Chaos Men Bailey

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Bailey is a sweet local guy. He is shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he opens up.

He is into guys and tends to like dudes with a similar build and age to himself.

Bailey likes to suck dick and prefers to bottom. His favorite is getting rimmed. And, at home, he has a dildo and plugs he likes to use.

So, I made sure he had a butt-plug on hand, and he easily slides it in and was very surprised with the vibration action.

Once he got on his back, the toy did its job and made him cum quickly!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 145 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

Chaos Men Bailey gay porn scenes

These two got along quickly before the shoot. They both were cracking each other up while I was hunting down some porn that they both might like. But once I yelled, “Action!” they shifted gears immediately.

I told them to just go with it, and whoever got their cock hard first got their dick sucked first. This inspired giggles from the two, as they realized it was now a competition.

Of course, Bailey gets hard first. He a lot more relaxed on set, these days, so Landon Pierce slid down and began sucking on his cock. He is an excellent cocksucker, who paid attention to Bailey’s foreskin.

Bailey returned the favor and got Landon’s dick standing at attention.

They then 69 suck, followed by doing one of Landon’s favorite things, eating ass.

They end with Landon on his back, sucking on Bailey’s dick and balls while he stood over him. He ramped up his jerking and shot an even better load than the day before during his solo. It took him a bit of time, leaving Bailey edging his own cock, always about to blow his load.

Bailey literally shot his load seconds after Landon, and I barely got time to catch it on my close-up camera as I was doing a nice leisurely pan up Landon’s cum-soaked body when Bailey cums on Landon’s face.

This was a great pairing, and good sign that Landon is ready to take on some more dick…Join them!

Bailey is a hot young twink with dark hair and his ass is going to take slim young dude Kayden Frost’s thick dick.

Bailey was keen to get Kayden’s fat cock in his mouth, but he struggled with its girth often gagging as Kayden’s dick filled his mouth and throat to bursting.

It seemed that Bailey wouldn’t be able to take that cock when it came around to fucking. But I was supposed he had no such problems.

Kayden gets quite dominant and aggressive today as he orders the super passive Bailey about.

It is quite a sight to see Bailey with his head over the edge of the bed, trying to blow as much of Kayden’s huge dick as he can. He gives it his best shot but Kayden’s oversized member would trouble the very best of us cocksuckers.

When Kayden came to bareback fuck Bailey he opened up his ass, got his tongue in deep, and rimmed the hell out of his smooth bubble ass. After all, that lubrication Kayden’s big cock slipped in easy. Bailey was super eager for him to get in deep.

Kayden presses his dick up and down Bailey’s ass crack and it appears that this is gonna been a filler upper.

But after a few grimaces, Bailey manages to get Kayden’s cock head into his ass and then once that is done, he is goading Kayden to fuck him harder and deeper.

Kayden pulls-out and laid down so Bailey could clean and lube-up his cock. Bailey rides his cock, and it feels like this was Bailey’s favorite position.

The bare fucking continues apace with both boys enjoying themselves until Kayden gets Bailey on his back, a sure-fire way of making Bailey blow his load. Bailey doesn’t disappoint with streams of cum firing this way and that.

Next Kayden bred his Bottom’s boy hole, wedging the last of his load inside of him.

He pulls-out and straddles Bailey’s face, making him lick the last bit of his own load from his fat dick!Join them!

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