Nils Tatum

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Hair Color: Blond
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’1″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Nils Tatum gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Sexy young studs Nils Tatum and Torsten Ullman strip naked jerking their huge uncut cocks.

Here Nils and Torsten, both blonde and blue-eyed, are paired in front of the camera for a heavenly photo shoot.

The mutual attraction between these two divine boys is undeniable and we are delighted to show you them at their very best.

Enjoy today’s photo set and remember that the follow-up video, including cumshots, will be coming one day.

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Sexy blonde young stud Nils Tatum’s bare ass raw fucked by hottie hunk Jens Christensen’s huge uncut dick.

Nils is not only incredibly sexy but also has an insatiable appetite for sex.

This morning he wakes up next to Jens.

Jens doesn’t immediately seem in the mood for sex but who can resist Nils?

After taking a shower together, they move downstairs to prepare their breakfast, but this is soon forgotten when Jens drops his towel.

Nils kneels down, puts Jens‘ massive dick in his mouth, and gives him an unforgettable blowjob.

Jens’ excitement rises even further when he returns the favour to his friend.

Before long they are in the bedroom for some more fun.

Nils is known for his love of receiving big cocks and today is no exception.

Jens slides his thick dick into Nils’ well-rimmed butt and starts fucking him.

The couple perform in several different positions and we are able to admire Jens’ juicy cock penetrating Nils’ butt until they both climax. What a morning,

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It’s been a while since we had a Nils Tatum update on our website as he no longer really qualifies as a “freshman”.

But today he is paired with Dino Fendi who most definitely does.

Nils meets Dino during an introduction for his promo video with Viggo.

He wastes no time in stealing Dino for himself, dragging him into the studio to show him just what it is like to have sex with a porn star.

Nils offers his butthole to Dino who then fucks him until Nils cums all over his stomach.

Dino might appear shy at first but this does not stop him from shooting his load right into Nils‘ mouth.Join them!

Nils Tatum gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Belami says: Belami hottie blonde boy Christian Lundgren’s hole fucked by Nils Tatum’s huge uncut cock

It’s always good to mix things up. Last week we didn’t let anyone know that Christian had been fucked by Nils as part of a 2-day special. Today, Nils is taking Christian for a good pounding. It’s great that they can both fuck, since we don’t know whether Christian’s attempts are good for eating. Although the eggs are questionable Christian’s sex is a delectable treat and Nils isn’t a slouch in getting his share.

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Dark haired hottie Serge Cavalli bottoms for blonde stud Nils Tatum’s massive uncut dick
One of the most mischievous lads in the world, Serge Cavalli, meets up with Dreamboy Nils Tatum today. Serge and Nils are long-time acquaintances. They have collaborated on projects in South Africa and Greece. They met for the second time on set in Cape Town, where today’s rendezvous took place, leading to one extremely sexually intense and sensual sex session. Despite their apparent differences, Nils and Serge are a stunningly attractive couple whose ambition and vitality complement each other beautifully.
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Blonde ripped young dude Nils Tatum drops his sexy undies showing off his huge curved uncut dick.

In preparation for the photograph that will take place today, Eliot has brought Nils to his own apartment.

In exchange for our assistance with the renovation, Eliot has agreed that we will be able to use it on occasion for photoshoots, and the light and airy atmosphere is ideal for Nils’ needs.

We decided to give you another helping of Nils because he had already made his debut in 2019 as a model of the week on his own, and we figured you should be able to handle it by now.

In the interim, it is safe to assume that he has paid this location multiple visits, each time with the company of another of the lads.

Because there isn’t much more we can tell you about Niuls that you don’t already know, we won’t get in the way of you appreciating this blond stud any further than we already have.

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Sexy young studs Tom Houston and Nils Tatum in a hot bareback ass fucking session.

Funny to notice that Tom is wearing his Calvin Klein’s underwear inside out still when they drop to his ankles that little faux pas is surpassed by the size of Tom’s huge rock-hard uncut cock.

