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Carter Woods gets an unexpected surprise when he’s asked to do an impromptu for his dream job.

But when Damien Cruz wants to have sex with Carter, things become a bit more complicated.Join them!

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When Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Moyer (Scott Finn) finds a mysterious egg on his family’s property, he hides it in his bedroom to see what hatches.

One day, after school, Jimmy comes home to discover the egg has hatched, and what comes out of it blows his mind. Also starringRoman Todd.Join them!

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You know what’s hot?

Sex while blindfolded.

You wanna know how I know?

Watching Andrew Miller getting railed by Scott Finn in this seductive scene.Join them!

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Scott Finn is a member of the robotics club at school and he’s visiting Andy Taylor to help him with his homework.

When Scott asks to see Andy’s designs for the robot club’s annual contest, he surprised to see the sex robots that Andy has come up with.

Andy quickly reveals that the only reason he joined the club was that he has a super big crush on the nerdy young Scott.

The sexy boys start making out kissing passionately as they remove their clothes and get naked.

Scott sucks down hard on young stud Andy’s big dick before Andy returns the favor blowing Scott’s young cock.

With Andy’s legs up over his head, Scott parts his tanned ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his hot hole.

Scott then pumps his big thick raw dick balls deep into Andy’s bubble ass hole, till his balls are slapping against Andy’s ass cheeks.

The long rampant bareback anal fucking continues as Scott presses his big cock in and out of Andy’s smooth asshole making him moan with ecstasy.

Then the young dudes switch places with Andy’s young cock plugging away at Scott’s bare ass.

The hot barebacking continues until both boys are close to orgasm, Andy pulls out showering them both with his cum before he fucks the cum back inside Scott until he explodes firing jizz all over….Join them!

Close your eyes and imagine the feel of a hot tongue tangle with yours.

It leads down your neck, chest, and lower…

This is twink Scott Finn’s sensual afternoon as he and seductive Micah West tune out the world for an afternoon of steamy kissing, oral, rimming, and tight, bareback anal sex.

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Twink Scott Finn has a problem. He’s hungry for a bite but with his wrist sprained, every little move is a heavy challenge.

Lucky for him, Hayden Brier is home and ready to lend a helping hand. Looks like the mustard bottle isn’t the only one getting a squeeze in this spicy fantasy…Join them!

Hot twinks Theo Brady and Scott Finn are playing ‘chesskers’.

Not wanting to play chess or checkers, Theo just wants to play with Scott’s dick.

Scott is undecided if he wants to cheat or not.

The choice has been made for him as Theo starts kissing Scott.

Scott reciprocates and a new game is about to be played…Join them!


Now that he’s in his senior year, Jason Reed is full of new confidence and new challenges, such as making the basketball team. Scott Finn has noticed Jason’s change, and noted that he’s filled out in other areas as well.

Jason never paid much attention to Scott because Scott ran with an older crowd, but he’s flattered by the attention Scott is suddenly paying to him.

When Jason notices Scott checking out more than just his form on the court, he blushes at the thought of a romantic hookup, but when Scott tells him to come closer and takes him upstairs, Jason realizes that his fantasy is about to come true.

It seems Scott has something to show Jason off the court, and Jason is ready and willing to soak up whatever Scott is willing to show him


Greyson Lane may be shy, but he’s not stupid, so when Scott comes barking up his tree, he takes notice and catches Scott Finn off guard with his frank and forward talk.

He tells Scott he’s been thinking about getting fucked, and Scott immediately reconsiders his impression of Greyson as a soft-spoken, quiet little deer.

Instead, he realizes Greyson is one of those silent but serious types who aren’t here to fuck around unless we’re talking about actually fucking around.

Luckily, that’s Scott’s forte, so he needs no other prompts to lead Greyson back to the bedroom and have his way with this tanned and toned body in front of him.

He fucks Greyson all over the bed every way he desires, and Greyson enjoys every moment of it, begging Scott for more and more.

By the time the two of them have shot their loads, Scott realizes it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the best in bed…Join them!


Beautiful baby boy Kyle Brant is uncomfortable with the undue attention he tends to receive from other guys, but boyfriend Scott Finn is really turned on by the idea of so many others lusting after what belongs to him.

He tells Kyle he wishes he could show all these other pool swimming looky-loos just how hard he fucks that perfect ass, and Kyle tells him to take him home and show him instead.

Scott jumps at the chance and once they make it back to the house, he proceeds to prove to Kyle, yet again, that this ass belongs to him.

As Kyle shoots his load onto himself, he has no argument whatsoever…Join them!

