Kirk Gauguin

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Hair Color: Brown
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Kirk Gauguin gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Alan Cartier wants to learn how to become a successful chat model and Kirk Gauguin is supposed to help him. After one unsuccessful attempt, the two boys switch to another activity they both know they are good at.

Kirk undresses his sexy buddy and slowly makes his way down to suck his hard cock. Alan loves the intense blowjob but enjoys, even more, the moment when Kirk feeds his mouth with his hard juicy cock.

The hot foreplay leads our two horny boys to the next level. Kirk’s thick dick slides into Alan’s ass and he fucks him in multiple positions before rewarding us with a gigantic cumshot.

He then helps Alan climax and experiences an anal orgasm.

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Hottie dark-haired twink Kirk Gauguin’s stuffs his huge uncut cock deep inside blonde cutie Tim Moffie.

Welcome to the sunny coast of Spain where we are setting up camp in Andalusia where we filmed our very first video from our latest jaunt to the Spanish coast.

After a week of traveling, we finally settled down close to Malaga in time for the fun to begin.

After the long journey, Kirk is tired and falls asleep by the pool, leaving the others to explore the town.

Tim Moffie, our newbie at that time, stays in the villa with Kirk in case he needs something.

Tim makes sure that the one thing Kirk really needs is his ass.

After a brief blowjob by the pool, the couple move inside and continue the oral fun.

Once Tim feels ready, Kirk gently slides his massive cock inside his new friend’s ass and fucks him in several positions before shooting a load over his butt.

After he licks his cum off Tim’s butt, he sucks his partner until climax.

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Innocent newcomer John Leto in his very first scene has sexy young Kirk Gauguin to guide him through.

In just their tight underwear the boys lie on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

John lies back and lets the more experienced Kirk suck his thick uncut dick. John loves to feel Kirk’s tongue on his big mushroom cockhead.

Expertly Kirk runs his tongue up and down John’s dick from balls to tip and back again.

Kirk then pushes John’s legs above his head exposing his smooth pale ass cheeks before licking John’s asshole with the tip of his tongue.

Once fully lubricated Kirk pushes his rock solid uncut cock into John’s smooth asshole until his balls are on his ass cheeks.

Kirk bare fucks John slowly at first allowing John to get used to the feeling of a huge erect cock deep in his asshole.

As John relaxes, Kirk forces his big dick in and out of John’s tight hole making John moan with pleasure.

John wanks his dick as Kirk power fucks his hot hole.

Kirk really starts to pick up speed and with John, on all fours he bare fucks his bubble butt as they both are close to orgasm.

Now with John on his back, and Kirk coming up the rear, the ass fucking intensifies with John wanking his dick furiously, he is so close now.

And with Derek’s big uncut cock inside his ass, John lets go and floods his smooth stomach with a pool of jizz.

Seeing this Derek smiles as he pulls out and coats John’s hole with his cum before fucking his cum back inside.Join them!

While not quite being a regular team member, Jeremy Robbins has filmed about a dozen scenes for us.

This is his second, partnered with Kirk Gauguin.

Sometimes our models are our best recruiters. In this case, Kirk stumbled on Jeremy while he was out running in the park.

He proceeded to strike up a conversation, explained what he did for a living and convinced Jeremy to come in and give it a try.

Apparently, he liked it as Jeremy has since found work with another Prague based studio.

This explains why you may have seen him around the web under a different name.

Though inexperienced, he is keen to show his love of being fucked. We are pleased to have him as part of our team, if only for a while…Join them!

Here are two divergent philosophies cumming together. Kirk Gauguin wishes to invest his porn earnings wisely for a comfortable retirement. Derek Caravaggio, believes money, like youth and beauty is fleeting and should be enjoyed as much as possible before the upcoming stock market crash and old age take both away.

Derek’s point of view, augmented by his stunning physique, perfect ass and other oral skills, wins the day. Kirk puts off his long-term gains for short term yields and some quality fucking with Derek.

The return on his investment is worth it as his offering rises with every stroke. Soon Kirk gives Derek a valuable cum investment all over and inside his hungry hole…Join them!

Kirk Gauguin gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hardcore ripped young dudes Jerome Exupery, Kirk Gauguin and Dan Hilfiger hardcore anal fucking.

Dan Hilfiger is today’s recipient of good fortune, as he will be working with the incredibly knowledgeable Jerome and the really alluring Kirk Gauguin for this update.

This is not the first time that Dan has had Kirk’s massive dick up his ass (perhaps some of you will remember it), as they were here at the end of last year in an encounter that the majority of you enjoyed.

This is the second time that Dan has had Kirk’s huge dick up his ass.

The incorporation of the high-energy Jerome Exupery does however steer things in a different direction, and we envision Dan growing into a potential power bottom in the future.

