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I’m a college student from NorCal. I am sort of a tech nerd and love to just chill and hang out with my friends.

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We’re glad you could join us for another episode of First Timers, the show that poses the perplexing query, “What will it take for two regular guys to fuck on camera?” Or, to put it another way, what can these two average guys handle before being forced to fuck in front of the camera? It’s a game of restraint, or perhaps, a lack of constraint, since if it was actually about restraint, it would be boring! This game is all about playing it cool and not overdoing it. This week, we have Ethan, played by Trevor Harris, who is always enthusiastic, and Gavin, played by Ian Holmes, who is keeping his eye on the prize. Will Ethan’s horniness win out in the end? Make sure to tune in to First Timers to find out if these men can bang!
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Elijah Holland, sometimes known as Derek Kage, is a well-known podcaster who is known for presenting sexually explicit stories.

Elijah is suddenly struck with originality after receiving a package from the alluring mailman Nolan Knipes (Trevor Harris), who is played by Trevor Harris.

Elijah rethinks the direction his podcast will go in the future after an unexpected turn of events brought on by a date with Nolan.

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Spencer Jennings (Briand Bonds) is a low-budget doctor who sees people in his house.

Still, on his parents’ insurance (and not wanting them to see his prescriptions), Donovan Lucero (Trevor Harris) visits Dr. Jennings in hopes of getting on Prep.

When Dr. Jennings is asking Donovan qualifying questions, he realizes there’s something Donovan needs to do before he’s eligible for the script.

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Tegan Young (Jkab Ethan Dale) is an army recruiter who recruits Colin Dillard (Trevor Harris) to enlist.

Colin is a homeless, gay, eighteen-year-old who needs a place to stay.

Tegan brings Colin back to his house where he lives with a fellow soldier, Rudy Vaughn (Roman Todd).

Rudy is unimpressed with Colin and hates how sensitive Colin is when he has never faced the true tragedy of combat.

Tensions rise and so do the stakes in their relationships.

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Toby (Jack Bailey) has had enough of Uncle Carl’s (Dale Savage) bullshit.

He consults his computer whiz roommate (Trevor Harris) to hack into Uncle Carl’s laptop and plant some incriminating items on the hard drive.

When Toby and the roommate seduce Uncle Carl, Carl feels he’s won the lottery.

Little does he know they are fucking up his life by planting evidence and swatting him.

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Closetted young gay man Elijah Smith (Trevor Harris) is living the perfect daytime nightmare.

Elijah’s mother Elizabeth is overpowering and controlling and just happens to be devoutly religious into the bargain. And of course, young Elijah is doubting his sexuality and thinks that he is gay.

He’s been looking at guys a lot and jerking off to those thoughts of hot men taking advantage of him.

He desperately wants to feel the full power of a man enter him and fuck his tight virgin ass. But he has a plan.

Not able to come out to his parents, Elijah runs away to Vegas to live his authentic life.

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Joel Blanchard (Trevor Harris) is sick and tired of his buddy Corey Porter (Evan Knoxx) being boring as hell now that he has a long-term boyfriend.

Joel suggests to Corey that they play an old game of ‘Who Can Get the Guy?’ with his eyes on their shared boss Luca Krueger (Jayden Marcos).

A little game turns into a big betrayal in Organ Donor, Envious Heart.Join them!

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Class is in session. Carter DelRey, Jack Bailey, and Trevor Harris are hot for their teacher, Dakota Payne, as he instructs them on how to be the best twinks they can be.

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Sexy young stud Trevor Harris spit roasted by tattooed muscle men Blain O’Connor and Ryder Owens.

Just recently, Blain O’Connor moved into the property next door to Trevor Harris and Ryder Owens, who are a very happy couple.

This pair might decide to give him a proper welcome to the neighborhood when they meet again, thanks to a set of lost keys that brought them together.

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Derek Kage’s character, Elijah Holland, is a filthy podcaster who is responsible for the popular “Homoerotic Stories After Dark” podcast.

Sparks ignite between him and fellow fan Nolan Knipes, played by Trevor Harris, and Elijah’s life is drastically altered as a result of Nolan’s influence.

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Elliot Finn brings us this Hot Homemade video.

Elliot tells us, ‘This shoot ended up happening because Justin Matthews And Trevor Harris were texting and talking about making a film together.

So Trevor flew from Las Vegas to Texas where Justin and I live.

We all had such a great time filming together and I loved capturing all those sexy positions.

You could tell Justin and Trevor definitely have some chemistry in this film.

I captured this style of video this way because I’ve seen other producers doing a similar style, however, I wanted to implement it in my own way with jerking both cocks of them watching them to finish the rest while I captured those sexy penetration and positions.

In all this was such a great film to be a part of.

I’m sure you all will love this too!’

