Brad Hunter

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Brad Hunter gay porn scenes at Bentley Race

Hottie young Aussie dude Brad Hunter’s in just his socks and undies wanking his huge uncut dick This week, my lovely friend Brad Hunter returns for this mid-winter photo shoot. I brought Brad over while I was doing a bunch of photos at a hotel in the city. It’s true that he has been quite fit lately. Brad is always a pleasure to shoot with, and his images and films always turn out fantastic. In this sequence, I have him taking down his tiny shorts and tank top. He’s leaning forward to display his amazing little bum, and I can see his enormous cock becoming bigger. His final video, in which he blows his load hands-free on a pillow, really amazed me. Brad surprises me every time. Join them!
Young ripped Aussie hottie Brad Hunter bathtime wanks spraying jizz all over his sexy body. You can tell by now that I can’t get enough of shooting with my cute mate Brad Hunter. My only challenge is to find new things for him to do and places to shoot in. Brad is always keen to show off naked wherever we go. Over winter I spent some time shooting in a city hotel. This one had a great bathroom with a bathtub surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views of the city. I think the neighboring buildings would have had a nice view of Brad too. On this early morning, I got Brad showing off in a skimpy speedo before jumping naked in the bubble bath. He’s looking super in this shoot. As he shows off his soapy bottom his big cock starts to grow. I like the photos from this set a lot. I’m looking forward to getting my handsome mate Brad over again this summer. Check out all of Brad Hunter’s scorching hot naked hardcore sex videos here.Join them!
Last week I caught up with my cute mate Brad Hunter for a cheeky mid-winter shoot. I’m not normally shooting here in Melbourne in the middle of winter. But I wanted to try something different with the boys this year. Starting with Brad we did this sexy hotel room shoot. Brad loves showing off his bum. His big dick got hard right away when I had to bend him over to show off his bum in a jockstrap. I also got to play with his pulsating cock as we started making a new video. His cock is really fat and splits open a fleshlight as he starts wanking his cock in his new video. I’m really happy to have Brad modeling with us again this year. I can’t wait to see what new scenes he gets into over the coming months.Join them!
Since he first appeared on Bentley Race Brad Hunter has remained a top fan favourite and is one of the most popular dudes with all my other mates. He’s been taking a bit of a break and it’s has been a few months since we last saw him so I invited him over last week for a new hot photo and video shoot. I love working with Brad as he is always fun and making these strip show shoots is always a horny affair. In this shoot, Brad started out in a crop top with little shorts and long socks. And the strip show begins. I still think Brad has one of the best little bums of all my mates. And one of the biggest uncut cocks too. He always gets rock hard when he’s showing off his bum. If you haven’t checked out my mate Brad yet, make sure you take a look at his hot outdoor videos too.Join them!
With everything going on this summer I’ve not had much chance to meet up with my sexy young mate Brad Hunter. We’ve seen already seen a huge number of new hotties, so Brad fell down the run list but we managed to get together for this one shoot. Brad our super straight mate from the suburbs of Melbourne just loves showing off naked on camera. His cock always starts growing whenever he starts showing off his perky little bottom. We had fun taking these photos. Afterward, I gave Brad the video camera while I wanked his huge cock in a fleshlight. I love licking Brad’s bum and teasing his cock until he cums. He blows a lot too. I’m looking forward to making some new photos and videos with Brad this year.Join them!
Now Summer is finally here in Australia we decided to shoot outdoors in nature with my young sexy mate Brad Hunter. He and I drove out to the bush for a naked photoshoot and video. We managed to find a deserted picnic area which was just the right location. We both got to work quickly as Brad strips off his clothes showing off his sexy body and huge uncut dick. There was one point when a family disturbed us driving past in their car, they didn’t see much so we quickly moved on with Brad jerking his thick dick. I got involved sucking his massive erection as well as a little Fleshlight fucking. Throughout the video, you can hear all the wild animal noises that being out in the bush brings home to you, Brad gets close to orgasm and his stroking speeds up as he wanks that big uncut dick playing with his foreskin till he blows his load, shooting cum all over his young stomach and chest with cum dripping down. What a really fun day this was and great that we found a new area to take sexy videos and photographs. So expect to see more of these horny shoots over the coming weeks and months….Join them!