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Hottie young stud Jason Bacall bottoms for Kirk Gauguin’s huge hard uncut dick.

As Jamie discovered today, the world of production may occasionally devolve into a vicious game of “dog eat dog.”

He puts in a lot of effort to get Kirk aroused and excited, just to have a very opportunistic Jason Bacall steal him away in the end…

The chemistry and action between Kirk and Jason is some of the hottest that we have seen from this trip so far, with Jason being so hungry for dick that he just can’t seem to get enough of it!

While we would have been very pleased to see Jamie in the action today, it seems that it all turned out for the best, as the chemistry and action between Kirk and Jason is some of the hottest that we have seen from this trip so far.

The action is fast-paced and intense from the very beginning until the very end, when it becomes increasingly chaotic.

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Sexy ripped young dudes Kirk Gauguin and Jamie Eliot mutual masturbation and big uncut cock worship.

Today we have a beautiful collaboration across BelAmi ‘generations’ when Kirk Gauguin meets up with Jamie Eliot for this Cape Town special photoshoot.

As Kirk is one of the lucky Peter Pan variety of men it almost seems that they could both be fresh recruits to the team, but this was actually from Kirk’s final trip to the Cape, and Jamie’s first.

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Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin’s huge thick uncut dick barebacking Jorik Tautou’s smooth bubble butt.

Under normal circumstances, a cute, young guy hanging around the main train station would definitely mean only one thing, today it just means that Kirk is running late to meet young Jorik on his trip in from his hometown.

After exploring the sites of the ‘shortcut’ home we are treated to some hot twink-on-twink action (that is if Kirk still counts as a twink!)
Jorik’s innocent looks certainly belie the fact that his hormones are definitely in control of his body and he is always keen to take advantage of every chance to have sex.

For our FM members, this will not be the first time that we have seen this hot couple together, but we think that the extra 2 years of experience Jorik has had since then, has made him a more voracious lover, and this a bit better scene.

As with last time, Jorik is bottoming for Kirk and has no problem bouncing up and down on the full length of Kirk’s big dick, and his thick and creamy load certainly is proof of his appreciation.

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Sexy young ripped studs Enrique Vera, Serge Cavalli and Kirk Gauguin’s big uncut dick ass fucking.

The second of our threesomes this week is more of a classic BelAmi than what you saw on Tuesday and features Kirk, Serge, and Enrique in action together.

Serge is the bottom for this fuckfest, and for the first time he cannot keep up with the pounding that he gets from his buddies and actually needs to a break.

Luckily the temptation of 2 beautiful dicks is too much and his ‘time out’ literally only lasts a few seconds.

It is Kirk’s fat dick that finally pushes Serge over the edge and he shoots his load into the eagerly awaiting mouth of Enrique before both our tops follow suit and cover our eager bottom with tons of sticky white cum.

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Yes the first scenes are filmed in Black and White so don’t adjust your screens.

As always we see young blonde hottie Sven Basquiat playing hooky and sneaking away from his day job as the production assistant on another shoot.

He’s horny and young and desperately looking for a hot guy to fill his tight hole.

We decided we may as well film him in a proper fuck as well (just don’t let Kevin know), and what a better guy to pair him up with than sexy dark-haired top stud Kirk Gauguin.

No fancy sets involved today, just a simple garden lounge and the great outdoors and of course a lot of hot and heady fucking as Kirk gives Sven exactly what he has been asking for the whole trip.Join them!

Sexy young newbie twink Kirk Gauguin and Allan Aimee get together for a super hot photoshoot at the chateau.

Allan may look like a younger version of Adam Archuleta, but today we get to see him paired up with fellow dark-haired beauty, Kirk.

For the occasion, we brought in one of our regular guest photographers, Benno Thoma, who chose one of the many barns at the chateau for today’s shoot.

Both guys are in great shape and make a beautiful couple so we hope you enjoy our double hot photo shoot this week.

On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.

When they arrive home they shower together washing off the sweat from their run and making out, kissing and fondling each other as the water rains down.

The sexy boys continue their kissing and canoodling as they stand naked in the living room of their apartment.

Kirk falls to his knees and sucks down hard on Andrei’s big thick uncut dick getting it right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei loves the feeling of Kirk’s wet tongue and sweet lips on his cock as he slides it in and out of his mouth.

With Kirk lying on the floor, Andrei returns the favor by blowing Kirk’s big uncut cock and getting his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk moans with growing excitement as Andrei is an expert cocksucker.

They switch places and Kirk runs his tongue deep between Andrei’s ass crack finally hitting home with the tip of his tongue directly on his hot boy hole.

Then without any warning, Kirk presses his huge erection deep into Andrei’s raw asshole.