When his step-brother asks him if he wants to join in on a threesome, Scott Finn isn’t sure if he’s being put on. Surely Tyler Lakes isn’t suggesting Scott actually fuck his boyfriend.

But Tyler isn’t the jealous type, and besides, he knows Cyrus Stark is a hot piece of ass that can’t be contained, so he might as well go with it. Scott agrees and decides to join them, and so after their pool party, Scott climbs the stairs to find them in the bedroom already started.

Scott watches from the doorway for a few minutes before entering and stripping off his clothes. Once there, he indulges his every fantasy as the three of them take turns fucking and sucking each other. Tyler proves he’s more than ready to take some family dick as Scott slides inside him from behind.

He sucks Cyrus off as Scott gives him the long pole, then they switch up and Scott gets a taste of Cyrus’ sweet action.

By the time they are done, Tyler and Cyrus are both freshly fucked, covered in jizz, and all the way out of energy, and Scott has himself a new family secret to keep…Join them!

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As he starts his morning, Spencer Laval discovers that his hard on is already up and in need of attention.

Spencer dutifully begins to rub one out, not knowing that curious roomie Scott Finn is peeking through the door and watching. Scott asks Spencer what he’s doing, and Spencer tries to play it off.

Scott persists, and Spencer asks him what he wants. Scott tells him he doesn’t want anything, but there is something he needs, motioning towards Spencer’s hard cock.

Spencer smiles as Scott asks him if he’d like a hand, dropping to his knees.

Before he can answer, Scott’s mouth is wrapped around Spencer’s cock, so he decides to just go along and let Scott have his fill. Scott and Spencer have messed around once before, and Scott has been dreaming of doing it again ever since then.

No that he has his opportunity, he plans to seize the moment, so he strips out of his clothes and tells Spencer to pound him. Spencer obliges, sliding his warm cock deep inside Scott’s naked hole.

He grabs Scott’s hands and pulls them back behind him, holding onto Scott as he plows him from behind.

Scott moans loudly as Spencer fucks him hard, then they shift from doggystyle to missionary as Spencer continues the hard dicking, eventually sliding up next to Scott as he fucks him sideways from behind.

Spencer’s morning nut is ready to burst, so he pulls out and hoses Scott down with his load as Scott jerks himself off.

Scott spits up his nut as Spencer shoves his cock back inside Scott’s messy hole as the two of them agree they’ll ‘never’ do this again…Join them!

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Hottie young stud Scott Finn and Jayden Marcos’s big dick ass fucking flip flop.

Scott Finn, Jayden Marcos and Andrew Miller have all graduated from college and are celebrating for the weekend.

When closeted Scott starts catching lust for Jayden, things get way more complicated.

The question is, will things turn out for the better? Or will their friendship be ruined?

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Hottie young studs Scott Finn and Nico Coopa prove that break-up sex is always the best, but wait Scott and Nico weren’t even dating but Scott’s roommate was. Confused.

Until they broke up Nico was seeing Scott’s roommate and he is visiting, while the coast is clear, to pick up his things.

The trouble is Scott has always had a bit of a thing about sexy cute Nico and they’ve always had great chemistry together.

The sexual attraction is undeniable, but the Bro Code says exes are off limits.

Scott has been home feeling super horny, jerking off all morning so is the code going to be enough to stop Scott from grabbing his chance and feeling Nico’s big dick deep inside him?

Or will he give do the right thing?Join them!

Blain O’Connor has been very curious about what it’s like to have a threesome.

Lucky for him, his roommates Scott Finn and Joseph Castalian are dating and more than open to including him in their freaky fun.

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Scott Finn is texting his latest crush naughty pictures when he gets an incoming text from his buddy Dante Colle.

Instead of sending a nude to his crush, he sends it to Dante.

Needless to say, Dante is surprised but not as shocked as Scott is when Dante shows up at his apartment later that day.Join them!

Michael Del Ray and Scott Finn have been exercising outdoors in their garden with the help of a very sexy personal trainer (Dakota Payne).

Both Michael and Scott can’t help but get turned on by Dakota’s hot tattooed muscles and soon Scott is on his knees sucking down hard on Michael’s already rock solid cock.

The sexy boys move indoors and suck each others’ big erect dicks on the sofa in a hot 69 move.

Then each young man takes it in turns taking a big bare cock up their arses. Michael and Scott flip flop bareback fuck until both of them are close to orgasm.

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Scott Finn and Mason Dean are walking through the countryside when they stop for a moment when they embrace for a sweet kiss.

But to take things to the next level they head back home where things heat up real fast between them. Watch and see what happens next…Join them!

