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Aiden Asher and Jay Tee are two fair-skinned dudes whose chemistry is electric right from the off.

Jay is the more dominant guy and he pushes Aiden’s mouth down to service his already fully erect dick.

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They 69 suck each other, but Jay Tee was ready to pull the plug, literally, on Aiden and get his own cock inside.

I especially liked when Jay Tee was doing push-ups into Aiden’s ass.

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Rather, it hit his jock perfectly, leaving a cum soaked jockstrap on the floor….Join them!

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Hottie young stud Michael Boston starts making out with young twink Aiden Asher kissing passionately and exploring each others’ sexy bodies with their hands and mouths.

As they undress Michael sucks Aiden’s nipples before Aiden releases Michael’s big thick cock from his underwear sucking down hard on it till he chokes hitting the back of his throat.

Michael forces his huge erect dick in and out of Aiden’s willing mouth as he works his tongue up and down its full length.

As Aiden is on all fours on the bed blowing Michael, Jax Thirio appears parting young Aiden’s ass cheeks licking his tongue up and down his ass crack, getting it deep into the twinks tight boy hole.

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Hot sexy young stepbrothers Apollo Fates, Aiden Asher, and Jesse Bolton are relaxing in the warmth of the jacuzzi.

The boys are all horny and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

At first, they start to kiss and make out before Apollo releases Jesse’s erect cock from his swim shorts, sucking on it hard while Aiden looks on longingly.

Apollo then switches sucking giving Aiden’s big dick a tongue washing as he moans with pleasure.

Together the boys blow Apollo’s hard cock licking his huge length and polishing his big cockhead.

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Sexy stepbrothers Jesse Bolton and Aiden Asher are relaxing outdoors next to the pool and planning to have a big house party now that their mom and dad are away for the weekend.

Without warning their older cousin Apollo Fates arrives saying he is in charge and will look after the young boys.

Apollo wants to do a spot of sunbathing and asks the boys if they will help him with applying his suntan lotion.

He strips down to his tight swimming shorts as the boys get to work using their hands to spread the lotion all over his firm muscled body.

All the hand action seems to have excited Apollo’s soft uncut cock which is now rock hard and tenting his swimshorts.

Jesse and Aiden get turned on seeing Apollo’s huge erect dick and already have their hands in their pants massaging their awakening big young dicks.

The boys both get on their knees and take turns sucking on Apollo’s hard cock before baring their asses and getting Apollo to rim them getting his tongue in deep.

First Jesse gets both his holes bare fucked by Apollo and Aidens’ raw dicks.

Aiden is close to orgasm and shoots his cum load all over Jesse’s body quickly followed by Apollo who sprays them with his jizz….Join them!

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