Dylan Anderson

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Hottie young bottom stud Rory Hayes’s bare asshole raw fucked by Dylan Anderson’s huge uncut cock.

I recently got my sexy mates Dylan Anderson and Rory Hayes over for their second shoot together.

I’ve been keeping both of them busy over the past year.

I really wanted to see them together again.

We met up over at the hotel where the guys picked out jockstraps to start the shoot. There’s a lot of kissing and teasing as they strip each other naked in the photo shoot.

But I could see that Rory was getting super excited.

So I stopped the photo shoot so we could move on to making a new video.

After sucking on Dylan’s cock he backs up on his hot mate.

Dylan happily slides his cock deep into Rory’s bum and starts riding him on the bed.

When I see the look on Rory’s face I’m not sure he’s gonna be able to hold off from blowing much longer.

I love watching Dylan and Rory together.

They get along really well and love making porn.

I’m excited about the new scenes coming up for them this summer.Join them!

Sexy gay young Aussie threesome Benny Fox, Byron Atwood and Dylan Anderson’s big uncut dick anal.

The most fun shoot of the year is here.

I lined up my mates Benny Fox, Byron Atwood, and Dylan Anderson to get dressed up for our annual Christmas 3-way shoot.

The boys were pretty keen to get our new mate Benny into a Santa Claus and Elf sandwich.

And I gotta say, Byron looks so dam cute in his elf outfit.

Though he reckons it makes him look like Peter Pan.

We start out taking some photos with the guys pulling off Benny’s underwear and feeding him their cocks.

They were getting really horny.

So I changed to the video camera to catch them taking turns, fucking Benny on the bed.

Eventually blowing a load of cum in his face.

They look so happy and satisfied as they lay spent on the bed.

The photos and the video look great! And the boys had a lot of fun making this one.

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A few weeks before the start of the Southern winter, I introduced our hottie young mates Rory Hayes and Dylan Anderson before we all headed over to the studio for their first shoot together.

I’m getting a lot of requests from the guys to shoot with our new mate Rory.

And after watching their video again today I can see why.

After taking a load of shots of the guys making out and stripping naked during the photoshoot they were ready to make one of the hottest videos of the year.

Rory was quick to get into Dylan’s underwear before starting sucking on his huge young dick and licking and kissing his feet.

I can see by the look on his face that Dylan loves all this attention.

Rory is rewarded with a huge cum load sprayed across his face.

I knew that my mates Dylan and Rory were going to make a hot couple.Join them!

Sexy Aussie boys Nate Anderson and Dylan Anderson headed out for a road trip and along the way, we managed to get some brilliant video of the horny boys stripping and wanking their massively thick uncut dicks outdoors in Australia over the summer.

This road trip with Nate and Dylan is one of my favourite days of summer.

What was just a drive out through regional Victoria turned into one of the most fun shoots.

We found this remote location down by a creek on this super hot day to get some nude photos.

Nate is getting really turned on as he poses with his fat cock out on top of the car.

We followed with some photos of our hung mate taking a skinny dip in the cool water with a huger boner dripping with pre-cum.

I love these outdoor naked shoots where the sexy Aussie boys let it all hang out.

Nate finishes up his shoot by getting sucked off by Dylan on the back of the car in his latest video.

What a perfect way to end out day out down by the creek.Join them!

I wanted to get our mates Dylan Anderson and Nate Anderson together for one more shoot before we started our winter break.

The guys made a really hot video in their first shoot together last year.

Since I was spending a few days in the spa suite I wanted to get the guys over for some speedo shots in the hot tub.

Well, the speedos didn’t stay on very long as the guys started kissing and fooling around in the hot water.

The photos of the guys making out in the tub look great.

But wait till you see the video of Nate riding on Dylan’s cock.

They dry off and head to the bed where Dylan keeps hammering Nate until he blows his load across the bed.

I knew they would have fun making a new video.

And I’m glad we got the chance to do it before the break.Join them!

I love all these re-match shoots we’ve been having this year.

Getting some of our popular mates for a second shoot together.

One of my favorite couplings from the past was when Dylan Anderson met our sexy mate Sam Sivahn.

When I heard that Sam was moving back to the city I quickly lined him up for a few shoots, including this one with Dylan.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other during the photo shoot.

