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After a long weekend of running around playing soccer, Jean and I decided to stay in to start the week.

We woke up late and didn’t leave the bed.

Jean looked so good in his pajamas but looked much better out of them.

I took them off and started sucking his cock, knowing that it was just the beginning of getting inside his sweet bottom hole.

Jean licked and sucked my dick until I was hard and thick.

That’s when I flipped him on his side and got a good taste of his hairy hole.

A few minutes was all I needed.

He jumped on top of me, slid down my pole, and started bouncing up and down.

I pounded his ass all over the bed until we both nutted.

Damn, I love lazy days.

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Sexy young boy Antony Carter’s huge uncut dick barebacking hot cute dude Ollie Barn’s bubble ass.

When two gorgeous and super horny young guys get together anything can happen, but stiff-dicked BoyFun is what we all imagine and that’s exactly what we get in this hot bareback play session with Ollie Barn and Antony Carter.

Danny Junior is probably going to regret getting handsome lad Antony all worked up on the couch before having to run and leaving his hard-cocked buddy in the company of gamer boy Ollie.

Antony isn’t scared to turn his attention immediately to his other friend, seeking relief for his throbbing erection. Young Ollie might not have been involved in instigating his pal’s erection but he’s more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity now that Danny is out of the picture.

And so begins and incredibly hot session of penis pleasure between the two boys, revealing their lithe and lean bodies while they suck and lick each other’s drooling cocks, slurping the hard and warm meat sprouting from between their thighs.

With some licking and fingering of young Ollie’s hole Antony is soon getting the relief he needs, plunging his raw rod deep into his buddy and fucking him from behind before giving young Ollie an amazing ride on his joystick.

As Antony’s desperation to cum takes over and their rampant ramming leads to their creamy conclusion the fit top takes his pal on his back and rams it home, finishing with a spurting load of cum from Ollie’s uncut shaft and a messy delivery unleashed from Antony’s tip to decorate his chest.

We don’t know what game Ollie was playing, but he definitely scored big.

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Sexy young twink Ollie Barn’s huge uncut dick barebacking hottie boy Tyler Scott’s bubble butt.

Prepare to set sail on a new BoyFun adventure with captain Tyler Scott and his sexy young deck hand Ollie Barn. Okay, there’s no actual sailing involved, and this deck hand is about to become a hard dicked hand, but you get the idea.

Little Ollie is busy slaving away sweeping the dock when he catches the attention of smooth and sexy Tyler on the boat, and soon enough the sailor is inviting him aboard with a tempting and teasing display.

Young Ollie is more than happy to take a break from his hard laboring and to trade his sweeping skills for some boner slurping.

In no time at all their clothes are gone and their solid masts are being lovingly licked and sucked, the two sailor boys swapping their meaty poles in a delicious display that any passing pirate would love to join.

The tanned captain of this vessel can’t wait to have his booty plundered, with his ass out while he leans against the ladder. Ollie dives right in, plunging his pecker naked and deep, buggering his new buddy with all the skill of a randy sailor suck at sea for too long.

The boat is ready to rock when Ollie leans back to give Tyler a ride on his oar, the motion of the ocean taking them quickly to a foamy finish.

With his mouth waiting for the tasty reward Tyler finally gets the cream he craved from his young charge, the taste of his seaman’s semen encouraging his own cannon to launch a volley of milky mess over the cabin floor.

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Oliver Morgenson’s tight virgin asshole fucked by sexy young stud Ollie Barn’s massive uncut cock.

Playful twinks Ollie and Oliver might start out with a little pillow fighting and wrestling on the couch, but with their eager young cocks hardening up in all the excitement the two are soon dropping their weapons for some tasty BoyFun.

With some sexy smooches Oliver’s long uncut penis is produced from his pajamas and his pal wastes no time popping the delicious hooded tip between his lips.

These two young guys sure know how to have fun during a sleepover. With Oliver’s pink shaft wet and dribbling precum the two share some kinky foot wanking play, but it’s not long before Oliver is tugging down his friend’s pajama pants to get a taste of Ollie’s juicy dong.

With pricks proud and their hunger to fuck taking over Oliver presents his perfect little rump for his pal to lick and slurp, a pleasure young Ollie is more than eager to provide.

All it takes is some slippery laps of his pucker and Oliver is ready for his friend’s bareback length to slide right in, filling him up from behind before the two share a spooning.

Ollie pumps his pal with his raging penis while Oliver rubs and tugs his perfect dick, his balls loaded and swinging with every thrust until their need to spurt takes over.

Oliver’s semen bursts from his hooded helmet to splash all over his smooth body, quickly triggering young Ollie’s cream as he furiously wanks his meat and doubles the creamy goo pumped over his pal.

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Cute teen Ollie Barn is quite impressive, boldly walking through town with his shirt open and his fit young body on display for all who care to glance. He has an appointment to keep and a very horny twink to receive an intense rub down from, but of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some hard-dicked boy fun.

John Crawford is ready and waiting for him, his hands on his bare flesh within moments of his arrival. Clearly, the sporty 18-year-old needs a little relief and with his friend’s palms and fingers exploring his body, it’s not long before his ass is out and he’s flipping over to produce one of the most impressive teen cocks.

His perfect penis is quite thick and most definitely delicious, which John can attest to. The masseur licks and sucks the swollen length, slurping on his plump round tip, enjoying the taste of the boy’s precum.

While Ollie might have arrived hoping to be the center of attention he can’t help but return the favor once his hung pal’s incredible dong is revealed. He has the skills to properly work John’s tool with equal gusto, before turning his attention to his host’s naked little pucker.

With his tongue warmed up he laps and tickles John’s hole, getting it ready for his urgent teen erection to slide inside, raw and throbbing.

He pumps his pal from behind and gives the boy an amazing ride, but with John on his back and wanking his own huge meat it’s not long before the smooth boy is doused in hot cock cream from both desperate dicks.Join them!

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