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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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Jon Kael gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Blonde curly haired Jerome Exupery’s huge uncut dick bare fucking Jon Kael’s bubble ass.

This episode of “Back to Greece” offers a significant amount of behind-the-scenes video.

Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol go to the villa in the hopes of finding someone to collaborate with on their own home video.

Kevin is out of luck, but fortunately for us, we get to observe Jerome and his lover Riis Erikson as they engage in some steamy sexual activity.

You were able to watch the full-length video of this scenario when it was featured in issue 308, but today you will get to witness how everything actually went down.

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Sexy ripped muscle dude Peter Annaud’s bare asshole fucked by Jon Kael’s huge uncut dick.

Christmas is over for most, but certainly not for Jon and Peter and they hook up in this all-action scene.

It has become a bit of a tradition to save some of the best scenes of the year for last, and this is no exception.

Both guys are fit, beautiful, and hung, full of sexual energy, and ready to show it all off.

Hot, sweaty and raw is the best way to describe this encounter with both guys blowing their load twice, once as to reward Jon for an amazing blowjob, and the second time to reward him for an even hotter fuck.

The scene was originally planned with just Peter fucking Jon, but even for BelAmi guys, sometimes the dick is just too much to handle.

Only one scene left to go this year, so let’s see if Helmut, Tom, and Ashton can bring the year to a fitting end.

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See all Jon Kael gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Freshmen here.Join them!

Both Maori Mortensen and Jon Kael take on the role of photographers, today but as we all know they aren’t at all interested in any of the photos but see it as just a sly way to get into each others’ pants.

Before we got to look at this scene we were pretty sure that it would be Jon fucking Maori here, but to our surprise, it is the other way around.

Maori just wanted to slide his big uncut dick deep into Jon’s tight ass hole.Join them!

As you wander around the chateau you can always find quiet out of the way places where horny young enterprising dudes manage to sneak off away for hot sex escapades.

Today we catch up with our sexy threesome Joaquin Arrenas, Jeroen Mondrian and Jon Kael who’ve discovered one of those secret places, an old barn with a big hole in the roof, but the walls remain to provide a little privacy.

Of our 3 J’s, Joaquin is the lucky guy today, getting to sample the dicks of both Jon and Jeroen.

This classical BelAmi 3way is the latest addition to our Summer Loves series.Join them!

This morning after last night’s party Jon Kael wakes up and wanders into the kitchen where he sees Jeroen Mondrian cleaning up.

Jon is just so horny and he reaches around and slides his hands into the waistband of Jeroen’s army shorts.

The ripped sexy muscle boys make out kissing passionately as they feel each other’s hot bodies.

They both drop their shorts to their ankles as Jon reaches around and wanks Jeroen’s soft uncut cock until it has a raging boner.

As Jon jerks, Jeroen’s big dick his heavy cum filled balls bounce around between his legs.

Jeroen spreads his legs wide allowing Jon to get his lips on his balls.

Jon licks and caresses them with his tongue, making Jeroen shiver with pleasure pulsing through his ripped muscular body.

With Jeroen’s hot ass exposed, Jon parts his ass cheeks with both hands and plants his tongue deep into Jeroen’s hot hole.

Jon licks Jeroen’s boy hole getting it nice and wet and ready for his supercharged rock-hard cock.

Jeroen then sits down on the couch and sucks down hard, balls deep on Jon’s thick uncut dick.

He makes easy work of Jon’s cock, whilst wanking his own sizeable erection.

Jon pushes Jeroen back onto the sofa and gets on all fours and blows Jeroen’s dick, deep throating it until his big bell end chokes the back of his throat.

They kiss briefly before Jon turns Jeroen around and forces his huge thick cock deep into Jeroen’s asshole pumping him hard and fast in long thrusting moves, making Jeroen cry out in ecstasy.

The hotties switch up positions a number of times each time Jon gets his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into Jeroen’s aching hole.