Today we have a perfect match scene for you as Nils meets Houston.

One blond, one brunet but both perfectly matched in physical perfection.

Of the pair, Nils is definitely the charmer, whereas Tom has a more naturally sweet personality, but both guys are normally in the middle of any social gathering between the models.

This is an early scene for Tom, who turned out to be a natural at performing in front of the camera.

These days he has taken over from Kevin and Jerome as one of our resident documentary cameramen, so we can expect him to keep his role in front of the camera as well for the foreseeable future.Join them!

Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum steal away from the beautiful sunshine beach to a shady quiet spot on the veranda unseen by passersby.

Super horny Torsten can’t get enough of Nils and he smothers him in kisses, first on the lips then slowly down his ripped body, until he reaches his beach shorts.

Torsten sucks down hard on Nils’s huge uncut cock, really working his tongue into his foreskin and twisting his big mushroom cockhead.

As Nils’ leans forward looking like a Greek god, Torsten licks his bubble butt asshole running his tongue along his ass crack and getting it deep into his hot hole.

Then as Nils braces, Torsten gently forces his big uncut dick between Nils’s smooth ass cheeks, bareback fucking him and making him moan with pleasure.

Torsten is an expert lover and he applies just the right amount of pressure to move his slick dick in and out of Nils’s tight ass till he is in right to the hilt.

Nils then takes control sucking Torsten’s thick uncut cock before Torsten enters Nils’s hole once more.

This time Nils is on top guiding his asshole neatly up and down onto Torsten’s huge erect dick in cowboy position as Torsten’s breathing becomes heavy and so does Nils.

They are both getting close to orgasm, one more position change and Torsten is back in full control.

Torsten then blows his load spraying his jizz all over Nils’s bare asshole before fucking the cum back inside as Nils ejaculates firing off a volley of cumshots covering himself in his own love juices….Join them!

As the camera pans up we see Nils Tatum standing in just a pair of jeans with his muscular ripped body and wonderful six-pack abs as he reaches inside his underwear and touches his huge young dick.

Nils has a beautiful face and it really lights up the room when he smiles with that toothy grin. Simply divine.

Then as the camera moves away we see his super sexy partner Bruce Querelle come into view.

He drops to the floor as both guys demonstrate their pushups showing off their muscular bodies moving in tandem.

Then as they stand close to each other Bruce reaches behind and grabs ahold of Nils’s neck and pulls him in for a sweet kiss.

As Nils rubs his hands over Bruce’s upper torso Bruce looks up with a smoldering look that could melt your heart.

The kissing continues as Bruce removes Nils’s tight black Calvin Klein undies exposing Nils’s already rock-hard uncut cock and low-hanging ball sack.

Bruce’s own soft uncut dick jumps to attention sticking upright like a rocket.

Then with Nils standing and Bruce kneeling in front of him, Bruce opens his mouth and looks as if he might take a bite out of Nils’s huge cock.

Instead, he gently imbibes it swallowing it whole till it hits the back of his throat, gagging him for a moment or two, as Nils moans the sheer delight.

With the cameraman clicking away, the sexy young dudes turn away from us and show off their beautiful asses.

Both have peachy-perfect smooth butts and we can just spy Nils’s balls hanging between his legs.

Now Nils is lying face down on the chair and Bruce parts his ass cheeks with both hands so we get a look at Nils’s hot hole.

Finally, the boys sit back and jerk each other’s hot cocks before taking over themselves and spraying jizz all over as they both reach orgasm together. What a beautiful photoshoot video.Join them!

Nils Tatum is busy chatting away on Belami Chat to his fans when Elio Chalamet comes in feeling horny.

Elio lies back on the sofa as Nils pulls down his shorts exposing his big erect dick which is already rock hard.

Nils then sucks down hard on his hard cock taking it right to the back of his throat until he gags on it, making Elio moan with pleasure.