What a year it has been for fun shoots with our cute Australian mate Brad Hunter. He with the massive uncut cock. After some hugely popular outdoor and bubble bath shoots today we decided on something a little calmer, Brad in gear on my sofa. He chose some assless Aussiebum underwear and I have to admit that his butt looks enticingly fuckable in those sexy undies as he dropped his shorts to his ankles. Brad has quite a name here in Australia and many of my mates both here and abroad are asking to partner with him. So I cannot wait now the southern hemisphere is turning from Spring to Summer. Plenty of hotness to come from our Brad and his huge uncut cock….Join him!
This is the 3rd part of the series of hot shoots I did with Brad earlier this year. As we were heading into winter I invited Brad Hunter to come over and warm up in my hot tub. I’ve done a load of sexy photo and video shoots with Brad in the past couple of years. He starts off in a speedo for this shoot. But loses it in the bubbles of the hot tub as I take a load of photos. There’s also a little playing with a fleshlight, ramming his super thick into it making the soapy water spurt out the end. I get a lot of requests about me getting into the video with Brad, so in this one, I am sucking his big cock on the end of the bed while he watches some straight porn on the computer. He blows a thick load of cum across my face without warning. It was a pretty nice way to end our shoot anyway. Make sure you check out all of Brad’s videos from summer. His videos are always incredibly hot….Join them!
Today you can see a series of videos that I shot with sexy best mate Brad Hunter earlier in the season. We managed to get a few shots in the street before we popped back to the studio to get properly naked and see Brad at his horny self. As he drops his track pants we see Brad’s tiny jockstrap can barely hold his huge erect cock. I got some great shots of Brad’s giant cock and perfect little bum before I changed over to recording a video of me sucking him off. Brad is very quiet when he cums and I hadn’t realized he was blowing until I tasted him hot cum in my mouth. Most of my sessions with Brad have been ending like this. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more with him when Spring arrives in Australia…Join them!
Since getting back from Europe I’ve been spending a bit more time with my mate Brad Hunter. The 22-year-old from the suburbs of Melbourne started shooting with me 2 years ago and was a big hit with our mates. I started getting a lot of requests from the other guys to shoot with him. But Brad still prefers just to shoot solo or with me. He’s one of our straight mates who also likes to bottom occasionally. In this shoot Brad dropped by very early one morning after a drop off at the airport. So we decided to make this quick shoot. Brad is stripping out of little white shorts, showing off his little bum and extra large cock. I got his sliding his thick dick into a fleshlight while I grabbed some more shots. Afterwards, I filmed him jacking off on the bed. I like hanging out and shooting with Brad a lot. I’m planning to do a lot more different scenes with him this year…Join them!
My sexy mate Brad Hunter is back this week getting naked for me. The 21 year old became popular last summer when he whipped out his big cock out on my city rooftop. Since then we have made a load of hot photos and videos. After getting a lot of shots of Brad stripping on the couch, I grab the camera to catch him wanking his big cock and showing off his tight little hole. In this video Brad sucks my dick and then I suck him off. I love how much Brad cums when we make these videos. He’s always super horny and blows very easily. I’m looking forward to making some hot outdoor videos with Brad this summer…Join them!
My cute mate Brad Hunter is now the most requested co-star amongst my mates on Bentley Race. Though Brad prefers to shoot solo and occasionally get off with me in his shoots. I can see why guys like the hung 21 year old from Melbourne. Brad is one of our straight mates. But he likes having his arse played with. So you will see in past videos I have fucked with Brad a few times. Today I am doing a simple shoot with Brad showing off his tight little hole and big fat uncut dick in a jockstrap and socks. I’m looking forward to shooting some more hot videos with Brad over this summer here in Australia…Join them!
There has been a lot of requests for a new Brad Hunter shoot. So before we broke for winter I invited Brad over for a session in the hot tub. Brad starts this shoot in a little blue speedo, but quickly gets naked as I take his photos. As you can see Brad loves showing off his smooth bum in the bubble bath, and then turns around to reveal his rock hard fat cock. The photoshoot was fun, but things got raunchier when I jumped in the tub with Brad and he starts riding on my cock while I suck on his. I really could get Brad off every day. I love fucking him and making him blow. And shortly Brad will be coming around again…Join them!