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As Scott Finn rests for the day, trainer Dante Colle tries to get him up for their session.

Scott’s not exactly motivated to go to the gym, but Dante is determined get him in shape, one way or the other, even if he has to work him out right here in his bed.

That sounds like a workout plan the Scott can get with, as he pushes his ass towards Dante, infuriating him and making him hot under the collar, and in the shorts.

Dante decides to show Scott what real sweating is all about, and if Scott thinks he’s ducked a workout, he has no idea what Dante has in store for his sweet little hole.

By the time Dante is done with him, Scott will be begging for the mercy of some bench reps…Join them!

Xavier Cole has come back to us thanks to our loyal members and he is ready to push his limits with Scott. You may have seen Scott Finn before and he is one easy going guy who makes others feel right at home.

Our casting agent gives Xavier the breakdown and tells him to go with the flow. Once our agent lets them go at it Xavier doesn’t waste any time and he is sucking on Scott’s hard cock.

Soon after Xavier is read to get fucked which surprises our casting agent because he thought he would wait more than 10minutes. Scott sucks on Xavier real quick and thant begins fucking him slowly as he opens up that soft virgin ass.

Xavier loves it and Scott takes it easy on him as they try a few more positions. Grab your cock and kick back and watch Xavier open himself up for Scott…Join them!


Aspen doesn’t really believe the story that the house he’s staying in is built over an old burial ground, but that sure would explain how this zombie demon ghoul got into his basement.

Now usually when dealing with the undead, the typical response is to run like hell, but there’s something about this particular demon that just makes Aspen want to fuck.

Maybe it’s the fact that the demon ghoul is stripping Aspen out of his clothes and sucking his dick, or maybe it’s the way he’s bent his little zombie ass over for Aspen to bang, but whatever it is, Aspen has never been so tempted and terrified at the same time.

But he should beware, because when you summon a spirit from the netherworld to come and service your horny hard-on, there’s usually a trade-off, and Elliot Finn definitely has the look of a zombie with ulterior motives.

Ah, screw it, what’s the worst that could happen, right?…Join them!


You guys wanted David Skyler back and he is back and you will love every minute of it. We didn’t think David would go all the way but our casting agent and Scott Finn made him feel so comfortable that he decided to go all the way with Scott.

David was a little nervous but more so excited and our casting agent gave him the option of watching porn alone to get hard or watch it with Scott and than have him blow him and amazingly David wanted Scott in the room ASAP.

The boys didn’t waste any time and Scott was devouring that long shaft of David’s taking every inch down his wet mouth. David couldn’t believe it and our casting agent told him it was all up to him if he wanted to do anything else and later on David wanted to fuck Scott.

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When detective Anthony Moore agreed to harbor Scott Finn at his place, he knew he was taking a bit of a risk with the law, but he had no idea what kind of risk it would pose to the tidiness of his home, but now that Scott’s become a full time video game player whatever that is he’s been seriously neglecting his part of the arrangement.

Luckily for him, this cop still has a soft spot for him… or, more accurately, he’s got a hard spot, and gamer Scott knows just what buttons to push to drive Anthony wild. There’s a reason he keeps him around after all. Find out why…Join them!

Suns out, buns out! That’s what Dalton Riley says. Only he didn’t figure there’d be such a hot catch sweeping the pool.

But one look at Scott Finn has Dalton ready for a little poolside affair, and it seems Scott can barely keep his eye on his work, so he must be thinking the same thing.

Sure the neighborhood can see them, but the heat is too hot for either one of them to care about that now…Join them!

Scott Finn’s broken hand has got him laid up and bummed out. He can’t even really jerk off right now.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and so with nothing better to do, Carter Woods figures he may as well help Scott out with his problem.

He gets no argument, even though Scott admits he’s kind of helpless to even undress himself. Carter tells him he’ll take care of him, leading him back to the bedroom.

Once there, Carter delivers on his promise, laying Scott on his back and taking care of everything. He readies Scott’s hole with his tongue before plunging his dick deep inside Scott’s waiting hole.

Scott moans with pleasure. He was hoping for a helping hand but Carter’s deep dick assistance is so much better.

Carter fucks Scott good and hard all over the bed before pounding him one last push until Scott shoots his load all over himself.

Carter pulls out and gives Scott another healthy blast for good measure, coating him with cum that makes him forget all about his injury…Join them!

Detective Anthony Moore is still hot on the trail of the dealer who has been peddling his wares on campus, and his investigation has yielded a search warrant for Scott Finn’s
place of residence.