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Danny Parker has high standards for the men he hooks up with he doesn’t think skinny guys are good in bed.

When his roommate Trevor Harris finds this out, Trevor makes it his mission to prove Danny wrong for skinny guys everywhere.

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Trevor gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds his boyfriend Brandon Anderson cheating on him with Marcos.

But, when Jayden apologizes and reveals he didn’t know Brandon was taken, he invites Trevor over for a dinner that sparks into a wonderful evening.

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But, when Nico falls for Trevor as well, things get complicated.

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After giving in to their deepest desires, Trevor Harris, Ryan Jordan, Kyle Wyncrest, and Jayden Marcos think they’re on their way out of the strange haunted house only to find that they’re still locked in, and about to come face-to-face with the ‘Mastermind’ behind their twisted time.

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When Aspen wants attention, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even if that means annoying the hell out of his boyfriend Trevor Harris while Trevor’s on the phone with his mom.

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Trevor Harris and Levi Rhodes’s relationship is rocky, to say the least.

When Trevor suggests that they go camping to work things out, Levi lets his boyfriend know that he would rather work things out at a five-star resort.

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Devin Holt is catching feelings for fuck buddy, Trevor Harris.

With his heart on his sleeve and lust in his eyes, the hopeful hottie heads up to the beach house to surprise his bae.

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Trevor Harris follows fellow fan favorite Jimmy Andrews into the bedroom, where the guys quickly get it goin’ with hot kisses before Harris’ hunger heats up. He pulls at Andrews boxer briefs, slowly revealing the dude’s incredible appendage nearly hanging to his knees.

Trevor shoves the chub into his face, then down his throat. He takes the extra, thick dick all the way in, as Jimmy tweaks the twink’s tender nips. A tall drink of water Trevor stands, and Andrews goes for the golden boy’s gorgeous groin. He lays down, showing off that incredible bubble butt, then crams Harris’s hugeness into his pretty mouth.

He cups the boy’s balls, and pulls them forward, forcing the fat phallus deeper down his thirsty throat, before the dirty blond orders Trevor onto the bed to get a taste of that beautiful booty. The hungry whore goes between both of Harris’ inviting assets with his tongue, before serving Trevor the main course of meat.

He dicks the dude down, steering his stuff shaft in deep while holding onto Trevor’s ankles. Craving the best of both worlds, dirty dude Jimmy hops into Harris’ hard on and takes the stuff dick for a seat splitting, spin! After getting an ass full, Andrews orders the brunette bad boy onto his knees.

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When Spencer Locke comes home from work, hot and horny to find boyfriend Trevor Harris cooking in the kitchen, the penne pasta isn’t the only thing he brings to a boil! He saddles up behind his boy with a stockpile of kisses he’s saved up all day. After a tender taste of tongue, Locke moves from Trevor’s mouth to his meat.

He sucks the colossal cock right there on the kitchen floor as things heat up even more. Harris pulls the pretty boy up by the face, undoes his pants, pulls out his cock, and strokes the big beast before bending him over and making an ass appetizer of his beautiful back door. Trevor strokes his extra-long dong while munching butt; then, he plunges that incredible appendage deep into Locke’s loins.

The cock cam catches Harris’ balls banging Spencer’s smooth, supple seat from every angle while Harris controls hottie by the hips. Locke turns around with his hog raging hand. The pretty pair kiss and stroke one another’s thick dicks before moving to the living room to take things to the next level. Harris slides his thirsty schlong sucker down on Spencer’s thick dick, devours the perfect piece whole.

Then he hops on the spit slick dick and does some delicious damage to that derrière of his. Missing the Spencer’s sweet center, Trevor hops off the raw ride and impales that ass once more. He lays into Locke hard, hammering his hog deep till the dude’s dong spews salty seed all over that tight twink torso. It splatters onto his hard pink nips and all over that sexy six pack.

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Trevor Harris and Carson Peters hurry to their room and quickly shut the door, allowing the two teens to get in a good cock-cram session before their next class.

After tasting the brunette bad boy’s lips, Peters heads down to unwrap that perfect package in Trevor’s trousers; then, he feasts on the big beast like a hungry cocksucker on Christmas morning.

Once the cute, cock connoisseur works that mega monster to full mast, Harris pantses pretty boy.

Then, he plants his handsome face between blondie’s alabaster ass cheeks and tongue fucks the fair haired hottie while jacking his juiced up jock. Anxious to fill Carson with cock, Harris offers his roomie a ride.

Peters plunges his tight pink pucker all the way down on that D, while Harris hammers his slender hips up into that hot little hole, hard! Horny as hell, bang boy even pops up on his feet to receive a deeper drilling.

Alpha roomie, Trevor commands Carson into position, then tailpipes Peters’ in a side smash before bringing it home and pile driving the lil’ dude on his back.

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