Kevin Warhol

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Kevin is an “Oliver Twist” story combined with “Alice in Wonderland.” In twenty years of working with boys, G. Duroy says he has never seen such a thorough change in personality as Kevin’s two-year transformation (as of 2010). He really blossomed; every experience was new.

Kevin comes from a difficult family background and has essentially been on his own since the age of 14 or 15, supporting himself as he finished school. (The neck tattoo is an expression of his tough life experiences.) His first name “Kevin” comes from the Macauley Culkin character in “Home Alone.” George feels that is probably how our Kevin would have handled a similar situation.

There is a bit of impishness in him, a lot of caring and a good sense of humor. He is also the least egotistical of all the Bel Ami boys. Sexually, Kevin was tentative and shy in the beginning. But following his trips to Africa in 2010, you could perceive a major change in him in all sorts of ways.

We have learned that he is a little bit dirty, sexually, but it comes from a place of innocent, pure exploration. This is a rare quality. George feels he has the qualities of a young Johan Paulik and will become a first-rate trainer in the future.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 6.5-inch cock
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Kevin Warhol gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie young dudes Todd Rosset, Ariel Vanean, Jean-Daniel and Kevin Warhol hardcore jerk off session.

This week’s photo-session is one with a unique story. On one of our earlier trips to South Africa, we ran a little photo school for anyone who was interested and a handful of you then joined us over there for some lessons from both our guest photographers, Howard and Benno, and these images were taken by Howard during the first day of the classes.

Of course, since our students were paying guests, we had to offer them the cream of the crop when it came to subjects, so they ended up with Kev, JD, Todd and Ariel.

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Sexy ripped young muscle hunk Kevin Warhol’s huge uncut cock barebacking blonde hottie Sven Basquiat.

Today we have the charming Sven and Kevin making an appearance together in our photo update. The shoot was supposed to be an outdoor one, but unfortunately, due to a heavy storm they had to run back inside…. and do the shoot in the shower instead.

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Curly-haired hottie Kieran Benning’s huge raw cock fucking Jack Harrer joined by sexy stud Kevin Warhol.

You would think that with a dick that big, Jack would be totally happy with it, but instead, whenever he hears of someone else with another big one, he ALWAYS needs to find out if he is still the biggest.

Since the competition is so close today, they decide to use the old ‘Kevin’s throat’ measuring tool to see who actually has the biggest.

At the end of the day, however, it doesn’t really matter as both guys are certainly in the top percentile, and both know how to put their weapons to good use.

Today’s dick feast features starters of mutual blow jobs, a main course of Keiran plowing Jack’s eager hole, and a rich and creamy dessert. If you all enjoy it enough we think we will make it a permanent menu item.Join them!

Young hottie Helmut Huxley is lying on the bed sucking curly-haired blonde stud Jerome Exupery big thick uncut dick when Kevin Warhol disturbs them rushing in and grabbing Helmut’s cock and sucking it.

Jerome takes over swallowing Helmut’s huge cock in long slow strokes while Kevin rips off his t-shirt showing us his beautifully ripped body.

Kevin returns this time licking Helmut’s ball sack before he takes over worshipping Helmut’s thick erect dick licking its huge mushroom head and getting his tongue into his thick foreskin.

Helmut now returns the favor by tongue washing Kevin’s big young cock.

Jerome now takes advantage of Helmut, who is now on his knees, with his bare ass in the air, rimming his hole and getting his tongue deep.

Then Jerome and Kevin take turns bareback fucking Helmut’s hot bare asshole each shoving their huge uncut cocks balls deep into his raw bubble butt.

All the while they are pummeling his ass Helmut is jerking his uncut monster dick in between one of the two sucks it again keeping it well lubed with spit.

The hardcore bareback anal fucking continues until all three sexy boys are ready to cum.

First Jerome shoots his load, followed by a cum facial for Helmut from Kevin before Helmut himself finishes off wanking out a massive explosion of jizz all over them all.

Kevin Warhol is feeling a little bit left out of the action since the arrival of a few newcomers who’ve stolen some of this sexual thunder.

Luckily he is not one to pass up an opportunity as he does today with Antony Lorca.

He catches Anthony as he is about to set off for a day trip.

Shortie Kevin tells Anthony he is sexy and persuades him to step out of the van and head back to the house.

As they arrive through the door they kiss passionately and feel each other’s ripped muscled bodies as they strip off their clothes.

Kevin undoes Anthony’s jeans and pulls at the back of them exposing Anthony’s gorgeous bubble butt.

He gets his hands spreading Anthony’s ass cheeks wide so he can get at his hot hole.

Kevin’s strips off naked as Anthony sucks down hard on his big erect uncut dick.

With Anthony in raised missionary position, Kevin kisses and caresses Anthony’s low hanging balls and gets his tongue deep into his ass crack, licking and kissing his tight ass hole.

Anthony has a massive cock and Kevin tries his hardest to swallow it whole, gagging as the big mushroom head hits the back of his throat.

They 69 with both young men sucking each other all the way down to their balls.

Grabbing at Anthony’s legs, Kevin pulls them over his head giving him access to his bare ass.

Kevin then sinks his huge uncut dick deep into his hole, making him moan with pleasure.