After searching the house and coming up empty, the rest of the officers have pulled out and left, but Detective Moore senses that something isn’t right, and hangs out a little longer. Sure enough, he catches Scott trying to make his getaway with an open bag of cash and his plane ticket in the bag.

Detective Moore informs Scott that he won’t be making his flight to the Bahamas, but that maybe they can work something out that will allow Scott to continue his business aspirations. Scott, busted and without a lot of options, has no choice but to accept Detective Moore’s offer.

Will it be the beginning of the end for the both of them or will they form a mutually beneficial partnership going forward? Only time will tell…Join them!

Scott Finn is a little nervous and a little nerdy, but that’s just what Donte Thick likes about him. Something about the idea of taking naïve Scott’s cherry has Donte hatching a plan that ends with him in the bedroom, undressing Scott and having his way with him.

What he didn’t expect was for Scott to be packing such a huge tool in his shed, but when he unleashes it, Donte immediately decides he’s not just gonna pound Scott’s virgin hole without taking a test drive on his pole for good measure.

True to form, Donte’s plan works to perfection, as Scott submits to his every whim, spreading his legs wide as Donte fills him with his thick meat. Scott takes the dick slow and steady, until he’s nice and stretched open, then Donte pounds him even harder.

It makes Scott’s dick hard as Donte pounds, so Donte pulls out and hops on top of Scott’s rock hard dick, sliding it into his hole and jerking himself as he grinds and bounces on Scott’s cock.

Both of them are ready to cum, so Donte tells Scott to fuck him harder as he strokes himself empty, spitting his load all over himself as Scott continues to pound away.

He pulls out and soaks Donte down, coating him in nerd jizz as Donte smiles at the satisfaction of the perfect plan for the perfect fuck..Join them!

It seems Scott Finn’s hard work has finally paid off, as boss man Charlie Pattinson calls him into the office for a meeting. Charlie tells him there’s good news, and good news. The good news is that Scott will be getting the promotion he’s been seeking.

The other good news is that this promotion will have him working directly under Charlie from here on out. Scott nods, but as his boss draws nearer and begins to unbutton his shirt, Scott realizes that Charlie means ‘under’ in a literal sense.

Moments later, Scott’s assumptions are proven correct, as Charlie is pounding him on the desk. He long dicks Scott all over his office, fucking Scott’s perfect little ass to his heart’s content.

Charlie fucks him every way he can think of, and Scott shows his versatility, passing with flying colors. By the time Charlie unleashes his big boss load all over Scott, he realizes he’s made the right choice for this position, and any other position he can think of…Join them!

Finding a sleeping Ryan Jordan on the sofa, Scott Finn tries to wake up his roomie so he can help him study. Scott flips his cards at Ryan’s face and when he doesn’t wake up, Scott decides to can the idea and just pick up his cards.

But when he does, he gets a handful of Ryan’s hard dick and quickly forgets about his cards. Ryan wakes up to find Scott massaging his cock but doesn’t stop him, so Scott unzips his pants and pulls it out.

Ryan’s cock is massive and already hard thanks to Scott’s coercive fondling. Scott takes Ryan’s dick into his mouth and can barely fit half of it down his throat, so Ryan helps him out, choking him with his python before standing Scott up and returning the favor.

Ryan’s rock hard and ready to get a piece of Scott’s perfect little ass, so he has Scott mount him reverse, his cock standing straight up in anticipation of Scott’s hole. Scott lowers himself down slowly, and the size of Ryan’s cock takes his breath away.

He cautiously works his way up and down Ryan’s pole, wary of how big it is. Ryan isn’t having any of it, though, and he bends Scott over and begins to pound him.

Scott moans with every thrust as Ryan gives it to him relentlessly, flipping him over as Scott begins to stroke himself off, and fucking the cum out of Scott as he pulls out and blasts him with jizz, coating Scott in cum as he rolls around sticking to the flash cards all over the sofa. That’s some study session…Join them!

Scott Finn’s home life is pretty much a jail cell. Between overly strict parents and his lustful forbidden urges, young Scott is trapped in a routine that has him looking for answers, so when home owner Carter Woods finds Scott sneaking a smoke in his backyard, he doesn’t run him off.

Instead, he invites him in for a beer and a talk, and as they converse, Carter finds out Scott doesn’t have a girlfriend and may not really want one. When Scott excuses himself to pee, Carter decides maybe all Scott needs is a little adult mentoring… someone to show him the ropes, so Carter follows Scott into the head.

Once there, he can tell Scott is nervous, but when he sees what Scott is packing, he realizes it would be a waste to let such and opportunity pass him by, so he makes his move on Scott, telling him he’ll make a man out of him in not time.