Kirk pummels Andrei’s hot hole forcing his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust.

Andrei quickly gets close to orgasm and several times almost loses control, but Kirk expert fucking manages to stop his lover from cumming too quickly.

They switch positions a number of times as Andrei just loves to feel Kirk coming at his ass from different directions.

Then as Kirk power fucks Andrei he can hold off no longer and stands up and fires off a volley of cum shots all over Kirk’s face and open mouth, giving him a cum facial.

Kirk licks up all of Andrei’s jizz before wanking his own dick hard, cumming right into Andrei’s mouth.

Finally, the two horny boys swap a cummy kiss.Join them!

Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin wanders into the apartment office to find a hot new stud, Viggo Sorensen, behind his laptop editing the latest Belami video.

Kirk is feeling very horny and wants to experience sex with the new guy.

Viggo doesn’t take much persuading and they are soon hot-footing it to the sofa.

The guys undress quickly and Kirk makes short work stripping off his Viggo’s jeans until he is lying there stark naked with his big thick uncut dick already sporting a huge boner.

Then Viggo lies back as Kirk swallows the full length of his hard erection.

Kirk is an expert cock sucker and he knows how to please a guy rubbing his tongue repeatedly over Viggo’s sensitive cockhead.

He swallows Viggo’s full length till it hits the back of his throat with his cum filled balls on his lips.

Kirk stands and lets his shorts fall to his ankles as Viggo goes in to kiss and caress his long uncut cock.

Viggo chokes it all the way in and slides his lips all the way out giving Kirk a huge horny sensation.

At this rate Kirk won’t be able to hold off his orgasm too long but then Viggo loosens his grip slightly and his balls relax a little.

Viggo kneels in front of Kirk showing off his cute bubble butt and bare soles of his feet.

With Viggo lying flat on the sofa, wanking his own erect cock, Kirk rubs his tongue up and down Viggo’s smooth ass cheeks until his tongue finds his hot hole and presses the tip inside.

Kirk rims Viggo’s asshole getting his lubed up for his big thick young uncut dick.

Then with Viggo hovering over Kirk’s erection, he slides his hole down forcibly onto Kirk’s rock solid dick controlling the length and force of each, in and out, stroke.

Kirk supports Viggo’s bubble ass cheeks with his hands as Viggo’s vice-like ass muscles tighten around Kirk’s rampant dick.

With the feeling of Kirk’s huge dick moving inside him Viggo can no longer hold off and he sprays a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs as he moans loudly.

The sight and sound of Viggo’s orgasm make Kirk pull out of Viggo’s hole and explode a huge cum shot all over Viggo’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside….Join them!

Joaquin Arrenas picks up Kirk Gauguin and throws him on the bed, Joaquin wanted to just cut to the fucking but Kirk wants to enjoy all the foreplay first.

Kirk just loves to start off slow making out, kissing, and sucking before moving on to the main event.

Joaquin already has a huge boner tenting his shorts and his hand moves down to Kirk’s tight sexy undies to feel his soft cock.

As Joaquin kisses Kirk his huge soft dick immediately springs up to attention, and he is soon sporting a huge erection.

As Kirk lies back Joaquin’s wet lips move down his ripped body until his mouth envelopes Kirk’s big thick uncut cock.

He swallows Kirk’s dick right to the back of his throat in long deep strokes until his balls are banging against his chin.

Kirk writhes and moans with pleasure as Joaquin’s mouth and tongue work their magic, Kirk is now horny as hell.

The hot boys switch places with Kirk going down on Joaquin sucking his long thick uncut cock working his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk parts Joaquin’s ass cheeks with both hands and gets his tongue in deep, rimming his hot hole getting it wet for his big dick.

Then without warning Kirk plunges his raw uncut cock deep into Joaquin’s tight asshole bareback fucking him hard and deep.

They switch up positions with Joaquin on top hovering over Kirk’s dick taking control of the anal fucking and grinding his ass down harder feeling Kirk moving inside him.

A few more position changes and Joaquin is on the edge of orgasm and he can hold off no longer. With Kirk still plugging away at his bare ass Joaquin cums spraying jizz all over his ripped chest and abs.

This makes Kirk pull out and blow a huge load all over Joaquin’s ass before he fucks the cum back in Joaquin much to his delight….Join them!

This is an early scene for Kirk Gauguin, and Kieran Benning feels that he needs to get to know him a lot better before they embark on their first trip to Africa together. After getting over his disappointment at Kirk’s ‘very short trim’ Kieran soon finds that Kirk’s dick is just perfect for satisfying every need he has. For a scene with 2 relatively inexperienced guys, they both prove to be very expert lovers, especially in the rimming and fucking departments…Join them!

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