Jon keeps up the relentless bareback anal fucking until he can hold off no longer and pulls out spraying his hot jizz load all over Jeroen’s freshly fucked asshole.

Jeroen follows Jon’s lead, wanking his dick until he too orgasms spurting cum all over his ripped abs.

Jon then sucks Jeroen’s wet dick clean, swallowing all Jeroen’s muscle boy seed.Join them!

Jon Kael is lying on the sofa in his sexy white shorts and white socks speaking to Bruce Querelle who is home alone.

He invites Bruce to join him catching some sunshine and working on his tan.

Bruce heads straight over and as soon as he arrives Jon is on his knees undressing Bruce and grabbing his huge uncut dick and sucking it right to the back of his throat.

Bruce then uses both hands to part Jon’s smooth ass cheeks getting his tongue into his tight asshole.

With Bruce’s legs up over Jon’s shoulders, Jon has a perfect shot of Bruce’s hot ass.

He forces his big thick erect dick balls deep into Bruce in long strong in and out strokes.

Bruce then switches to sucking his cock again.

Then with Bruce in cowboy position Jon aims his huge dick upwards as Bruce slides his hole enveloping Jon’s slick cock till it is all the way inside.

Jon’s bareback fucking continues apace with Bruce moaning loudly and enjoying every thrust so that he can feel every inch of Jon.

Both young men are getting close to orgasm, Jon holds off for a second as Bruce blows his load, while Jon’s dick is still inside him.

Jon pulls out giving Bruce a huge cum facial before Jon sucks his dick clean.

The two sexy dudes relax in each other’s arms in a post fuck haze.Join them!

When we first introduced Christopher Caan most of you seemed to like him quite a bit with just a few naysayers who were not fond of the downward bend in his dick.

Luckily the enthusiasm won out and we decided to film with Christopher for a few years as he started exercising more, filled out his body, and became a very stunning man.

His photo set today is with a model that none of you have ever questioned his place here, Jon Kael.

These pictures and video mark the start of another ‘Sex Safari’ week here, but if you care to see these 2 in action, here is a link to their earlier scene together here…Join them!

It is hard to imagine, but Torsten Ullman went out last night to try and pick up, but returned home empty-handed and rejected.

At least he has a good group of close buddies that are always willing to help out a friend in need, even if most of them are a bit hungover, there is always at least one up for a little fun.

Today it is Jon Kael that is also feeling horny and wanting a good fuck.

As we all know, Jon has a fine set of low hanging balls, and with the warmth of a South African summer, they seem to hang even lower than normal and swing in time to the pounding that he gets from Torsten.

The sex here is hot, energetic, and intense and, although it leaves the boys satisfied, leaves us wanting even more of this sexy couple…Join them!

Hot ripped young men Jon Kael and Ian Roebuck are celebrating the start of Sex Safari week with a double photoshoot with photographer Elliot.

We see the guys relaxing at home then as they head out to the beach. The guys look tanned and gorgeous in their nakedness with their ripped bodies and soft cocks glowing with sun oil.

They play with a football and wrestle with each other in and out of the sea.

Then back at the house, the sexy boys continue their day with a workout at the home gym.

Both boys release their stresses with the boxing punchbag before noticing their hard cocks tenting their spandex shorts.

Stripped naked they do press-ups before we admire their nude bodies as they lie back on a beanbag watching them wanking each other till they both shoot cum all over their sexy bodies. A lovely pin-up pairing..Join them!

While most of our scenes are carefully planned and prepared, sometimes things just happen spontaneously, most often when Adam is left in control of the camera.

Today he was scheduled to shoot a home video but turned up late and without any prior idea of what he was going to do. Luckily the boys are generally an easy-going and horny mob, so it is not hard to find some willing volunteer to help out.

Our good sports for the day are Jon Kael and Dylan Maguire. After praising them away from the rest of the group Adam sets about crafting a little sexual magic for us all to enjoy.

Sex Machine Dylan is the top in today’s scene, and as you would expect, the fucking is fast, furious and intense…Join them!