Bentley Race says: Since we first introduced you to 20 year old sexy dude Brad Hunter, we’ve had a deluge of emails asking when we could get him back for a new video.

Well, wait no longer as I invited him to film a new set of photographs as well as a beautiful video.

Once this tall Australian dude first flopped his huge soft cock out of his speedos we realized Brad’s huge cock would gain quite a following online. That Brad likes his bubble ass played with and is a total bottom would entice new fans to his door.

So I appear in Brad’s new video giving him a good tongue fucking and sticking my cock up his bum. Brad is one of my favourite mates to shoot with. We are planning a bunch of other scenes before this Australian summer ends. This shoot also marks Brad’s 1 year anniversary of modelling on Bentley Race.

Our cute mate Brad Hunter had his first shoot with me earlier this year. The photos and video from that shoot were really popular. Since then Brad has returned to get in to some more raunchy shoots with us. Most the 20 year old Aussie is playing in my hot tub. Initially wearing a bright pink speedos. But then losing the speedos to show me his perky bottom and tight hole. I also showed him the trick of fucking a flesh light filled with warm water. But it’s in the video where I jump in and get Brad off. Brad is sucking on my cock while I wanking that big dick. I can feel him getting close to blowing so I slow down a little. I really like shooting and playing with Brad. I can’t wait to get him over for more hot sessions this summer…Join him! My sexy mate Brad Hunter came around last week for a cheeky strip show shoot with me. 20 year old Aussie Brad has become very popular among all our mates when he started making scenes with me late last year. I reckon he’s one of the horniest of all my mates when it comes to getting naked on camera. He loves playing up to the camera, showing off his bum and that huge cock. My cheeky mate is posing in shorts today with no underwear while riding around the room in my old roller skates. You can see the head of his cock beginning to appear from his shorts as he gets more and more excited. Eventually he can’t hide it anymore. I love playing around with Brad. His photo shoots are always hot and the videos we have made so far have been a lot of fun. When you check out the videos you will see why he’s so popular…Join him! I guess I could boast about this shoot because I am in it. It’s been a long time since I have been in front of the camera but when my Brad Hunter pulled down my shorts and pulled out my cock half way through his video shoot, suddenly I was a part of it. Brad is one of my straight mates who has a girlfriend but also likes getting fucked occasionally. He was extremely horny when we met to take photos of him dressed in shorts, short and a tie. He looks cute with his socks pulled up high. After the photoshoot we started his jerk off video on the bed. Then he came toward me and pulled my shorts down to take a look at my cock. Then it was in his mouth making me rock hard. So I turned him around, pulled out his butt plug and started tongue fucking his little hole. My cock was already out and tapping on his hole, so I pushed it all the way in. He was face planting the mattress and moaning as I started thrusting in to him. Then he asked me to suck him off. I love sucking on that big fat cock. It wasn’t long before he was milking that dick all over my face. I’m hard now just writing about it. It goes without saying that Brad will be back again soon…Join them! My cute mate Brad Hunter is back with us this week soaping up in the shower. This horny 20 year old started shooting with me earlier this year. I was so impressed by his cheeky attitude to making porn and his huge cock that I had to get him back for more shoots. He seems to be very popular our mates too. Today Brad is posing in a speedo in the bathroom which is tied up on one side. His bulging cock is hanging very low in the speedo as we work through the shoot. He can barely contain it as he starts to untie the knot. It prematurely falls out making us both laugh. Brad has got a cute little bum that he soaps up as I get a bunch more photos. His cock grows even bigger as he rubs his hole with soap. Then we get some final wet and soapy photos in the window before we finish up and head to the studio to jack off. I am really impressed with Brad and the shoots he has done so far. I am looking forward to getting him in to the studio again for some hot action videos…Join him! One of the best things about summer in Australia is that along with the days being long and hot, my mates love getting naked outside. This is the very cheeky first photo shoot with 20 year old Brad Hunter from Melbourne. Brad is one of our mates who is straight and has a girlfriend. But he likes to fool around a bit too. It was during this rooftop shoot that I realised that my skinny skater mate has a huge cock. He was hiding it behind the skateboard when he first dropped his undies. And then he pulled it aside to show his quickly thickening shaft. He tells me that it’s enjoying the sunshine. Brad’s photos out on my city rooftop look great! He has definitely past the test of not being shy at all. Our cute new mate with the big dick is going to be joining us for several shoots over the coming weeks while we enjoy the rest of summer here in Australia…Join him!

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