Zeke on his back and flipping his legs to lap at his hole again.

Adrian soon resumes fucking Zeke, steadily with perfectly focused thrusting action that produces unexpected results: Zeke shoots his load hands-free.

An excited Adrian lubes his cock with the jizz to keep fucking Zeke who cums a second time with greater intensity.

Adrian pounds him until he pulls out, shoots over Zeke’s hole, and breeds him, almost fucking him off the bed.

Zeke is oblivious to this, totally spent and on a post-sex high, punctuated by Adrian’s kiss….Join them!

What with everything happening this year Adrian Hart and Tannor Reed decided to cancel their planned road trip to settle into a short staycation in LA.

The sexy dudes really made a deep connection and showed their more intimate sensual side in this hot video update.

They start by enjoying a warm bubble bath where they explore each others’ wet bodies, making out before Adrian carries Tannor to the bedroom.

With Adrian’s huge super erect cock tenting his tight undies, Tannor just has to release it and suck it to the back of his young throat.

As Adrian lies back on the bed he enjoys Tannor’s balls deep blowjob giving him guidance on how he likes it.

In time Adrian takes Tannor in his arms to kiss him passionately and put him on his back to eat his hole.

And when it’s properly primed Adrian fucks a very vocal Tannor while sucking his feet for added pleasure.

And with his whole stretched out by Adrian, Tannor decides he wants to ride him.

After sliding down Adrian and grinding deep, Tannor takes all his deep upward thrusts and subtle domination.

Adrian eventually lets Tannor ride him again but soon he lies him down in a 69 variation to eat his ass while Tannor again sucks him.

And, after face-fuckin and rimming him some more, Adrian bare fucks him from behind.

Soon though Adrian is virtually on top drilling him so deep and hard that Tannor is almost in an eye-rolling trance.

When he’s about to go over the edge Adrian grants Tannor’s please and shoots his thick load over his hole and into him.

Adrian neck with Tannor who soon lies back to shoot his own thick load …all while they keep on kissing and kissing and kissing….Join them!

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As both army recruits strip off their uniforms, we see that sexy muscle stud Adrian Hart’s soft big black dick is starting to get erect. By the time Ryan Jordan gets naked, Adrian’s cock is fully erect.

Adrian bareback fucks Jordan’s hot bubble asshole in a number of different positions until both young men are on the edge of orgasm.

First with Adrian’s dick still in his ass Jordan shoots cum all over himself quickly followed by Adrian who covers them both in his creamy jizz…Join them!

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Stepbrothers Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are in the locker room after a hot gym session.

When they are left alone Michael gives Adrian the secret look and Adrian moves closer and the sexy boys start making out. Kissing passionately as they quickly undress.

Standing there naked Adrian drops to his knees and Michael feeds him his thick long cock. Adrian chokes down hard on that monster dick gagging when it is balls deep in his throat.

The boys get caught but are not worried as Adrian rims Michael’s hot ass getting his tongue deep between his muscled ass cheeks.

Michael is the first to fuck Adrian’s hot black asshole. Then Adrian gets his chance to fuck Michael’s tight bubble butt.

They continue fucking till both of them are close to orgasm. Adrian shoots his load first quickly followed by Michael who dumps a full load all over Adrian’s ripped abs…Join them!

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Hot black young muscle boy Adrian Hart is visiting big dick doctor Dante Colle today.

Dante can’t seem to pinpoint the problem after an extensive medical examination.

However, as Adrian’s bare ass hole catches his eye Dante realizes that there is more than one cure for his ailments.

Adrian seems to catch on as he spies Dante’s hard erect cock in his pants.

As Adrian bends over the bed Dante’s tongue gets to the bottom of the problem, getting in there for a deep ass rimming.

Dante then slips his thick bare dick into the freshly lubed ebony hole fucking him loosening up the tightness that Adrian complained of.

Adrian can’t hold off for long as he blows the contents of his balls all over his abs closely followed by Dante who covers them both in his hot cum….Join them!

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Hottie young hunks Justin Matthews and Adrian Hart are in the darkroom for some bareback ass fucking….Join them!

These two hot and horny studs, Adrian Hart and Nic Sahara are ready for some nasty sling fucking…Join them!

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As the sun sets and the day closes into night two young studs are getting turned on. Young interracial hotties Jack Hunter and Adrian Hart are up for a passionate fuck.

In the outdoor hot tub, Adrian reaches over and kisses Jack’s wet lips. Jack kisses Adrian passionately moving up and down Adrian’s ripped muscled torso kissing his six-pack abs till he reaches his lips again.

Jack slips his fingers into the waist of Adrian’s swim shorts pulling them down exposing his black bare ass cheeks. Jack runs his tongue along Adrian’s ass crack getting it deep into his tight hole.