Today we have paired Nate Donaghy up with the very experienced Jon Kael in what promises to be another great scene.

Jon is the bottom here in this scene and it does not take long before Nate’s cock has Jon moaning in pleasure and begging for more…Join them!

Next in our line up of fresh HUNGarians is the beautiful Kian O’Connor. Judging by all of your comments so far, Kian seems to be the favorite of our new batch of Hungarians since he debut here last year.

Today we have paired him up with the very experienced Jon Kael in what promises to be another great scene.

Jon is the bottom here in this scene and it does not take long before Kian’s fat cock has Jon moaning in pleasure and begging for more…Join them!

This week we released the next installment in our huge Offensively Large series. This time Joel Birkin is flying solo without Jack Harrer, but joining him to make up the monster cock ranks is newcomer Raf Koons. Another newbie is Jon Kael, who wants to take his chance on 2 of the biggest cocks for his debut scene…Join them!

What are “Freshmen”? Some seem to define them as twinks only. For us, Freshmen can be either twinky or athletic. They are simply models in the early stages of working for us. Thus, both Jon Kael and Antony Lorca fall in that category. We hope you enjoy their scene today…Join them!

This scene with Jon Kael is a bit of a departure because here we decided to put him in the middle of a serious gang bang to test his bottom abilities. Of course he passed with flying colors taking the huge dicks of Helmut Huxley, Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta. Over the past few months we found that not only is he an energetic and skilled bottom, close to Marcel’s qualities, but as you will see, he is also an excellent top…Join them!

Jon Kael scenes at Belami Online

This year ‘Krismas’ comes a full 10 days before Christmas, for us and also for Jon Kael, as he sets about massaging all the stiffness out of Kris Evan’s shoulders.

This is one of Kris’s later scenes and you can see that he is much more relaxed and at ease with giving and receiving pleasure with his partners.

Jon proves to be a perfect partner for him, with his admiration of his physique and his eagerness to please.

This is no hold barred sex between 2 men with both guys enjoying every minute of the fucking…Join them!

There are some unexplained things in this world that we just have to accept as miracles. Among these would have to be that there is always a bed available for our boys whenever and where ever they want to make love. It always has been, and always will be.

This little unexplained miracle it put to good use today by Jon Kael and Jeroen Mondrian as they wander around the castle grounds looking for somewhere private. On most of his outings so far Jon has been the bottom, but today he gives us another demonstration of his capable topping skills as well and of course a magnificent view of his large and low hanging balls.

A while ago you saw a quickie titled “WRECKING BALLS”. Now you will see where the clip came from…Join them!

This is the finale of Christian’s Accidental Lovers, and it certainly looks like George saved the best for last for us in this series. Christian Lundgren lover for this flip flop special is fellow blond beauty Jon Kael.

Both boys have a reputation for being excellent bottoms and in this scene they are out to impress us with their skills at topping as well. It seems like just yesterday when we were welcoming both of these boys onto the website, but already they have developed into expert lovers, being able to respond to their partner and anticipate their every need.

In part one we have Christian waking up alone in bed and having to head to the bathroom to find Jon already horny and starting to jerk off. Christian though has other ideas and happily surrenders his ass for Jon’s pleasure.

The roles are reversed in part 2, but I’m still not sure if I can pick a favorite part as both are equally arousing…Join them!

Our Freshmen of the month for November will be Jon Kael, so to celebrate the fact we decided to show you one of the scenes he has filmed for Belami Online. Today we have him here with the perennially beautiful Jean-Daniel Chagall.Join them!

Earlier this summer we released Jon Kael’s casting and one scene with Joel and Raf and we promised that you will be seeing more of this beautiful young man in the future.

In today’s scene we have paired him with Andrei Karenin, one of our resident trainers at the BelAmi gym. Andrei’s task is to check if Jon have what it takes to become BelAmi’s next super model and the verdict is that Jon seems to really enjoy being drilled…Join them!

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