Antonio Cervone

Antonio Cervone is 24-year-old gay guy. He is super friendly, easy going, and really into the artistic side of using computers. We both geeked out while discussing computer hardware and even camera gear.

As for sex, he can top, but he really is an eager bottom. He is also an amazing cock sucker. I hear guys brag that they have certain skills, and often I don’t ever know. Well, I can vouch for Antonio’s cock-sucking skills.

Antonio was very forthcoming with what he likes in bed. He likes mature, furry, thicker dudes. He also admitted to liking dominate guys and could be very submissive. I noticed during the photos, the more bossy I got, the more turned-on he would get.

So for his video, I take total control and get him on his knees right away. I make him put a butt plug in to keep his hole happy. You can tell he is looking at my crotch through most of the beginning of the video. So I start rubbing the outline of my hard dick inches from his face.

I grabbed his hand and have him stroke it through my jeans. I thought that was all that was going to happen, but he did not stay satisfied long by rubbing me through the fabric. He quickly moved onto taking my dick out to suck. Sweet.

You can tell how happy he is by wide smile on his face. He loved be dominated and having a cock to suck on. If you love those videos where things get out of hand, this will be one for you to hold on to for your collection. He literally does open his throat, and massages your cock with it. It made me wish I had a bigger cock for him to gag on.

Thankfully I had a bigger cock on hand! I had Troi in town to do his oral, so stay tuned next to see if Antonio can take on an ‘advanced’ cock. If you like guys getting their head shaved, while they are being dominated, you are in for a treat.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 150lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Antonio Cervone scenes at Chaos Men

I wanted to put Ledger’s bossy vibe with Antonio Cervone’s passive energy. Antonio is downright subservient in this video!

Ledger always shows up to the shoots dressed real sharp, even when he is just wearing gym clothes. I have had great feedback when guys leave their shoes, shirts or socks on, so for those of you wondering why we left various clothes on, we were just trying to keep those fans happy.

Antonio starts by showing-off his stellar cock sucking skills, and even rims Ledger’s hole. I really would love to see Ledger bottom. He has that tramp stamp tattoo that always makes me wonder why he is not keener on ass play.

Regardless, he is an amazing Top and has great sensual energy. After sucking Antonio’s cock, Ledger uses his spit to lube up Antonio’s hole. Antonio helps him guide it in, then we are off and running!

My favorite is watching Antonio ride Ledger cock, reverse cowboy. I love seeing his hard cock bob up and down while he bounces on Ledger’s cock.

Ledger fucks the cum out of Antonio, then proceeds to paint his hole with his massive cum load…Join them!

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