Adrian sucks down hard on Jack’s big thick dick, taking it all the way, balls deep. Jack then bareback fucks Adrian’s bubble ass. He fucks him hard until both young men are on the edge of orgasm.

First Adrian sprays his cum load across his rippling abs before Jack can hold off no longer shooting his cum load all over them both…Join them!

Our two hunks Adrian Hart and Brandon Anderson hit the showers and show us their Adonis bodies.

They soon can’t resist touching each other and they start to fuck each other with incredible passion until their not only soaked because of the showers and are covered in cum…Join them!

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Hot fisting threesome Wrex Wylde, Adrian Hart, and Sherman Maus strip naked and engage in a passionate kiss, but they quickly move on to the next stage.

The sexy guys line up in a fist fucking frenzy with Wrex fisting Sherman and Sherman fisting Adrian.

As the passion of the fisting intensifies, Sherman lays on his back on the church pew as Wrex beings opening his hole with his fist and Adrian sits on Sherman’s hand.

Wrex has both Adrian and Sherman bend over the pew and begins relentlessly punching and gaping the two guys holes before throwing both guys on their backs and fisting them simultaneously until they both cum…Join them!

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When puppy dog Adrian Hart discovers that his pet sitter is muscle daddy Reign, he immediately starts fantasizing about his mouthwatering body.

The dog dreams about transforming from a good boy to a real boy and taking Reign to pound town.

In his fantasies, Adrian sees himself as a jock that’s stroking his big dick while gagging on Reign’s curved cock.

Reign services Adrian’s hard pole and pulsing hole before throwing the dog a boner and barebacking the young pup doggy style.

The obedient Adrian has to stop himself from howling as Reign slaps his ass and passionately buries his bone in Adrian’s tight backyard.

A few more thrusts from the top’s hot cock and the horny pup is busting all over his abs with Reign pulling out to spray him down only seconds later.Join them!

Naked and on set with a crew of cameramen capturing every moment, muscle stud Adrian Hart is ready to get dicked down by the hunky Roman Todd.

Roman’s hard cock disappears in Adrian’s open throat as Adrian swallows every inch of his scene partner.

With his dick completely stiff and ready to fuck, Roman turns Adrian over to rim his hole before barebacking him.

Adrian’s bubble butt is on full display as Roman rapidly thrusts his cock in and out of the moaning bottom.

On his back with his legs thrown in the hair, Adrian lays here rock hard with Roman’s horned-up cock showing no signs of slowing down.

A few more pumps of Roman’s meat causes Adrian to bust a load of thick nut all over his defined abs right before Roman pulls out to smother Adrian’s taint in a coat of his seed.Join them!

We are on the film set of the latest Falcon Studios gay porn movie together with black hunk Adrian Hart and ripped muscle dude Cade Maddox.

Adrian is on lying in the pool swallowing Cade’s huge thick dick right to the back of his deep throat.

The cameraman and engineer are looking on as Adrian works Cade’s massive cock savoring every inch of his man meat.

As they step indoors out of the sun, Adrian gets on all fours as Cade rims his hot asshole before he works his thick erection into Adrian’s hole getting balls deep into the sexy black stud.

CUT! Switching positions, they move from the pool and Cade inserts his fat cock deep into Adrian’s ass.

Adrian gets pumped bareback full of Cade’s award-winning cock.

Cade paints Adrian’s hole with his milk and rams his cock back in until his massive dick hits Adrian’s prostate just right, and Adrian blows a load all over his rock-hard abs…Join them!

Sexy black muscle stud Adrian Hart is showering after a stressful day, his big black dick is hard and he is jerking it frantically.

He finishes up, drys his sexy body with a towel, and heads to the bedroom where he finds Devin Franco butt naked lazing on his bed.

Adrian heads over to Devin and lands a big kiss on his lips. The sexy boys make out before Devin chows down on Adrian’s massive 8.5-inch ebony cock.

After Devin gets his throat reamed, Adrian returns the favor, licking and sucking every inch of Devin’s cock and hole.

They both take turns sucking and rimming each other until Devin is the first to get his ass plowed bareback from behind.

In a sensational flip-fuck, they switch so Adrian can feel Devin’s girth against his prostate.

Adrian’s ass is too tight and hot for Devin to handle as he shoots his load all over Adrian’s ass and licks it up.

As Adrian lays back and busts, Devin makes sure he’s there to lick up every drop he can…Join them!

We’ve all had a best friend who we’ve thought hmmm I wonder what it would be like to fuck with him.

Well, that is exactly how Adrian Hart feels about his best friend Colton Reece and it is driving him crazy.