Anthony can feel Kevin’s thick cock throbbing in his raw hole, as Kevin pumps him hard and long.

The sexy guys switch positions a number of times, with each change Kevin presses his hard uncut cock deeper into Anthony’s raw ass hole.

Kevin pulls out and sprays cum all over Anthony, quickly followed by Anthony who cums in Kevin’s mouth-coating his tongue and lips with his hot jizz….Join them!

We thought we were getting along quite fine with Kevin Warhol and Jack and their ‘let’s make a movie’ project, but then we find out that they have been trying to cut a few corners.

Today’s scene was actually shot in Africa with Kevin as a model, so he and Jack both think that they can bribe our archivist into giving them the scene to include in their project, and deleting the original copy.

We’ll need to have a word with our archivist about this! In the meantime Maori Mortensen decides to pay a visit, and the boys quickly realize that they can add to the scene that they stole by offering Maori something he can’t refuse. Kevin!…Join them!

This scene features 2 of our most popular ‘small’ guys, Kevin Warhol and Nino Valens. Kev starts out by using an online translator to try and seduce Nino before Nino loses patience and makes it clear that he knows what Kevin wants anyhow. The scene is beautifully filmed for us by Luke, and the action is as hot as you would expect from two very experienced lovers. It’s a real treat for all the twink lovers out there and probably one of Nino’s best scenes on the site….Join them!

By now you are all aware that Kevin Warhol is one of our main ‘trainers’ for new boys. This involves showing them all the tricks for having sex in front of a camera.

A lot of this happens off set, and some of it in front of the camera. This is Jean-Luc Bisset’s graduation performance with Kevin, so it is one of his earliest scenes, and we hope that it makes for a post Christmas present…Join them!

After a series of conventional couplings, we decided to bring to Belami’s Summer Break scene a threesome starring Kevin Warhol, Kieran Benning and Nino Valens. Today they team up showing how three boys enjoy each other under the guidance of Luke Hamill (with the able assistance at times of Kevin himself).

It is actually Kieran’s first ever Belami Online scene, but he can’t seem to wait for his scheduled scene partner, Kevin to be ready for him. Nino is one never to let an opportunity slide, and happily tries to usurp Kevin’s role in the scene.

Being good natured and patient, Kevin let’s him get involved in the oral, but is clever enough to claim his rightful role in deflowering the eager Kieran…Join them!

The combination of Kevin Warhol and Justin Saradon is so obvious that we have been putting them in the update schedule for more than a year now, only to find out that we had never actually filmed them together.

Rather than disappoint you (and ourselves) we made the decision to adjust our filming schedule so that we could film this scene before they both got too old, Luke was tasked with getting it all together and he filmed this scene last month in our Prague studio.

The results are so good that I think we will have to ask Luke to film all his scenes last minute…Join them!

This is the final day in our Freshmen month on BelAmiOnline and we decided to schedule this special scene with Kevin Warhol and Jordan Faris. We join our barefoot beauties on the beach in Cape Town as they take a romantic (if somewhat risky) walk around on the rocks to enjoy one of the most stunning views available.

Both guys can always be relied on to give their best in any scene, and the attraction and chemistry between them here is palpable. After watching this scene there can be no doubt why Kevin is the favorite performer for so many people, and also why Jordan is quickly expanding his fan base as well…Join them!

Kevin Warhol scenes at Freshmen

Probably the most foolish thing any of our boys can do while on location is to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door while they are jerking off. It is a sure fire invitation for someone like Adam to come waltzing in with him camera to find out what is going on.

Luckily for Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta is such a good friend and decides to help him out by providing him with a fuck buddy, Orri Aasen.Join them!

So in this issue some of you may be unhappy with the fact that 1 of our 2 scenes is only a blow job. On the other hand all 3 entries are featuring Lars Norgaard, which should make up for it. The first part of this issue has Kevin Warhol with the good luck to be sucking 2 of the biggest and most beautiful Hungarian dicks around…Join them!

Kevin Warhol scenes at Belami Online

Lars Norgaard and Kevin Warhol share the distinction this month of being together on both Bel ami Online and Freshmen. This week we have their double photo shoot here and in a weeks time their scene together premieres over on Freshmen.

It seemed an obvious choice to pair Lars up with one of our most popular and experienced boys for this shoot and we thought that there could be no better choice than Kevin for the occasion.

Remember though that this is the photo session and not stills from the scene, so don’t expect Kevin to be bottoming as may be inferred from the pictures…Join them!

We are back today with our latest edition of Belami’s Double Dip series. The stars of today’s scene are Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn and Manuel Rios. Both of the younger guys take turns on Manuel before decided to really give it to him fuck him both at the same time. Manuel has been one of most popular and experienced bottoms for a long time, so we are looking forward to seeing how he performs here…Join them!

Greece anal fuck fest Yannis Paluan, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery.

A new day on Mykonos begins with Jerome and Kevin grabbing their cameras and heading to the villa to find out the plan for the day.

Our couple, Jerome and Helmut, are again left on their own and get the idea to join Adam Archuleta on the set.

The video he shoots on his day off brings Kevin together with his „dream boy“ Yannis Paluan.

With Kevin, Adam, Jerome and Helmut all together on the same set, Yannis needs to stay strong.Join them!

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