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Short SummarySometimes Jack Andram can be a little careless when it comes to his gym clothes. It’s not uncommon after a hard workout for him to just strip off his sweaty stuff and just drop it to the floor, much to the annoyance of Coach Draven Navarro

Full StorySometimes the boys can be a little careless when it comes to their gym clothes. It’s not uncommon after a hard workout for them to just strip off their sweaty stuff and leave it on the floor on their way to the showers.

That’s just fine by Coach Navarro. He secretly likes finding these cast-offs… they smell like hot gym twink! That’s how he got into this sticky situation.

Coach was tidying up after helping Jack Andram with his workout. He found a smelly, sweaty jockstrap lying around on the floor. It was still warm, so it had to be Jack’s!

Coach flopped back onto the couch and held the elastic right to his face. Smells like twink. He couldn’t help but touch his own cock while deeply inhaling the fresh manly scent.

Coach is well-versed in sniffing twink jock and can usually keep this scent-filled secret to himself. But today, Jack came back to ask Coach a training question and saw Coach Navarro in the middle of touching himself while breathing through Jack’s jock!

Caught in the act!

At this point, Coach figures the best way to keep this to themselves is to bring Jack into his fantasy. Coach licks Jack’s twink cock through his gym shorts until he starts to get good and hard.

Coach’s fingers can be rough on the workout equipment, but here he’s tender and caring as he brings Jack’s dick out for air. Coach wraps his lips around Jack’s swollen sword and swallows for all he’s worth.

Jack loves this extra attention he’s getting! Coach is something of a cock-worshiper, so he takes his time with Jack’s hard throbber. He licks and sucks, going back and forth between the long shaft and the low-hanging scrotum fruit.

Jack’s eyes roll back into his head. Coach is now picking up on a second smell, the mixture of soap and sweat! This makes Coach dive even deeper into Jack’s crotch!

Jack is so turned on by Coach’s masterful jock worship that he’s got to get off. And Coach knows just the way.

He rolls onto his back so Jack can take that big dick of his and ram it right up Coach’s hole! Coach melts as the boycock enters him. His sighs and gasps at being so skillfully fucked get higher and faster with every one of Jack’s pumps.

The hairy hole is giving Jack as much pleasure as Coach is getting. Coach gets up on his knees so Jack can pound him doggy-style. Coach hears the pleasure in Jack’s voice as he heads for a huge climax.

Jack pulls out and squirts all over Coach’s hairy ass! Jack nearly collapses from the release. Coach stands and pulls his protege in close for a post-cum kiss. Now they both have a reason to go hit the showers… together.Join them!

Watching a boy turning into a man always fills me with a sense of pride and wonderment.

Pride because, as their coach, Draven Navarro, I know I’ve helped to give them the wherewithal to realize their physical potential.

Take Jack Andram, for example, A year ago, he was gawky, skinny as a rake, and pretty uncoordinated. We got him on a better diet, started working on his fitness levels, introduced him to the benefits of lifting weights, and now he’s the best pitcher on the team.

I had him in my office this afternoon. I was putting him through his paces, trying to get him back to peak fitness after a winter off. I’m working on his abs at the moment and was sitting on his feet while he did a bunch of sit-ups.

We kissed so beautifully. His lips are soft and full. His breath was minty fresh. I was instantly addicted.

I stood him up so that the impressive bulge developing in his shorts was right up against my face. He was just out of the shower, so smelt real clean and fresh, but there was the merest hint of manly musk about him which made me just wanna whip out his dick and suck the horny fucker dry!

I pulled down his shorts and pulled his meat out of the side of his jock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick so impressive on a guy his age and stature. It’s gotta be at least eight inches of prime beef and it was so hard it stood almost flat against his stomach.

Then, to cap everything, he’s got these low-hanging balls, no doubt bursting with juicy semen. I literally couldn’t wait to take things to the next level.

I stood up, pushed my shorts down, and, as we started to kiss again, our cocks started to touch – almost like two magnets being drawn to each other.

I got back onto my knees and started to tease and tickle the boy with my tongue, running my fat lips up and down his shaft and getting his heavy nut sack into my mouth.

I sat down on the couch and he sucked me for long enough for me to start wondering if he was expecting me to top him. Much as I’m sure that tight, teenaged hole of his would have felt really special wrapped around my dick, there was no way I was gonna let him leave without fucking me.

With that giant member of his rock hard and pointing to the ceiling, I indicated for him to sit down on the couch, turning my back to him, squatting, and then slowly lowering myself down onto his dick.

The sensation nearly took my breath away. It was definitely the gift that kept on giving.

Every time I thought he was fully inside me, it felt like he pushed another half-inch in. And before I’d got myself used to the feeling of it in my guts, he started to thrust it in and out.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a real struggle to begin with. But after I’d relaxed into his rhythm, the sensation was one of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Every time I glanced down at him, I could see he was red-faced and gritting his teeth, obviously completely committed to his task of breeding my hole!

We changed positions so that I was on my back on the couch, legs in the air, with him banging me from the front, looking down at me with those huge, hazel, beautiful eyes.

He jerked me off as he slammed his cock in and out. His fist gilded effortlessly up and down my shaft which was now soaking wet with pre-cum and his spit.

I was desperate to keep his dick inside me at all costs. It felt like the most remarkable fit for my ass, like its shape, girth and length has been tailor-made for my profound pleasure!

The noises that were coming out of my mouth were something else, an animalistic blend of grunting, whimpering, roaring, and hyperventilation.

Then Jack leaned over me and started to really pound. I could tell he was close and heard myself begging for his cum.

I wanted it inside me. I wanted him to baste me internally.