One day when the friends are playing pool Adrian can hold off no longer and he decides to risk everything.

Pulling Colton around after taking his first shot, Adrian makes his move.

Colton is shocked at first but decides to go with it as Adrian starts to kiss him.

Pushed against the pool table, Adrian slides down to suck on Colton’s fat dick.

Colton clears the pool balls and gets his sexy best friend on the table to taste his smooth hole.

Colton joins Adrian on the table and maneuvers him face-down-ass-up, so he can give his best friend every bareback inch he craves.

Colton starts out pounding Adrian from behind, before switching his attention to sucking off Adrian and fingering his tight hole.

Colton turns up the volume relentlessly dominating his submissive best friend, flipping him around in multiple positions until Adrian is riding Colton feverishly.

When Colton’s hot creamy load rises to the surface he erupts all over Adrian’s face, and Adrian follows with a thick load all over his smooth, ripped abs…Join them!

Adrian Hart and Cazden Hunter burst into the room as tattooed young stud Clark Davis is wanking his big hard dick, edging it to the fullest.

The guys take their turns sucking down hard on Clark’s big dick. Clark returns the pleasure deepthroating both their cocks.

All three take turns being cock connoisseurs until Clark takes the next step and bends both studs over to eat out their holes.

Cazden is the first to give up his hole and Clark glides his dick in while Cazden fills his mouth with Adrian’s pole.

After Cazden’s hole takes a pounding from both cocks, Clark lines up behind Adrian to stretch his ass while Adrian keeps fucking Cazden.

The fuck train continues until Cazden sits back in a chair and takes a blast to his face and mouth from both Clark and Adrian’s rods, making sure to lap up every drop that’s leftover.

With cum down his throat, Cazden jacks off to a cummy finish that leaves him covered in cum..Join them!


Adrian Hart is finishing up a dip in the pool and lays back on a lawn chair to catch some son. When he spots Skyy Knox by the pool, Adrian walks over and drops to his knees to fill his mouth with Skyy’s uncut cock. After face-fucking Adrian by the pool, Skyy bends down to get a taste of Adrian’s massive member.

Taking it all the way to the base, ropes of spit drip from Skyy’s mouth as he deepthroats Adrian. For a bit more privacy, Skyy and Adrian head to the bedroom where Skyy throws Adrian on the bed and plants his face right in Adrian’s crack.

After eating out Adrian’s tight hole, Skyy taps his cock on Adrian’s ass, then slides his uncut, raw pole into the willing stud. Skyy pounds Adrian bareback relentlessly. Adrian loves the feeling of Skyy’s cock in his hole but wants a piece of ass himself. In a turn of events, Adrian takes control and gets Skyy on his back and ready to take his thick cock.

Skyy holds his leg in the air and takes the full length of Adrian’s raw rod in his hole. He keeps plunging his cock into Skyy until he’s ready to be stretched out some more. Skyy sits back and Adrian climbs on top to impale himself onto Skyy’s cock once again.

Switching it up again, Skyy puts Adrian back on his backside and pile-drives Adrian’s hole until Adrian can no longer hold back and erupts with a fountain of cum all over his ripped abs.

When it’s Skyy’s turn, he showers Adrian’s hole with his fresh load, then shoves his cock back in to seal the deal…Join them!

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When big muscle dude Arad Win Win first spots sexy black stud Adrian Hart swimming lengths is his swimming pool he is immediately drawn to the hot muscle bottom boy.

Bearded muscle stud Arad quickly makes a beeline towards Adrian, touching his sleek body and kissing him passionately on the lips.

Adrian drops down kissing Arad’s muscular body as he goes until he is on his knees and unleashes his big soft cock from his tight swim shorts.

With just a touch of Adrian’s mouth Arad’s big cock springs to attention pointing straight up with a huge erection.

Adrian envelopes his hard dick with his lips getting his tongue lapping at his big cockhead and swallowing it until it hits the back of his throat.

Adrian gags on Arad’s cock briefly before sucking it down even further. Arad moans with immense pleasure.

The sexy guys head indoors, to the sofa, where Adrian takes control laying flat out and imbibing the full length of Arad’s thick dick.

Adrian then sits atop Arad’s cock, reverse cowboy style, pressing his hot hole deep and deeper feeling the full force of it moving inside his ass.

Switching to a seated cowboy fuck position, Arad bounces Adrian on his hard cock as he power fucks him until he can take no more.

Adrian is so far over the edge that he cums in strong explosive spurts of jizz which coat both of these hot men. Arad then orgasms spraying his cum load all over the black beauty….Join them!

High school reunions can be stressful especially for Adrian Hart who doesn’t look forward to seeing