Cameron Donald is a straight English lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with tattoos. He is 21 years old, 6’0″ tall, and enjoys rowing and gym.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: English / British

Cameron is a tall and confident young man, proud of his body, he strips off and shows it off with pride, he has one of those nice ripped bodies and one of those lively uncut talents that seems to spend most it time pointing skywards and throbbing!

Cameron Donald gay porn scenes at English Lads

We recovered this video from a lost hard drive from 2014 of Cameron Donald having a cheeky wank in his student bedroom.

When Cameron isn’t entertaining us on the website, he has another secret job as a Butler in the Buff and having just got home from work in his Butler uniform with nobody else home, Cameron decides to film himself have a wank for us….Join them!

Another young straight lad who did his first shoot over a year ago and he recently came back and wow did he make it worth our while.

He came back to do a massage shoot, but there isn’t much massaging going on, except of cocks.

John Anderson does a great job at getting his cock massaged and how hard his uncut erection, he loves it being handled for the first time by a guy.

So loving the wanking he lets Cameron Donald grab hold and suck it and John loves it his uncut cock just gets harder and harder.

After Cameron sucks him so well John grabs Cameron and wanks his first cock and looking at his face he seems to really be enjoying himself.

The lads do a great job at showing off each others holes and after all this teasing they lie back and jerk each other until they shoot.

Love it when straight men have so much fun…Join them!

Tall and blond straight hunk Josh Hesketh is trying something new today and having received in his last shoot such a good massage from Cameron Donald it is his turn to do a little work today.

So the lads show off their ripped bodies and do some wrestling and mutual wanking before Josh gets his 1st experience of cock sucking and its him doing the sucking.

For a first timer he gives Cameron pretty good head and before he also seems to enjoy getting his 1st head from a guy. The guys show off each other’s asses and then they lie back and wank each other.

Cameron wanks Josh, who shoots a massive load, shooting it over his chest, arm and bed, I think this straight lad enjoyed sucking cock for the 1st time.

Having unloaded he wanks Cameron who unloads his cum on Josh’s legs. Well done Josh, where do we go now…Join them!

Aaron Janes was a little unsure letting a lad touch his cock, but today he is a lot more relaxed about being wanked off and letting a lad suck his cock for the first time, just watch what happens.

He is clearly getting enormous pleasure from a blow job and Cameron Donald does a great job at keeping Aaron in some heights of pleasure. After so much fun Cameron helps Aaron show off his slightly hairy hole and it gets some great exposure.

Cameron sucks some more on Aaron, who just pulls faces of pleasure and its not long before he is wanked off to an amazing cum shot, Aaron shooting it all over his chest, neck and arms! Wow that was quite an explosion, not a bad effort for his 1 man blow job…Join them!

Sam Hansworth is a young straight boxer who can’t believe he agreed for someone else to be in his shoot. One minute you get those furrowed eye brows and mean look like he is ready to give you a right hook and the next he smiles.

Sam is both a boxer and a personal trainer and this young man’s body is both firm and smooth and he enjoys getting Cameron Donald’s soothing massage. Judging by how hard his uncut cock is when he rolls over he doesn’t mind his man muscle being messaged.

Sam is rock hard and his cock is thick and through out the whole shoot he hardly touches his own uncut cock, Cameron bringing him off til he cums. Well done Sam, that was quite easy…Join them!

Two young straight lads are always great to shoot and with Cameron Donald being such a cheeky young lad he makes it easy for our other models to perform to their best.

A playful start with them comparing bodies, Cameron might just have the edge on muscle size, Andrew Hayden has the edge on definition and for sure on hairiness.

This is one hair young blond who enjoys showing off his body and Cameron shows him the way to sucking cock good; Andrew gives it a go and what a great job Cameron tells us he did even showing he to can use his tongue while sucking.

Some relaxed and casual fun with the lads showing off each other’s holes. All the teasing and wanking and Andrew blows first with some impressive squirts, just a few seconds later and Cameron unloads a near equally impressive load.

Great job Cameron at showing Andrew how to suck cock…Join them!

This is one of those shoots I had been waiting to do, see straight lad Cameron Donald fucked by Jack Windsor’s great big uncut cock. What a lot of fun the lads have, they know each other real well and enjoyed themselves during the shoot teasing each other throughout the shoot.

To break the ice Jack goes in for a kiss and the lads are soon sucking cock and wanking each other and before you know it Cameron is sat astride Jack, slowly easing down his pole.

Jack’s cock isn’t one of those you can sit straight down on and Cameron is finding it quite hard, but before you know it he has all of Jack’s 8 inches of uncut cock right inside.

Jack fucks Cameron real energetic and his hole is given a right good workout before Jack cums on Cameron! Great shoot lads, two straight lads having gay sex…Join them!

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