Elio then lies back exposing his hot asshole as Nils forces his big thick dick between his ass cheeks into his hot hole.

Nils then bare fucks Elio’s tight bubble ass in long strong strokes from balls to tip before changing up positions to get his big uncut dick deeper into Elio.

Elio moans loudly as he can feel Nils’s thick cock moving inside him and it brings him closer and closer to orgasm.

As Nils keeps up the anal pummeling Elio can hold off no longer and he sprays his cum load all over his hot six-pack abs.

Seeing his sexy mate blowing his jizz all over, Nils pulls his cock out and coats Elio’s tight bubble butt ass with his jizz before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked asshole….Join them!

Today we have two beautiful young men Bruce Querelle and Nils Tatum.

Bruce has dark hair and Nils is blonde but both are stunningly handsome.

The team had just returned from a trip to Greece filming but Bruce was unhappy as he did not get to go along.

Nils decides to make it up to him with a little bit of extra care and attention.

Truth be told Bruce was originally scheduled for the trip but he gained too much extra weight and was dropped at the last minute.

But today he is back to his perfect self, both physically and emotionally.

To celebrate Nils decides to let him have one of the most treasured asses around, his…Join them!

We start this week with a hot ripped young dudes threesome. Torsten Ullman, Hoyt Kogan, and Nils Tatum are out and about at Castello Kinky Angelo checking out some of the art installations around the garden. It’s a beautiful sunny day.

The trio are soon tired of all the art and they soon find other more interesting ways to pass up the time.

As with all threesomes, it is a bit of a mystery how the action will unfold and today Nils has the good luck of getting fucked by both his buddies.

After a very luxurious session of cocksucking, Torsten kicks off the fucking by taking his buddy doggy style, and by the time Hoyt has finished, Nils is a very happy boy covered not only in his own cum but that of both of his buddies as well…Join them!

Looking at Steve Skarsgaard’s body you can tell that he spends a great deal of time keeping in shape.

What you can’t tell by the body is that Steve has a special weak spot for the smell of a man, and quite often goes to the gym wearing his buddy’s shirts…. just so that he can keep smelling them while he works out.

Today though Nils Tatum has a better option for training than the gym as he directs his submissive buddy is a very personal exercise regime that involves a lot of fucking, sucking and rimming.

Steve’s hole is so eager to be fucked that it opens invitingly whenever Nils start to lick.

Not one to refuse such a kind invitation, Nils obliges Steve by giving him a thorough workout…Join them!

The last of our new boys to be introduced here this year is Yannis Paluan. Some of you will already be familiar with Yannis from our documentaries and from BelAmiChat. Yannis is an extremely personable young guy who seems to get along well with everyone.

His spoken English is almost flawless and to top it all off, he is cute, sexy and loves sex.

We filmed this scene especially for Christmas with Nils Tatum and you will get to see more of Yannis early in the new year over on them!

Sometimes there can be nothing more arousing than a sensual massage from a hot guy. Today Nils Tatum find that out for himself as he gets a rub down from sexy Hungarian Raphael Nyon. However what starts ‘innocently’ enough does not stay that way for long, and soon enough Nils needs to find a use for his raging hard-on. It is the happiest of ‘Happy Endings’ when both the giver and receiver of the massage end up shooting loads of cum all over each other…Join them!

It took a lot to decide which of Nils Tatum’s scenes we would bring you today as his premiere on BelamiOnline. In the end, we opted for this one where he is bottoming for Hoyt Kogan. This was the first production that Nils was on and we knew it would be quite an ask for him joining in on a major shoot right at the start of his time with BelAmi, but we think he did rather well for a newcomer. You have seen him in backstage footage here also with Jamie, but you will have to wait a little while for that scene. By now I think that most of you will be just as familiar with Catello Kinky Angelo as we are and after a bit of watersports in the introduction, we retire to our much-loved barn for the main action…Join them!

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