Scott seems excited at the prospect, and as Carter boldly reaches down and begins to stroke Scott’s dick, Scott’s excitement becomes physical, and his rock hard cock tells Carter everything he needs to know about moving forward.

Carter has his way with Scott, coaching him as he sucks his first dick, then showing him how it’s done as he sits him down and returns the favor. Scott is already pushing past his limits when Carter bends him over and slides his raw cock deep inside Scott’s virgin ass.

He works it in slowly at first, gradually working him faster and faster, until he’s pounding Scott all over the restroom. Moving to the bedroom, Carter lays Scott out on his back and proceeds to fuck the cum out of him.

Scott lets his load fly as Carter keeps pounding away, and he pulls out just enough to blast Scott’s fuckhole with his jizz, before shoving it back inside for another go round…Join them!


When Scott Finn shows up at his older brother’s apartment, he’s greeted by his brother’s roommates, Donte Thick and boyfriend Chad Piper.

The two of them quickly realize that Scott is the spitting (or maybe the swallowing) image of his brother, so the guys can’t help but wonder if he’s as kinky and cock hungry as his brother, too.

Scott quickly reveals that he is, and Donte gets a look in his eye that Chad understands all too well. In no time, the three of them are engaged on the bed, each sucking the other off in a dick sucking triangle of lust.

Donte gets Scott nice and hard and then bends his little ass over, plunging his raw cock deep inside his roomie’s brother. Scott takes the dick willingly, and Donte fucks him hard from behind while he chokes on Chad’s thick pipe.

Having had his fill, they switch, and dirty Donte positions himself in the middle as boyfriend Chad gives him his meat, pounding him while Scott gags him on the other end with his rock hard cock.

Scott’s about to burst, so they switch one last time, and Scott begins to plow Donte. He shows he’s just as good at giving as he is receiving, pulling out and blasting Donte’s bubble butt with his nut, coating Donte with a huge load.

Chad follows suit, giving Donte a nice facial as Donte licks up every drop.

Turning over onto his back, Donte jacks his load all over himself as Chad and Scott look on, and with Donte now thoroughly covered in cum, Chad, and Donte realize that good fucking runs in Scott’s family…Join them!

Horny track stars Scott Finn and Kane Fox’s big cock flip flop anal fucking.

Kane Fox and Scott Finn are two track stars from rival colleges.

When they end up running into each other after a meeting, things get heated between the two jocks.

But, is there more to their feud than they’re letting on? Or are they really just… rivals?

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New young army privates Scott Finn and Dacotah Red share a dorm and are late getting up for morning call.

Scott wakes up feeling really horny with a hard ‘morning wood’ erection tenting his army combats.

Dacotah seeing his buddy all horned up and offers to help him relieve his pent up sexual frustrations.

He undoes his pants and flops out his big erect cock, which Scott in just his socks and army issue helmet sucks down hard on, getting it to the back of his throat.

The sexy guys 69, sucking each other’s thick young dicks really working their tongues over the full length and their big mushroom cockheads.

Dacotah then spits on Scott’s butt hole getting it wet and then working his tongue deep between his smooth ass cheeks and down into his moist hole.

With Dacotah laid out on the bunk, Scott hovers above him guiding his huge cock into his spit-lubed hole.

Scott slowly presses his ass down firmly at first, as Dacotah’s thick dick eases his way in until it is balls deep inside Scott.

Dacotah then takes control power drilling Scott’s young butt hole making him moan with pleasure.

Then the young recruits switch places with Dacotah now on all fours getting his ass bare fucked by Scott’s rampant dick.

Scott’s huge cock moving in and out of Dacotah’s tight ass brings Scott close to orgasm so he pulls out and splurges cum all over Dacotah’s face giving him a huge jizz facial.

He’s quickly followed by Dacotah who jerks himself to a massive cum shot spraying his creamy load all over them both….Join them!

Sexy young tattooed army boy Scott Finn’s huge cock bareback fucks tanned military buddy Tyler Lakes.

The boys start off the session on a bench in the great American outdoors with Tyler sucking Scott’s fully erect cock.

They undress, showing off their ripped young bodies, with Scott rimming Tyler’s hot bubble ass, getting his hole nice and wet.

Scott then pumps Tyler’s raw ass full of his hard erect dick missionary style.

They switch things about with Tyler hovering his asshole down over Scott’s thick cock, reverse cowboy grinding that huge cock deeper into his ass.

Tyler finds the relentless anal fucking too much and finally spills his load, spraying his hot jizz all over his abs and chest.

He is quickly followed by Scott who blows a huge cum load all over them both….Join them!