I could feel his big load throbbing into me, one giant squirt after another. And then he laid back in my arms, catching his breath, heartbeat slowly returning to a normal rate. Transition to manhood complete!Join them!

Coach Draven Navarro started working with the college baseball team about a month ago and quickly realized that his most talented player was under-performing. The problem, he deduced, was a lack of confidence.

Young Myott Hunter is a naturally gifted sportsman. He’s tall, lithe, and has great instincts, but a lack of self-belief is holding him back.

The coach has studied the psychology of sportsmen and wants to explore a radical technique – based on light hypnosis – which he hopes will install some confidence in the handsome boy.

Navarro invites Myott to his office and gets the boy feeling relaxed on the couch. It takes a few minutes of deep breathing to get the boy into a frame of mind where he can finally begin to think like a hero.

The technique is plainly working but the atmosphere rapidly becomes sexually charged. Myott begins to touch himself, and Navarro’s meat starts to swell uncontrollably in his shorts.

Within minutes, the coach finds himself massaging the young player’s groin; gently encouraging Myatt to embrace the innate power of his beautiful dick.

Moments later, Navarro climbs onto the couch and presents his beefy ass to the boy. It turns out the boy’s sexual instincts are every bit as refined as his sporting prowess. Myott has never been with a man before, but soon has his intuitive tongue lodged firmly inside the coach’s ass, instantly understanding what he needs and how he’s gonna get it…

Myott sits on the couch and spreads his legs provocatively, his rock-hard dick pointing at the ceiling. The invitation is impossible to refuse and Navarro eagerly sits down on the boy’s lap, allowing Myott’s beautiful meat to slowly sink into his muscular hole.

Myott is a natural when it comes to anal penetration. His strokes are slow and grinding and the coach is rapidly transported into a state of pure sexual bliss.

Navarro climbs onto all fours so that the boy can kneel between his legs and bang him with force. Myott grabs the waistband of Navarro’s jockstrap and thrusts powerfully, gaining more inner confidence with each authoritative stroke.

The boy groans deeply as he orgasms, depositing a huge quantity of semen into his coach’s stomach. Now if that doesn’t get the boy believing more in himself, nothing will!Join them!

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The concluding episode of Mr. Pam’s Next Stop Vegas features Draven Navarro, Drew Dixon, Johnny Hill in a steaming hot threesome.

The stakes are high in Sin City, and their dreams are bigger.

Who’s going to come out on top?Join them!

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The handsome and trim Jong Master was all over Isaac X and Draven Navarro when they were cast together for Jong’s first-ever gay porn scene.

Jong Master’s ass gets one hell of a workout because Isaac and Draven don’t give him a break.

They take turns fucking him down his throat and up his ass.

At one point when Draven is balls deep in the Asian bottom, Isaac is kissing his feet.

And when he’s not enjoying some foot action, Isaac is also face fucking Jong.Join them!

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Draven Navarro is practicing his Tennis skills with his young sexy Tennis Coach Andy Taylor.

When Draven injures his shoulder in a backhand swing, it is young Andy who helps him massage it better.

As Andy kneels before him he unleashes Draven’s huge cock from his Tennis shorts, sucking it down to the back of his young throat.

Draven then parts Andy’s smooth butt cheeks forcing his erect cock deep into his tight virgin asshole.

Andy loves the feeling of Draven’s big black cock moving inside him as he pumps little Andy’s hole getting his dick balls deep.

As Draven bareback fucks Andy’s hole he shoots precum as Andy moans loudly.

The hardcore anal fucking continues until both Draven and Andy are close to orgasm.

Draven increases the intensity of his raw cock fucking until Andy can hold on no longer and he sprays his jizz load all over himself.

The sight of his cumshot drives Draven over the edge and she showers the young lad’s asshole with his cum before fucking the load back inside his cute smooth butt hole….Join them!

What does one do while laying out and bored?

Icon Male newcomer Johnny B is basking in the sun and feeling pretty confident about himself, all while Draven Navarro is hard at work on his to-do list.

Draven can’t help but notice Johnny’s bubble butt soaking up all those rays, and Johnny can’t help notice a hot muscular straight man on a ladder hard at work.

When confronted about his peeping ways, Draven nervously gives in to his sexual desires as Johnny seduces this straight man in Sunny Seduction…Join them!

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Flat-Earther Ricky Larkin and his re-virginized bride want a wedding cake made by ‘The Gays’ to show themselves how open-minded they are.

Jake Nicola has no choice but to take the order because in America ‘we have to serve everyone equally.’

Beaux Banks sabotages their big day by delivering an ugly dollar store sheet cake.

A furious and sexually frustrated Ricky storms the shop in his tuxedo demanding retribution from cashier Draven Navarro, who’s unaware of the prank.

Ricky lets slip the truth his wife has been holding out until the wedding, and now he’ll never get laid.

Before Draven knows what’s happening, Ricky is slapping full heavy balls on his chin as he fucks Draven’s face, demanding satisfaction.

The grumpy groom likes Draven’s skills and his tux comes off to reveal a hairy, jacked bod.

Ricky’s cock slams Draven’s tight muscle hole bareback and milks out every last drop of seed from the straight stud’s sack…Join them!

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Tattooed, and beefy Jason Collins loves playing with buff Draven Navarro’s nipples, and worshipping his hard body.

Good-looking Draven can hardly contain his emerging erection from all of the attention his nips are getting, but he’s ready for some more action as he gets on all fours to blow Jason’s fat cock before taking all of it up his big, perky ass…Join them!


Beefcake Draven Navarro is back at it again and he’s ready for athletic hunk Zane to fuck and smash his bubble butt. Brown-haired Draven slobbers all over Zane’s thick cock before mounting his dick and riding it hard until they both explode all over…Join them!

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