Even when I left the studio to grab something, I returned to find Sam sucking on Dylan’s cock.

The action between these guys is really hot.

I love the look on Sam’s face as Dylan pounds him from behind.

The guys are very popular with members and our mates.

I will be shooting a lot more with them this year.Join them!

I’ve been shooting with these guys for the past couple of years.

But this is the first time Zak Bray and Dylan Anderson have met for their first shoot together.

It’s always really exciting when our mates first meet.

I know that Dylan was very excited about teaming up with the very handsome Zak.

It was late in summer and the day was sunny and warm.

So we decided to start the shoot out on the roof.

I was expecting only some posing and kissing shots out there.

But when I saw Zak pulling Dylan’s shorts down, I knew our rooftop shoot was about to go much further.

The guys got along really well and their photos on the roof, and back in the studio look great.

But wait till you see the video of the guys going at it on the bed.

Now that we are heading into winter in Australia this shoot makes me miss those days of getting naked outside.Join them!

Sexy Aussie dudes Dylan Anderson and Nate Anderson (no relation) got together just before the winter season for a friendly fun shoot.

Nate Anderson is a new guy who started here at the start of the year whereas Dylan Anderson is well known and been partnered with loads of my mates.

We tried to star the shoot outdoors but the cold wind kept knocking the tripods over so we headed indoors to the warmth.

The boys newly defrosted got along like a house on fire.

The guys got along really well during the photo shoot. They were making out before the shoot started.

I got some great photos of the guys getting each other naked. But it’s the video that you must take a look at.

Nate loves getting hammered by Dylan and so many different positions.

And his reward is a face full of cum at the end.

I just knew these guys were going to get along really well….Join them!

Hot Aussie Dylan Anderson and sexy American stud Billy Bones meet for the second time when Billy was trapped in Australia due to the closure of the borders. It was our luck of course.

We’ve made sure he has kept busy.

The guys actually got on very well right from the off.

They started making out even before I was ready with the cameras.

The horny guys ripped at each others’ clothes.

Dylan grabbed the back of Billy’s jeans and pulled hard exposing his bare ass.

Dylan parted his ass cheeks, getting his tongue deep between his meaty ass cheeks.

I got some great shots of the guys naked and playing with each other. This was great foreplay for the sexy fucking video that came next….Join them!

Dylan Anderson returns for a visit to us today.

He arrives in a pair of Australian football shorts which become soaking wet when he jumps in the shower.

Dylan is no stranger to us as he has filmed a number of sexy scenes with us over the last few years.

Dylan is a greedy top and loves to fuck his bottoms hard and bottoms love his no-nonsense fucking style.

Today he flies solo and we get to see his big crotch bulge in his footy shorts hiding his huge uncut dick.

As he turns around we see his big muscled butt.

We did not shoot a video when we took these photos so Dylan happily made a workout and jack-off video at home to share with you.

I’m looking forward to shooting many more videos with him over this coming summer in Australia….Join him!

We’ve managed to get a lot of hot film with some of our visiting American gay porn star Billy Bones.

Just as we headed into the southern hemisphere winter I arranged for Billy and our mate Dylan Anderson.

I could have predicted that these guys would get along well.

Before I started the camera rolling the sexy boys in just their Speedos were already making out in the hot tub.

The guys quickly lost their swimwear as they mucked about with each other during the whole photoshoot.

But it’s in the video where the action gets really hot.

There’s a lot of kissing, cock sucking, and rimming in the hot tub before the guys dry off and head over to the bed.

Dylan goes all out fucking our sexy new mate in different positions around the room.

I’d say this is one of the best videos of the year as these guys forget they’re being filmed and get right into it.

What a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon in Australia…Join them!

I have finally teamed up two of my best mates. Both Dylan Anderson and Sarpa Van Rider have appeared in a bunch of shoots in the past, but this is the first time they are meeting up.

They had talked about hooking up before so I knew they were going to get along very well. We started with some fun shots out in the lane way while the guys got acquainted. But back in the studio things got hot and heavy.

There’s a lot of kissing and teasing in this shoot as the guys undress each other. Sarpa is priming Dylan’s cock so he can get fucked in the video. I love watching these guys go at it until they are spent.

Dylan and Sarpa’s shoot is just a sign of the hot action we have coming up as the summer season of shooting in Australia has just begun…Join them!

