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We suspect that for some people Peter Annaud will be very sexy and appealing, and for others, not so much. He definitely has wider cheeks and generally a little more eastern look.

GD sometimes jokes that he is living proof of the Mongolian invasion of Europe and that he hares some of Genghis Khan’s genes with Dario Dolce but he is an excellent performer, has a nice athletic body and dick that is fatter than Jack Harrer’s.

He is also sexy with a good sense of humor and we hope that he stays with us for a long time. He is a good friend also of Christian Lundgren, both of them coming from the same small city.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Scorpio
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick
Height: 6’0″ (183cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 163lbs (74kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Today we get to see a very hot scene between Peter Annaud and Ashton Montana. Peter is a perfect match for Ashton as Ashton loves to get his hot boy hole rimmed. Peter is an expert ass rimmer. He just loves to get his tongue and lips deep into a sexy boy’s tight ass hole.

Ashton loves big thick dicks and he moans with intense pleasure as Peter’s massive twink dick plows his hot asshole. Peter gets his big cock balls deep into Ashton’s tight hole.

Ashton is addicted to a big cock fucking and he keeps coming back for more big cocks…Join them!

We’ll give him this: He tried. But there was no way Sven Basquiat was ever going to convince Peter Annaud to become a vegetarian. Like any great salesman, he knows his audience, enticing Peter with the allure that vegetarianism will give him “More energy for sex”. All this sex talk makes Sven hungry for the one piece of “meat” he’ll consume- the one between Peter’s legs. Peter elects to demonstrate the advantages of carnivorous desires on Sven by fucking the cum out of him. He then shoots out a hefty dose of animalistic protein over Sven’s eager hole…Join them!

Bob Marghiela is Peter Annaud’s dream partner Bob excels at blow jobs, can endure any sized dick, is well-equipped himself, and fucks with intensity I guess that would make him just about everyone’s dream partner For those who feel we’re overdoing it with big dicks this week, I promise we’ll have a small-dick edition later to make up for it…Join them!

There are not so many boys who can take Peter Annaud’s dick without any apparent effort. Gino Mosca is one of them though. It is good to see that Peter, with his improving performance skills is also a rising star in the popularity stakes amongst customers (and GD observes here that he is also a lot easier to work with than Jack Harrer…Join them!

Peter Annaud gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie young dudes Dylan Maguire and Peter Annaud are totally naked as they kiss briefly outdoors before they move indoors.

Dylan lies down on the table as Peter leans in and sucks Dylan’s huge thick uncut dick.

Peter and Dylan kiss and then Peter licks and caresses Dylan’s nipples, and wanks Dylan’s huge erect cock.

Dylan pumps his cock in and out of Peter’s mouth, from the tip of his cockhead all the way to his balls.

As Dylan bends over the table, Peter runs his tongue up and down Dylan’s ass crack until the tip of his tongue enters his moist asshole.

Peter rims Dylan getting him ready for his big uncut cock.

With Dylan hovering over Peter’s erect dick he forces his ass down onto his cock.

Dylan bounces up and down on Peter’s dick in a huge rhythmic power fuck action.

After he starts moaning loudly Dylan is close to orgasm.

With Peter’s hard erection deep in his hole, Dylan blows his load all over his abs.

Peter is quick to follow pulling out and showering Dylan’s hole with his cum.

The sexy boys lean in for a post fuck kiss.Join them!

Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, and Kieran Benning are already lying naked on the bed when Sven Basquiat calls out, “anybody here?” as he enters the apartment.

The sexy studs, jerking their huge erect uncut dicks, hide ready to surprise hottie blonde Sven as he wanders into the bedroom.

Finding the place empty Sven pulls out his phone and calls them.

The three dudes then rush out and start stripping off Sven’s clothes, pushing him down onto the bed and parting his smooth ass cheeks, and opening up his hot boy hole.

Dylan gets the tip of his tongue deep into Sven’s asshole while Peter and Kieran feed Sven’s mouth their huge hard cocks.

Once Sven’s hole is fully lubed with saliva Dylan presses ahead, forcing his huge cockhead into Sven’s ass all the way till his balls slap against Sven’s butt cheeks.

All the while Kieran blows Peter’s long thick uncut dick, deep throating till it hits the back of his throat, making him choke.

Sven loves the feeling of Dylan’s thick dick moving inside him as he pushes his ass backward, harder onto Dylan’s hot cock.

Kieran swaps places with Dylan power fucking Sven’s hot asshole with his legs in the air.

Dylan then wanks and sucks Peter’s huge uncut cock before they switch up positions a few more times.

It is Dylan who is the first to an orgasm blowing a huge cum load on Sven’s ass before fucking his cum back inside.

He’s followed by the other three sexy boys who spray their jizz all over themselves and others in a creamy cummy mess.