My mates Dylan Anderson and Layton Charles started shooting scenes with me last summer. They have both appeared in a bunch of hot shoots with our mates.

But this is the first time I gotten them in to a shoot together. And I’m glad I did because they got along really well. In fact I had to keep interrupting their passionate session to get these photos. I took a load of photos on the day including these shots in the hot tub. So we quickly moved on to making a video, which also started in the hot tub.

The guys are out of their speedos quickly as I started filming the action. I follow them out of the tub as the guys move to the bed for some hot fucking action. I love shooting with Dylan and Layton.

And I’m happy to report that they have become really good mates since this session. I am hoping to get them back in for a rematch this coming summer….Join them!

It’s been a super busy year of matching up our hot mates for new photo shoots and videos. And with so many guys wanting to come back for more I have produced a tonne of new scenes. Last night I loaded up this shoot between our sexy mates Dylan Anderson and French twink Brock Matthews. This is Brock’s 3rd shoot, and Dylan was in a load of videos last summer too.

This is one of the more passionate shoots as the guys start making out on the couch while I am getting the cameras ready. Dylan is really happy with the French bottom boy I have set him up with and can’t wait for the video to start.

I’ve had fun shooting with these guys in their previous shoots. So I knew this scene was going to work out really well. The fucking in the video is amazing. I almost had trouble keeping up with the guys in the end as they moved around the room, fucking on different pieces of furniture.

Dylan fucks like an animal and doesn’t stop until he has gotten his partner off. I love watching him in action. Brock seemed pretty pleased at the end too….Join them!

Ever since our muscly mate James Nowak started modelling with me 3 years ago, I have had a lot of requests too get him playing with some of my other mates. Of course there is no shortage of guys wanting to get in to a shoot with James.

Dylan Anderson asked me last summer about gettinga shoot with James, so I set it up. Now I should say that James normally does solo shoots, and this will be his third couple shoot. Dylan was pretty excited when I set it up.

Since the guys had not met before I started the shoot with shots in the city laneways so the guys could get to know each other a little more before going to the studio. Back in the studio things got a lot more heated with Dylan pulling out James fat uncut dick and sucking it deep into his mouth. James is loving all the attention.

I didn’t want them to go too far during the photoshoot so I changed to the video camera to catch the guys stripping each other naked and getting each other off on the bed. I like how James makes Dylan cum by force fucking his mouth.

I gotta say that it’s nice to see James getting back into a hot action video again….Join them!

It made perfect sense to introduce my sexy mates Damien Dyson and Dylan Anderson to each other. Dylan was very keen to do more shoots after we met late last year.

And when Damien returned to Melbourne it was perfect timing to get the boys together. They had already been checking each other out on the website and we totally up for shooting together. And it was obvious from the beginning of the shoot that they were really into each other.

We took a load of the photos getting in my building’s stairwell as we headed up to the studio. Dylan couldn’t stop pulling out Damien’s big uncut dick. The photoshoot was a lot of fun. But we all knew that this was just the foreplay for the video we were abut to make.

There’s a lot of passionate kissing and a lot of cock sucking in the boys first video. Dylan then pulled out the fleshlights and started working on Damien’s fat cock. It’s gotta be one of the horniest couple videos on Bentley Race. They really had fun getting each other off.

Both Damien and Dylan have become popular mates with our members. They are two of our most requested mates and they are coming back for more scenes with our mates…Join them!

I have shot a few scenes with Jesse Carter in the past year, but this is Dylan Anderson’s first action video with our mates. These guys are the perfect hook up.

They are from different towns in Australia and had not met before. But they picked each other out in their wish list of shoot partners.

Both Jesse and Dylan are really sweet Aussie boys and I knew they would get along well together. So I invited them both around to the studio for an introduction and a fun shoot together.

The photo session went really well with the guys kissing, stripping each other naked and sucking on each others dicks. The photo look great! But it’s the video they were really keen to move on to.

So we start clothed again so we can capture all the action from start to finish. I had no idea was was about to happen.

And it turns out this was the best plan because Jesse and Dylan were so horny that they ended up taking turns fucking each other. And the positions they get into were so hot.

I think these guys are going to two of my favourite mates performing this year. After making one of the hottest videos to start off 2018, I will be getting them back in again soon…Join them!

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