They finally embrace for a post fuck group hug and kiss.Join them!

Today we are with cameraman Jerome Exupery as he answers the door to Peter Annaud who arrives sporting a huge boner in his shorts.

Jerome ushers Peter into the living room where Sven Basquiat who is already naked is at his laptop chatting to his online fans.

As Peter moves closer Sven grabs his big thick dick through the fabric of his shorts.

Immediately Peter drops his shorts and shows off his big thick uncut dick as Sven grabs him around the waist and pulls him in before Sven and he, compare their cock sizes.

Sven drops to his knees and sucks Peter’s massive uncut cock right to the back of his throat, till his balls are on his lips.

As Peter power fucks Sven’s mouth, we see his amazing rippling abs.

Then Sven moves to sit on a wireframed designer chair with both his legs up in the air giving Peter full access to his hot asshole.

Peter doesn’t disappoint forcing his huge erect dick deep into Sven’s ass whilst kissing his sweet lips.

Now standing Peter enters Sven from behind and Sven presses his hole down onto Peter’s rampant raw dick.

The rocket force ass fucking proves too much for Sven who blows his load dripping cum all down his hands as he continues to jerk his cock.

Peter then sucks him dry, and finally enters his ass again pummeling it until he is ready to blow.

With seconds to go Peter pulls out and showers Sven’s face and tongue with his hot jizz load, Sven swallows every drop and the sexy boys end with a cummy kiss.Join them!

Ripped young dude John Leto and sexy blonde stud Jens Christensen are standing in front of the mirror with their shirts off admiring each other’s hot bodies.

While both young men have well-defined six-packs and nicely developed chests and arms John is a little embarrassed when Jens mentions that he thinks John has gained some muscle mass.

As they move into the living room Jens pushes John down onto the sofa as he goes in for a spot of making out, kissing passionately, and getting them both into the mood for some hot sex.

Then Jens unleashes John’s soft uncut dick which springs to a full erection at the slightest touch.

Jens the expert blowjob dude really pleasures John’s thick uncut tool, licking it from base to tip and flipping his foreskin back and forth with his tongue.

With John lying on his back, Jens sucks his balls and gives John’s cock a short wank.

Then Jens pulls John up from the sofa and onto his knees before he unleashes his huge erection which is tenting his gray jogging pants.

John struggles a bit trying to get his mouth open wide enough to take Jen’s overly thick uncut dick.

He perseveres and managed to swallow it right to the back of his throat, gagging as it finally hits home.

Jens pumps his big veiny cock in and out of John’s mouth with no let-up with John struggling to breathe and moan at the same time.

Then John returns to the sofa, lying on his back and he pulls his legs up over his shoulders and parts his ass cheeks with both hands.

Jens gets his tongue in between John’s smooth ass crack and rims his hot boy hole getting it wet and ready for his huge thick cock.

When John’s asshole is well lubed with Jens’s saliva Jens forces his massive dick into his waiting hole getting it balls deep with the first thrust.

John wanks his cock all the while Jens pummels his bubble butt hole.

They switch up positions a number of times each time Jen’s getting his hard erect dick deeper with John moaning ever louder.

Then after changing position for the final time, Jens increasing the intensity and speed until he pulls out suddenly and blows a huge wad of jizz all over John’s freshly fucked asshole. The boys kiss then the moment is over.Join them!

Andrei Karenin is lying in bed with the covers exposing his sexy ripped body. He’s already horny and he’s finger his tight bubble asshole waiting.

He’s waiting for Peter Annaud who is showering and will soon join him in bed. Peter’s huge thick uncut cock is fully hard.

As he walks out of the shower he removes his towel from around his waist to expose his thick young erect cock.

Peter rubs his hand across Andrei’s ass crack until he finds his hole and probes it with his finger.

Andrei then turns Peter around and licks his ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, rimming his hot ass hole.

They switch again and Peter’s huge thick dick bareback fucks Andrei’s tight bubble ass, while Andrei moans at the top of his voice.

Peter manages to get his uncut cock all the way into Andrei’s hole till his balls hit his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Peter orgasm first spraying his jizz all over Andrei. In part two tomorrow, Andrei’s big raw dick bare fucks Peter in a hot rematch….Join them!

It’s the Summer loves week at Belami and today we have two sexy young brunettes Alan Mosca and Peter Annaud.

We’ve known Peter quite a long time and much longer than Alan, but both are fully part of the team here at Belami.

They start by making out kissing passionately before they get down to jerking their big uncut cocks.

These two sexy boys both orgasm at the same time spraying their creamy cum all over their ripped abs…Join them!

We decided to let our models decide how they want to shoot their own home movie. In this way, Peter Annaud and Jeremy Robbins could decide what they wanted to do.

Well whilst the idea was a good one, the sexy boys could just not decide how they wanted to start off the scene.

Just as luck would have it Niko was on hand to give them some hot tips and advice. He decided he wanted to see some hot nipple play to start off the scene. Before the hardcore bareback anal fucking.

Once the boys get started though Niko has common sense enough to retire to a corner of the room where he can watch the encounter as it unfolds, and it unfolds hot, hard, and heavy with Jeremy getting to top Peter.

There is lots of, no holds barred fucking with Peter loving every second of it until he finally explodes with a lot of very thick and creamy cum…Join them!

Today Peter Annaud and Mark Sullivan are taking part in a couple’s photoshoot.

These sexy young men are both very handsome and Mark’s blue eyes really stand out as does Peter’s huge young dick.

Both boys’ big uncut cocks start the shoot soft and floppy but by the end, they are both rock hard jerking their dicks.

The boys seem to have a lot of fun making these special shoots, so we hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did making it…Join them!

Although we hope you enjoy part 1 of this 2 day special, it was obviously not enough for Marcel Gassion, who viewed the frenetic fucking as just a starter before the main course, so today he has decided to invite Enrique Vera over to see if he has the power to satisfy Marcel’s ass.

I think if we kept offering more guys into the mix, Marcel would have been the happiest guy around.

As it is we get to see him in action also as a top today as he gets to fuck Kieran Benning before Enrique Vera gives Marcel’s ass the attention it so desires. Also with Peter Annaud.Join them!

Today is a masterclass in bottoming being presented by the one and only, ‘bottomless bottom’, Marcel Gassion.

This is his first encounter with Kieran Benning, and as Marcel tells him ‘God has given you a great violin for a dick, and I will teach you how to play it’.

As one dick is never enough for Marcel, we thought that we would throw Peter Annaud into the mix as well and see if they are both enough to satisfy Marcel.

There is probably no need to tell you that the fucking is fucking fantastic here, as it always is when we have Marcel around.

This time I think that he really outdoes himself as the pace goes from frantic to frenetic and finishes with ecstatic as our 2 big dicked tops bring Marcel to anal heaven…Join them!

Today we have our 2nd scene with newbie Jeremy Robbins. Back in October you enjoyed seeing him with Bastian Dufy, and his scene partner today is the boy with the beer can dick, Peter Annaud.

On Peter’s last outing we saw him bottoming and topping Marcel Gassion, but today he will be foregoing the bottoming role and topping our newbie. Peter defines things correctly when he says that’there is life before Peter, and then there is life after’.

This is not the first time that the boys have been together, and the scene with Jeremy topping Peter will be shown next year.

While it seems that it was a bit of an effort for Jeremy to accommodate all of Peter’s girth, the look on his face while trying tells us that it was a very pleasurable experience…Join them!

We all know Marcel Gassion as one of the all-time great bottoms, but today he wants to show us that he can also be a great top. Of course we didn’t want to make it easy for him, and by giving him 2 of the biggest dicks at BelAmi (Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer) to play with he almost gave up his topping aspirations and let them both fuck him today.

Luckily for us, Jack has his mind on the job and gently reminds him that today it’s his dick that they want, and not his hole. While there is no fucking for Jack today, I’m sure that it will be remedies in part 2 out soon…Join them!

There are many ways to warm up on a cold day. These obviously don’t include the sauna and jacuzzi when the power for them is turned off…

It doesn’t seem to matter much to Peter Annaud and Enrique Vera though as they have a much more intimate way of creating heat.

Maybe it is just because his partner is so sexy, but it definitely seems like Peter’s peter is even more massive today than it usually is, so we certainly can’t blame Enrique opting to be the top in this scene.

Both guys here show us how much they love fucking and the energy levels and chemistry between the guys are both running on overdrive…Join them!

It’s time for another Offensively Large update today, and it is even better than normal in that is a 2 day double scene. In part 1 we have Brian Jovovich fucking XXL Peter Annaud, and in part 2 they are joined by perennial favorite, Jack Harrer, who turns the tabled on Brian and teams up with Peter to give Brian twice as much as what he gave to Peter in part 1…Join them!

This is one of Peter Annaud’s very first time with a boy. Luckily his partner is Adam Archuleta, who is an expert and caring lover. When Adam pulls off his pants Peter just can’t resist anymore and the sexual energy inside him erupts, turning a training session into a battle of huge power cocks…Join them!

Every time a new boy gets to Belami and Jack Harrer hears that he may have a dick bigger than his, he is very quick to find and try it out if it is true or not. The scene was shot during one of our trips to South Africa, Peter Annaud was relaxing on the beach and taking in some sun when Jack approached him and straight up asked ‘hey are you the new guy with the big dick’?…Join them!

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